Nothing special…

I went back to this nasi lemak stall the other morning to buy two packets (RM5.00 each)…


…of the so-called special, one for me and one for my missus, to see what was so special about it.

If you buy the biasa (RM2.50), you will get the usual half a hard-boiled egg, some peanuts, fried ikan bilis and a slice of cucumber…


…and probably a bit of the plain nasi lemak sambal as well…which actually costs the same as what you can get at the kueh stall a stone’s throw away in the vicinity…


…with its chicken, salted fish and all but the rice here is so much more superior that all the rest would pale miserably in comparison. It is so fragrant, so very lemak (rich) with the generous use of santan (coconut milk)…and having had this, I would not want to settle for anything less.

If you add RM1.00 more, for RM3.50, you can get the very very yummy sotong sambal


…as well which I would say is the best I have had. I’ve had others that are very good too but this one’s exceptionally nicer. Yes, you can have a choice between sotong (squid) or kerang (cockles) but the last time I bought the latter, I was rather disappointed as the guy used canned kerang which, I’m afraid, was not all that great.

For the special, you would get all the above…and a piece of special fried chicken…


…or a piece of curry chicken…


Both are nice but nothing sensational…nor special, I must say. Personally, I think I would skip this little extra and save my RM1.50 as the biasa with the sotong sambal  is really good enough for me.

But all things considered, if not for the rice, I would rather drop by here for the special…

NLS - Sg Antu

…which is RM4.00 only and you get the extra daging masak hitam and the fried egg…plus the nice complimentary soup.

There are other places where the nasi lemak is not too bad as well like the one here (RM5.00) but if you want to dine in air-conditioned comfort, perhaps you would not mind this one (RM6.90)


I would say that it is not definitely not the best around but it’s not bad and a whole lot nicer than this one (RM9.80).

This one was at the hotel where I used to stay at Bukit Bintang in KL (RM13.50)…

BW - NL double

…but that’s a double so it would add up to RM27.00. Ouch!!! The only consolation was that it came with the room so it wasn’t too bad since it was complimentary. But where prices are concerned, I must say that this one definitely takes the cake (RM23.80)…


…at KLIA where nothing is cheap but to be fair, it tasted all right – not the best, but good enough…just that the price tag is a rather bitter pill to swallow.

As for me, I am quite happy to stick to this one – my favourite at this point in time…

Bandong NLS

Jom makan!!! Nom…nom…nom!!!! Yummmmmm!!!

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38 thoughts on “Nothing special…”

  1. this actually reminds me … i love nasi lemak, and i adore the aromatic rice, the chicken, the egg, even the sambal, but there’s one thing i actually would be happy to get rid of: the ikan bilis! somehow i’ve never liked anchovies, and i suspect i never will, heh 😀

    You don’t? Hmmmm…they’re great with drinks! Some pubs or what people call clubs today would serve those during those days when I used to frequent that kind of scene. Maybe not anymore – too expensive…or perhaps, you will have to pay if you want any.

    1. But the anchovies are part of the dish….

      Unless it’s pre-packed, you can always ask the guy or the lady to leave it out. Otherwise, you will have to pick them out yourself and leave them by the side.

  2. first important thingie… u dun buy where they packed nasi lemak in styrofoam, gotta be at least some banana leaf there… the nasi lemak is expensive, my wife cooks better lah… reminds me to bring u here

    Looks nice and clean…and a whole lot of condiments to choose from but the glass counter – doesn’t seem to be covered on the other side though. All it takes will be just ONE fly… Tsk! Tsk! Anyway, it is not how many add-ons one can have that is my gauge of a good nasi lemak – it is how fragrant and nice the rice is (and ok…maybe how nice the sambal is too)…like the one here. I have not had such good nasi that is so lemak since Cititel Penang many years ago.

    Mamakucing can cook better? Ok, add that to the list… How many things already – what she has to cook for me when I go over? Wink! Wink! Wink! (I also winked three times liao… Hehehehehehehe!!!)

  3. my (economic) nasi lemak would consist of manyak sambal, telur mata kerbau, and timun! no ikan bilis no kacang, just no likey la.. and if i’m feeling generous, i’ll add sotong on to my plate! 😀

    i usually satisfy my craving of nasi lemak at Old Town! not really cheap but good enough!

    om nom nom..

    Had Old Town’s once – did not think it was all that great:
    Same as Ipoh Town’s – ok but a lot that’s about the same elsewhere…and much cheaper too! Another one – no ikan bilis…and you, no kacang too? I’m fine with those – with or without. More particular about the rice and the sambal.

  4. Mmmm…. Nasi Lemak is good anytime of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a terrible one yet.

    You’re lucky. I’ve had rice that is not lemak at all and/or the rice that is too hard…and the taste of the sambal varies – sometimes, it isn’t really nice. Horror of horrors! A friend had nasi lemak at a cafe here – she shared the photo on Facebook. It looked nice…but I almost fainted when she said that they served it with…plain rice!!!! FAIL….BIG time!

  5. All your nasi lemak photos makes me speechless for words. Scratch my heads, all looks so good, which one to go for leh? Ermm, ok, go for the RM4.00 with daging masak hitam and fried eggs. Yummy!!!…

    My favourite until I found this one. This one, the rice is really so good – that one, so-so only.

  6. all looks equaly great to me, i like that one with fried chicken wings
    but though that one with chicken curry was also great!

    Unfortunately, the fried chicken wings aren’t all that nice. I think it is the batter they use – much nicer chicken wings in a lot of other places.

