I’m going bananas…

No worries! I’m not about to go bonkers just yet, just that when I was in KL, Bananaz and his missus, Mango, dropped by to say hello and they took me to tea here…


Actually, I had gone there that very morning itself, our 5th day in the peninsula, for breakfast with my missus and Melissa…


I had the nasi lemak set (RM4.50 with a cup of coffee)…


…which might appear cheap but there was so little in the packet and tastewise, it did not come anywhere near my favourite right here in Sibu.

My missus had the mee siam set (RM4.50 with a cup of coffee)…


I guess I do not have to say anything at all – it certainly is pretty obvious how good that is just judging from its appearance. Ok…ok…to be fair, it tasted all right but I would much sooner have my own which, needless to say, would be heaps nicer.

I ordered this for my daughter by mistake – the mee siam with chicken rendang (RM9.80)…


The mee siam was exactly like the one in the packets but the chicken tasted pretty good – except that we were given one huge chunk of breast so that was quite a chore to chew.

Actually, Melissa wanted this – their nyonya-style roti jala with chicken curry (RM9.80)…


…which was very good indeed. We all loved it a lot even though the curry tasted kind of different – more like masak lemak but with a much thicker gravy. It was certainly a welcome change indeed from the usual, I would say.

I must say that the coffee was great and other than that, I really liked the stools at this place…

NC - stools

– very uniquely colourful and different from any elsewhere.

Then, in the afternoon when Bananaz and Mango suggested coming to this place again, I did not mind as I enjoyed the coffee and I had yet to try their nyonya kuihs…

Nyonya delights

I would say all of them were good except the pink/red one on the extreme left – the sago pearls coated with coconut. It was sweet and had a strong smell of some kind of essence that was not to my liking.

This one, wrapped in banana leaves…


…was actually a steamed nyonya delight made from bananas or at least, that was my guess based on what it tasted like to me. It was not bad, not bad at all but I prefer the other one, also wrapped in banana leaves…


…with coconut plus gula melaka (palm sugar) inside…


To me, the cucur udang (prawn fritters)…


…were nothing great – no taste of prawn, much less find any in the fritters and on the whole, I thought they were quite bland and dipping it in the chili sauce provided did not really help much. I’m sure we can find much better ones at a lot of other places.

Well, it so happened that my missus and Melissa chanced to walk past at the time and Bananaz asked them to join us. Mango went and ordered these onde-onde


…which were pretty much the same as the generally-good ones here, there and everywhere and these kueh lenggang as we call them here or what they call kueh ketayap over the other side…


I did not try it but I guess it wasn’t all that great as by the time we decided to make a move, there was one left and nobody wanted to eat it.

My missus and Melissa shared the cendol


…which, unfortunately, was not the best we have had.

I did not bring anything from home for Bananaz and missus (*face palm*) as he just had some eye surgery done and is presently still coping with the problems and the recovery so I did not expect he would come and see me when I was in town…and not only did he do that but he also brought along this for me – the famous Bentong ginger powder…


…which, I gather, has a lot of health benefits. I have not tried it yet so I cannot comment on it but I sure love the quotation on the tag attached:

Sharing comes from the heart and brings warmth with it.”

That’s so beautifully-said and sure rings true, don’t you think?

Thank you so much, Bananaz & Mango, for the lovely gift and the delightful tea. It sure was nice to see you two again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “I’m going bananas…”

  1. my favorite is nyonya kuih with a thick layer of glutinous rice! i could just happily eat the rice until i explode! 😀

    Then you would love the ones with blue stains that I got later – tomorrow’s post, I think….with a bit of kaya to eat that with. I prefer serimuka…and all the lemak stuff like that.

  2. Nice to meet with bloggers right? Nice food too.

    Very nice. I always enjoy it a lot…but some would prefer to stay in the shadows, not keen on meeting up. 😦

    1. That sago coated with dessicated coconut is one fav.

      I didn’t like that. Maybe too much essence – the smell was very strong and I don’t like anything with that essence smell – cakes included.

