The more we get together…

…the happier we will be and indeed, such was the case when we had a small gathering of bloggers here…


…on the evening of our 7th day in KL.

I had this Devil’s Curry set…

LP - DC set

…which came with a bit of lor bak (fried meat roll), jiu hu char (fried cuttlefish – which was actually fried sengkuang/mangkuang, or turnip in English…and I did not get to see nor taste any cuttlefish at all in it) and rice.

My missus had this prawn curry set…

LP - AP set

…with paku kerabu (wild jungle fern “salad”) and the lor bak and rice as well. Mine was fine but my missus’ had a burnt smell/taste probably the result of the thick gravy sticking to the bottom of the cooking pot.

Melissa and a few others had the Penang’s signature dish, the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles)…

LP - ckt

…which was pretty good but Isaac asked for extra spicy and it turned out to be a bit too hot for him to handle.

I think it was [SK] who had the nasi lemak

LP - nl

…but he did not say a thing about it so I guess it must have been all right…and someone had the curry mee

LP - cm

…and there was no feedback from him either.

I think Bananaz and Simple Person also had the char kway teow, I’m not too sure…but I know very well that smallkucing‘s mum had this plate of fried rice…

LP - sk

She said it tasted fine but goodness gracious me!!! Now that must be the worst-looking fried egg I had ever set eyes upon in my entire life. Either Penang’s fried egg is like that, which I do not know and perhaps somebody would care to enlighten everyone on this…or somebody needs to go back to cooking school!

smallkucing had this bowl of fish ball noodles…

LP - fbn

…and I had to help him with the fishballs as he did not seem to like those and I did try a bit of the noodles and the soup as he could not finish the big bowl all by himself and I would say it was really very good. I wouldn’t mind having that the next time I drop by the place, not at all.

We also ordered the lor bak to share…

LP - lb

…and also the otak-otak

LP - o-o1

…and this was the Penang nyonya-style ones with the egg custard…

LP - o-o2

It tasted ok but all I ate was the egg and not the fish. Perhaps somebody else ate whatever little fish there was…or perhaps, they were all blended and mixed together inside. It certainly was in no way the best that I have had.

My cousin from Kuching happened to be at that same place with her friends and she said that the Siamese lemak laksa was very nice…

LP - sll

This one would be available only of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays…and upon hearing that, we just had to order a bowl to try. I would say it was nice – something like Penang assam laksa with santan (coconut milk) added but I wouldn’t say it was something I would be dying to have again.

For our dessert, Melissa had the black pulut (glutinous rice) with dried longan inside…

LP - bp

…while Isaac had what they called the Red Ruby…

LP - rr

…and I had their cendol

LP - c

I guess they were all o.k. – no complaints all round but there weren’t any ooooo’s and ahhhh’s either.

Don’t ask me how much each item costs as I really do not know – they flatly refused my money and completely ignored me when I tried to chip in a little to settle the bill. After all, I brought along my missus and daughter to the gathering as well…*face palm* Perhaps you can hop over the Isaac’s blog and check out his post – I think he has a photograph of a section of the menu and he did mention the prices of some of the things we ate…and if you haven’t seen it yet and are interested, this is the link to smallkucing‘s post on the gathering.

Melissa certainly looked happy in this photograph…

M & the guys

…and who wouldn’t be when you’re flanked by three handsome young men? Too bad two of them are already taken but one is still very much available. Ehem! Ehem! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Jokes aside, thank you so much for coming, Isaac, [SK], Simple Person, Bananaz, mamakucing & smallkucing…thank you all for the sumptuous dinner treat and the very lovely time that night and thanks also for all the gifts and especially to mama & papa & smallkucing, thanks so very very much for the BIG bag of goodies – this post is already rather long and has too many photos so I think I would just leave those till some other time.

Till we meet again someday soon, somewhere…all the best to one and all!