Nothing like home…

It was already mid-afternoon when we got home from our holiday that day and there were lots to do – the laundry, the unpacking and all and we had to hop over to see my mum for a while as we had been away for so many days…so we decided not to cook dinner and to just grab something to eat outside instead.

We went to this place that we used to frequent a lot before but we do not go there so often these days. Melissa wanted the cangkuk manis


…and in my opinion, the best in town is right here.  Funny how when you’ve been away for a while, you would crave for stuff that you love and can only find at home. Annie-Q would definitely have this more than once every time she comes home to Sibu.

This used to be Melissa’s favourite – their breadcrumb-coated fish fillet…


…and she liked their own-made tofu as well…

RR - T

…so we ordered those and had sea cucumber soup to wash all that down.


I do not usually have coffee in the evenings in case I would not be able to sleep but I just had to have a cuppa…


…of their very special brew – blended so that you would get that bit of froth on top, making it look like Guinness stout. Nothing beats our own local coffee, none of those expensive ones that I had in KL…and I remember the boss telling me that they get the coffee powder from here, the same place where I would get mine. The best part, of course, was that this was only RM2.50…and you can get pretty good ones as well for only RM1.50 at some selected coffee shops in town.

The bill came up to RM35.00 for the food but I guess that was pretty reasonable for three persons, considering that they very generous with the sea cucumber…


…and that does not come cheap these days.

So, after the dinner, we went home and finished off what we had to do before calling it a day.