  3. Oh so many nice food…. and beautiful stools.

    Hahahahahaha!!!! My missus was a nurse and if you say “stools” to her, she will think of something else… 😀

  4. Good morning, Arthur. I am early today. So many mouth watering food to savour. Roti jala with chicken curry looks the best among all. Love the unique stools.

    LOL!!! See my reply to Azura…but yes, I thought they sure added some colour to the place. Yup, loved the roti jala best of all – nyonya style…not the same as the Indian ones. I love them both…

    1. Hahaha!!!…get what you mean. Different meaning liaw. That would sound yuckssss!!!….eweeee!!!….

      LOL!!! 😀

  5. Been there once. The food didn’t really suit me so didn’t go there again.

    Ya the ginger powder very good. For blood circulation and many more. Can be quite heaty so must not take a lot daily.

    Just so-so. Over-rated, I would say…and not cheap…and most of the things, we can get elsewhere – cheaper and nicer too…though I have not seen roti jala at other places – this style, not the Indian ones:

    1. You like onde onde? Next time make for you from MIL special gula nissang and kelapa muda parut. Sedappp

      Not really, though I enjoy eating those that squirts! I prefer serimuka…all the lemak-lemak ones.

  6. I love the nyonya colors in 1Utama.. the other day when I went, I tried their laksa.. I love it! Very big bowl..RM9.90… hahaha… can shared among 2 people… the red kueh that you didnt like is sago.. maybe the flavor is too strong.. I ordered the tapioca kuehs..they are very nice..
    By the way, how come I go KL, I dont get to see so many bloggers as u do? hmmmm… that shows who is more VIP! hahaha…

    Rubbish!!! You too busy with all your activities, so pre-occupied…eating at all the nice nice places…where got time to meet and mingle with other bloggers? Not like me – all the time in the hotel room, waiting and hoping some blogger would drop by and say hello but only a few came. Sobsssss!!!!!

    Oh? So this is some kind of franchise or what? There are outlets elsewhere? No wonder not really that great. Not the same anymore when the cooking and preparation are left to the employees. Hmmm…maybe the branch you went to was nicer. This one’s at best…ok only. Bet there are others elsewhere – nicer and cheaper too.

  7. Guess there were a few hits and misses at that outlet. There is one at 1-Utama but I never try because I don’t really trust the quality of food at such outlets. The best Nonya kuehs would be the ones that are homemade and sold at small stalls. Once commercialised, somehow the quality is not that great.

    I certainly would agree with that…and especially when you can cook or make your own at home, nothing outside can ever be better! 😦

  8. oh, how nice!! Bananaz went to meet up with you twice and at the same place!! hmmm, i’ve just been to this Nyonya Colors once, errr, things are expensive and taste is just average.. didn’t purposely go there but just because of meeting up with friends…

    Exactly. Not really impressed…except for the roti jala and the coffee. The rest, I think I’d pass…

  9. Their nasi lemak bungkus quite laku wan…
    Ohh…the pink one is kuih sago. Not many ppl selling that.
    I like lepat pisang and kuih koci! Also onde-onde…Perhaps I should say , I like kuihs that are made of glutinuos rice flour :-p

    RM2.50, seemed cheap…but not much inside. I think, equivalent to our RM1.00 or RM1.50 bungkus. But I guess not much choice in the mall and you do not have time to go out…and for many, that would be enough so they would be quite happy with that.

  10. Everything looks so tempting la!
    I love their chairs, so nyonya feel!

    Mostly so-so and not cheap. Maybe the others in the gang can tell you where you can get nicer stuff… I know SP knows of some nice places, PJ side.

  11. Sama sama its our pleasure. Cannot expect too much when eating at shopping complex as compared to the ‘real thing’ outside.

    That goes without saying…plus this is very convenient since I was staying here – just go downstairs, eat in aircon comfort…no need to go out in the heat and brave the horrendous KL traffic jams…so can’t complain really.

