He’s in town…

Yes, I was in town and this was, in fact, the second time around.

Well, on our second day in the peninsula, my friend, Mandy, came early in the morning to fetch us at the hotel…and we dropped Melissa off at the venue for the convocation as she had to be present at the briefing and rehearsal. Left to our own devices, we headed to Nilai but we were kind of early in the morning and only a few textile shops were open. We did stop to browse around but we did not buy anything. After that, we decided to proceed to Seremban as my missus had never been there before.

I did not want to stop by the market anymore as I did that the first time around and unfortunately, I did not really like the food there despite the fact that I had read some blogs where they praised some of the stuff there to the skies. This time around, I insisted on going here instead…


I had seen it on my previous visit but I was already too full at the time so I could not possibly go there then to try any of what they had in store.

Even before we had eaten anything, my missus had already made up her mind that she liked the place as she loved the complimentary sambal which was very very spicy hot…

YP - dips

…and exactly the way she would love it.

Mandy had the specialty of the house…


…the lou su fan but somehow, theirs were different. Usually, this type of noodles would be short like cendol but the ones here were long like any other kind of noodles.

I had the same but with kway teow


…while my missus ordered the Hakka mee


I did not really like my kway teow and we found Mandy’s order to be somewhat better but my missus’ Hakka mee was the nicest, full of the fragrance of the lard used…and definitely better than what I had at the market the last time around.

Mandy also ordered these…

YP - add-ons

…and some fried wantons and they were all pretty good.

After that, we went over to the bun and pastry place opposite, right across the road. Hmmmm…it seemed that they had a letter of commendation from tripadvisor

TA letter

I did buy a few things from there on my previous visit but I could not really recall anything that was so nice that I would want to buy some more and take back all the way home.

This time around, I bought some of their celebrated Seremban siew pao


…which, in my honest opinion, were just so-so…


The filling was a lot nicer than what I had a long time ago when these baked buns first made the scene and were a craze nationwide (it was like meat floss/serunding then) but the pastry was hard and crusty – I would prefer something crumbly like those meat pastries from this shop along Kai Joo Lane in Kuching.

We also bought some of these ham (or luncheon meat rather) and sour cream buns…

S - H&SC buns

…and they had bits of sausage in these…

S - S&SC buns

They were all right but personally, I feel the ones from Siao Pao Wang (Small Bun King) at the end of Padungan in Kuching (near the cat statue) were nicer and in fact, we can get some good ones at one place in Sibu as well.

Incidentally, before we left the place, I saw this guy dropping by…

Mobile vendor

…probably to replenish his stock. For one thing, I don’t think we can get to see anyone doing this on a motorcycle in our part of the country…and for another, if I’m not mistaken, in the past, these vendors would usually be Indian. This one’s obviously Chinese…and I must say he’re really well-dressed – anytime better than me when I was a teacher. LOL!!!

After that, we went back to Putrajaya to get Melissa before heading back to the hotel. Mandy wasn’t all that free actually as she had just returned from Korea the day before and would be flying to Sibu (What a coincidence!) the next day on a business trip and we certainly did not wish to impose on her.

Thanks so much, Mandy, for your help and for everything, We really enjoyed that day’s outing with you, my missus and I…and thanks also for these souvenirs from Korea and the tambun biscuits from Penang…

From Mandy

Truly, you’re a gem!