Don’t believe…

A Facebook friend of mine was raving about the pizzas at this place


…praising them to the skies and insisting that they were so much nicer than the ones here.

Well, we have been to this place many times already – and I would say that we liked some of the items on their menu, not all and we actually enjoyed the pizza that we had there once. They have some new flavours now so all this time, I was longing to hop over and try…and I finally did when we went there last Sunday for dinner.

For the starter, we had this salad (RM5.90)…

Anson Ceasar's Salad with breaded chicken

…with breaded chicken and it got the thumbs up all round – all of us liked it and thought that it was pretty good except that it came out very very fast and the bowl it came in was cold like it had been kept in the fridge for sometime. That made us wonder whether they had prepared part of it at least before hand ( to cope with the crowd there every night without fail)…and after adding the remaining ingredients and the finishing touches, it was ready to be served.

The smoked salmon pizza (RM19.90)…

Anson smoked salmon pizza

…wasn’t too bad but no, it definitely could not compare with the beautiful ones we have had at that Italian place in town, no way! The crust was a bit hard but thankfully, not as hard as the one we had here in Kuching and I thought it was kind of bland and quite tasteless – something like Osborne biscuits.

The teriyaki chicken pizza (RM15.90)…

Anson teriyaki chicken pizza

…that I’ve heard so much about was as good as it looked. No, no, I did not say that it did not taste good – just that with the chicken plus the seaweed, it did not taste like anything western. I should have realised that right from the start with a name like that and expected it to come across as something quite Asian, not Italian.

Well, the prices here are indeed unbelievable, there can be no denying that. Everything is so cheap and of course, if you intend to stop by here, do expect the place to be very very crowded. That is not much of a problem though for all the time I’ve been there, service has always been good, very prompt and orders would be served in no time at all. Those of you who haven’t the slightest idea where it is, the address is on the cashier’s receipt in the first photograph.

Now my Facebook friend has got over the pizzas here and are currently head over heels in love with the ones at a hotel in town. Well, I am not sure when but I probably would drop by to give theirs a try as well. Who knows I may agree with her on this one?