  12. Oh you took pixz and notice of the chairs huh. Think eyes were busy looking at the food and not the chairs. Nice designs.

    Must be observant mah…but most of the pics, I took when we went for breakfast in the morning. When we were there, I only snapped what we ate.

  13. Will be seeing you again at SK’s Convocation.

    That would be next year, he said. I hope he will give advance notice, so I can book the air tickets earlier…not like those nincompoops in the ministry. Tsk! Tsk!

  14. Nyonya Colours, love their mee siam. They have another branch in One Utama, that is the first one, i find the food at One Utama one taste a lot better, I like their rojak too. Now you make me hungry, all the foods look good. Now i am craving for the mee siam, maybe i should go and eat tomorrow! hahahha

    Roti jala, i still prefer my colleague make one, very nice. 🙂

    Homemade, of course nicer…like the ones I had in NZ but these were very nice too, not bad at all. The mee siam was ok…not ingredients but the taste was there though I would like it a little stronger. Maybe they have a better chef at the other place. Next time you come back to Sibu, I cook you mine…lots of prawns and sotong one. Yum! Yum! LOL!!! 😀

  15. We have been there before too.. the nasi lemak really small portion. Not worth it at all. I guess the made-to-order stuff is ok but still not the best. Perhaps just convenient for those working or staying around the area without transport…

    There!!! See! I’m not the only one who feels this way – just my humble and honest opinion, not that I want to complain and criticise or compare with stuff we have back home. Others may choose to differ, that’s their prerogative.

  16. Oh ya, i have that ginger powder too, from the same place. 🙂 Quite strong ginger smell. 😛

    How do you use it? In your cooking? Should be nice for our Foochow red wine chicken soup? Can enjoy the taste and fragrance of ginger without the annoying bits of the pounded ginger that I do not like and would spit it all out.

    1. oh, i didn’t add in the cooking, but i drink it. hahahhahahahha..i know it taste not good. My mum said every morning drink a cup it is good for the health. I will just add a spoon to the water, and drink it. I wonder, maybe next time i should add it into my coffee! hahahahaha

      No, thank you. I’ll try using it in my cooking…see nice or not.

  17. The stools are very unique. I love the kuih koci, one of my favorite kuih. I love it with a lot of coconut and gula melaka.

    …and I can imagine your missus’ disapproving looks! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  18. well all of the foods looks great bu i like the third and the forth dish better
    as for those sticky desserts it was equally captivating

    Yes, we have really great food here…all in Malaysia!!!

  19. I’m with you on the nasi lemak. It’s not as good as I wanted it to be.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing much to shout about the mee siam for me. It didn’t taste good…

    I wouldn’t say that. It was all right, just nothing to shout about…and I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back there and eat it again. Same with the nasi lemak.

  20. i like the food at nyonya colours after recommended by an old friend to try it out but i rarely go there cause the price i paid and my stomach couldn’t really be full… unless im having it just for teatime then it’s alright 🙂

    Didn’t think it was all that great. At best, I would say it was ok…and yes, it wasn’t all that cheap, that’s for sure.

  21. So many choices! I will go for the tiny pack of nasi lemak follow up onde-onde and chendol! And, well that’s really fattening! LOL

    Starve then…and look who’s feeling unwell all the time, not me…nor the rest of us! Tsk! Tsk!

  22. this place is pretty good… lots of nice dishes and kuihs! their nasi lemak and curry laksa is better than some of the more expensive places I know… 🙂

    I would say it was ok, not bad…and not the cheapest either.

  23. This is one of my mum’s fave shops to makan. She goes gaga over the roti jala. And if she is in a bad mood (no fault of mine), I can easily cheer her up with her happy food of roti jala from this shop 😀

    Ya, of all those that we tried, we liked the roti jala bast…

  24. Those stools/chairs are awesome! I love them! Very crafty and colorful!

    Me too! Caught my eye when I was there. My daughter loves them as well.

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