One night only…

Last weekend was kind of a mad rush as Melissa could not come back on Friday afternoon as they had replacement classes on Saturday.  Actually, that was somewhat a blessing in disguise as there was a terrible downpour and I could not imagine she and her colleague driving back all the way along our not-that-great so-called “highway” in the heavy rain. She only managed to come home the next day, Saturday, and then too, they were held back a bit and arrived home later than usual – around 4.30 p.m. After having had her forty winks, she had to get ready to go for the dinner we attended that night.

Since we could not go for the sunset evening service as usual, we had to go in the morning on Sunday. Right after that, we stopped by here for a bite. Melissa wanted the po piah but to our dismay, the stall was closed. I asked the people at the other stalls and they said that she had wrapped up her business and was not doing it anymore. Oh no!!!! Not my favourite po piah stall!!! Sobsssss!!!!!

In the end, Melissa had their mee jawa (RM3.50)…

YummyKafe mee jawa 1

…which was quite good but she missed the prawn fritters that we would get for the special at this other place for just one ringgit more. It did cross my mind, however, that they were very generous with the egg here…

YummyKafe mee jawa 2

…unlike at most other places where they would give half only.

I also ordered the roti jala (RM2.00)…

YummyKafe roti jala

…and I was delighted that theirs was more like the thin, slightly crispy ones like what I enjoyed a lot at one nasi kandar place in Penang and not the soft, lembek (limp) type that I had at this nyonya place in KL. The dip was quite hopeless though…so we ate that with the gravy in Melissa’s mee jawa. I think the next time I want to eat that I would just tapao…and bring home to eat with our own homecooked curry or some nice ones that we can get from elsewhere.

My missus had the Sarawak laksa (RM5.00)…

YummyKafe Sarawak laksa
*Archive photo*

that Rose had the other day and she loved it. She thought it was way nicer than our favourite here.

I had the kampua noodles (RM2.70)…

YummyKafe kampua

…and the pian sip soup (RM2.70) again and after that, we headed on home and after Melissa had had her bath and everything had been loaded into the car, we headed off to Melissa’s rural school.

It certainly was quite a rush last weekend, I must say, when Melissa was home for one night only…

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21 thoughts on “One night only…”

  1. nice mee jawa… klang got nice one too… Pity Melissa, sure very tired…

    Tired also, she would want to come home…get out of the jungle even for one day.

  2. Visit Penang again la, there’s another stall here that sells good chapati and roti jala, their curries are beyond amazing, i would love to bring you there

    I would love to so much but have to be careful with my resources. Would definitely go once I have a lucky strike. Pray for me! 😉

  3. Rm2.70 is pretty cheap, guess is hard to find that cheap at KL here!!! =[

    Virtually impossible, I’m sure. SIN or NZ$1.00…and not even that, in AUD! Cheap, eh? 😉

  4. OMG I love mee jawa!! The ones in your picture looks so good.. Over here they serve with a thick black gravy with shredded chicken only.. Oohh and like you said, with half an egg only.. You only had 2 pieces of roti jala? Enuff ahh? I think one bite can habis already lah…

    Black gravy? Now, what is that called…mee rebus or something? The gravy for mee jawa is reddish as they use sweet potatoes in the making. We just wanted to try the roti jala – see, I had the kampua plus a bowl of piansip all to myself besides that.

  5. All looks equally good & tempting but still my vote goes to the mee jawa & laksa. Yes, mee jawa usually they give half egg but this one is so generous to give whole egg and yet they charge RM3.50 only, which is the normal price for half egg.

    Mee jawa here not as good as another place where they give five cucur udang for RM1 extra, the special…but it was good enough and the whole egg is an added bonus! Yet to try the laksa myself, but my wife loves it – must be really good then.

  6. Great food….these are all my favourites…how do you rate the mee jawa, Arthur Wee

    Didn’t I mention in the post already? Good…but I know at least one in town that is nicer.