  7. been telling myself no nasi lemak at least for a week coz I over ate nasi lemak last week. looks like i failed…and will be ehading out for some nasi lemak for brunch to go with some corn soup that I made.

    Oops!!! My bad! For leading you into temptation. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. The nasi lemak looks good! RM 5 is quite reasonable to me~

    Reasonable kah? Hmmm…never mind, I’d stick to the RM3.50 – no need for the extra piece of chicken.

  9. just had a packet for lunch – the coop here sells rm1 nasi lemak. good for student pockets, n yum enough lol 😀

    We have – the RM1.00 packets here too. Pretty good, but must know where and which to buy. RM1.50, with sotong sambal…very minute ones, of course. LOL!!! 😀

  10. Oh my God! I haven’t had my lunch yet and now I want nasi lemak hah! hah! At Village Park, PJ, the special is something like RM14 plus I think. You get all the works, chicken rendang, beef rendang, sotong, sambal and egg. Their nasi lemak ayam goreng is pretty good too.

    Oh? That’s the one in the link in a previous comment – he’s your relative or something? Wahhhhh!!!!! Soooooo expensive. My main concern is the rice…and the sambal must be nice too, that’s all. All those extras – no point if the rice is not nice. What for all those – just eat plain rice with them, also nice. No need to have nasi lemak liao lor!!!

  11. sambal looks spicy lah!

    Not really. I wish it were though – I like things extra hot. Yum! Yum!

    Hey, you’re new here too. Welcome, welcome. Nice to have new people dropping by. You’ll come again, won’t you? 🙂

  12. Wow! You are one serious nasi lemak pro.

    Not really – just sharing what I’ve had in town and elsewhere…and the ones that I think are good or really really good.

    You’re new here? Glad you dropped by and do come again – always happy to have company. I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

  13. The nasi lemak looks good, so it’s not nice?
    I have eating nasi lemak almost every weekend, I guess better don’t eat too much. Lots of cholesterol and uric acid. East healthy!

    The one from the stall? Best in the world! Can hardly find the rice that is sooooo good anywhere else. I don’t eat often – once in a long while as I’m too lazy to go out soooooo early – better cook my own breakfast. This stall – by 8 or 8 something like that, already all sold out.

  14. Wow u r making me craving for nasi lemak…
    There is a nice nasi lemak near my place…
    Plc also

    You didn’t take me there that last time I was around leh? 😉 I am coming again… Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  15. canned kerang ah….mana sedap 😦

    Of course, not lah… That’s why I said give it a skip, don’t buy – go for the sotong instead.

  16. Haha usually I go for nasi lemak biasa (RM1) and tambah rendang (RM3).

    We have very nice RM1.00 packs…but not much sambal plus a slice of cucumber and you can count how many anchovies & peanuts. I wonder how much rendang you get for RM3 there – not much, I guess.

  17. 2.50 is pretty much the same amount that we pay for our usual economical-sized nasi lemak.

    It’s good enough, but when we want a twist to it, we usually head off to the PappaRich in SJ’s Digital Mall.

    Pappa Rich is everywhere – even in Oz. Not into these franchise places – usually, the food is good…but not the best and of course, it’s more expensive. 😦

  18. not a fan of nasi lemak due to the calories… i find it extremely unhealthy for taking nasi lemas as breakfast, but of course, once in a while should be fine but not on a daily basis…

    Yup, moderation is the key. I only have it once in a while…sometimes, for a change or when it comes free with the room at a hotel. 😉

  19. wah, this is a favorite drooling post … I love nasi lemak… use to eat it all the time.. now not anymore… cos of cholesterol…. anyway, I do still break my rule once a while for this awesome rice!! 😉

    Once in a while is fine, but remember – everything in moderation. Even a good thing, if too much of it, it may cause more harm than good.

  20. Nasi lemak collection? tsk tsk is a big torturing for those who stay oversea and droll over this. Yoong, you agree? ahahhahahahha

    if nasi lemak not bad for health, i think i don’t mind to have it everyday!!

    Hehehehehehe!!!! That’s the whole idea! *rubs hands with glee* Can get for 30 cents up to around AUD$1 or so only… Sooooooo cheap!!! 😉

    1. Annie – piak piak! Arthur – piak piak piak!! Bad people, tsk! And I dunno where I picked this tsk word from..tsk! Wahahaaa!!

      Ya…I wonder where you all learnt that from. Muahahahaha!!!!

  21. Hey Arthur! You must bring me to this place to eat its nasi lemak! I am drooling over your nasi lemak now. Slurp!

    It’s just a stall – have to tapao home. No worries – I can tapao for you when you’re here.

  22. nasi lemak from so many different stalls, hahaha… i feel like eating nasi lemak tmrow!

    Go ahead. Lots where you are. Will be spoilt for choice.

  23. I can have nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner or supper!

    No need a lot of side dishes… just good rice in lemak, ikan bilis and lots of sambal! 😀

    Yup…those add-ons are a distraction! I place more importance on the quality of the rice…and the sambal.

  24. Nasi Lemak is one of my favorite Malaysian food! I usually dapao a packet of nasi lemak with 1 piece of chicken thigh rendang or masak merah…for RM3.50. Now increased to RM4 edi.

    Here, RM5 for that small piece of chicken. I would just do without it. 😦

  25. wah you are writing a review of nasi lemak prices. Lol… The nasi lemak here at the cafe with a piece of fried chicken would have at least cost near to 10 bucks.

    Thankfully, not here. The most is RM9 something.

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