  7. Yeah, it’s replacement class yesterday for my kids to. Sigh ….. Eh…the kampua noodles looks very plain. Is it good ?

    I thought parents love replacement classes – one extra day without the kids getting on their nerves. I know many here who hate holidays – will complain to the department, saying the teachers so lazy – the truth is they do not want to babysit their own kids. Parents these days!

    Plain? Good? Ask those who have tried. Claire! Claire! Where are you? Papakucing! Tell him what he wants to do, I malas nak layan liao. I know Penang asam laksa isn’t much to look at either but many think it’s heaven! Ya, come back in a couple of days – you will see something that is not very pleasant to the eye, some will tell you it’s smelly too…but it is so so so nice!

  8. Prawn fritters are sooo good with Mee Jawa.

    Sorry to hear that she could only come back for a single day, but it’s better than not being able to come back! 🙂

    I guess so, one night is better than none at all. I know some schools got all the teachers back during the mid-semester break to hold extra classes. Thank goodness, not her school. Count our blessings! Have you tried the mee jawa with prawn fritters at Sunny Cafe in Sg Antu here? Gotta take you there the next time you come back.

  9. Yeah, it sounds kind of rush too…. Hope she had good rest before school started the next day… About the food, I still dont know how to enjoy jawa mee until today…but give me curry laksa, kampua noodles and the piansips anytime!!

    There!!! You see that, Chris? Kampua’s in her list of favourites! Can’t say I love mee jawa but I don’t mind having that once in a while for a change.

  10. the mee jawa looks good. Must try this one the next time I drop by.

    Next week is a long weekend. Good Friday etc, Melissa will be staying longer. 🙂

    Yes, they’re off on Easter Monday too, so I do not need to send her back to her jungle school on Sunday. Not bad…and very soon, May already, and the mid-year holidays will be here – very long this year, around 3 weeks.

  11. Gosh you got me craving for Sarawak laksa again!

    It’s very nice, eh? 😉 Too bad some people have never tried and just assume it is the same as the versions you all have over there.

  12. the mee jala seems quite expensive leh

    Mee jawa or roti jala, Adoi! You just woke up? 😉 I would think that Malay food is not cheap here – not so many Malays mah, so business not as good…but RM3.50 today is cheap – the fried noodles at the Chinese shops…already RM4.00, I think – need to use microscope to see the ingredients. Kampua RM2.70…just those few slices of meat, no egg.

  13. Oh no! No more nice popiah, So sad. Hopefully you discover another stall that makes good popiah.

    Someone told me that she is still making and selling door to door in packs of two. Maybe one of these days I can get in touch with her but I’m not into ordering stuff and collecting. Prefer to just go some place, sit down, order and eat.

  14. 2 pieces of roti jala for RM2? Kinda mahal?

    RM1 each. I think roti canai (kosong) is that same price here too. Cheaper there/ Can’t remember how much I paid at the nasi kandar place in Penang, not cheap either, I think. For one thing, so far, this is the only place in town selling roti jala – beggars can’t be choosers.

  15. Yes, last week my boys had their class replacement too but they went for school field trip instead of stay in school for class.

    I like roti jala, my college can make very nice jala and we eat it with curry sauce, simple and nice. I dont like mee jawa though. :p

    Clever! That’s what we used to do in the town schools – use the replacement days for all sorts of activities but seems Melissa’s school – nothing like that. Have to teach, full timetable some more. Not that the kids will get any cleverer. Tsk! Tsk!

    Ok with mee jawa. The roti jala was good, not the dip – can’t imagine eating it if not for the mee jawa gravy. Will have to tapao home next time and eat with our own curry. Only one in town, no choice.

  16. The roti jala intrigues me. I’ll have to do a search to see how it’s prepared.

    I think they use some kind of scoop with little outlets at the bottom – the batter will flow through in thin lines onto the pan or hot plate and form a hair/net-like delicacy like this.

  17. I agree – those are some large eggs! Eventho it was a short visit with Melissa – I’m sure it was still a NICE visit 🙂

    A little time together is better than no time at all. 🙂

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