Survival of the fittest…

My friend, who is currently working in the peninsula, stopped by in Sibu on his way home to Sarikei. He was a blogger a long time ago and I only met him once when he and a number of other bloggers, including peteformation, dropped by the hotel to see me when I was in KL and we all went for brunch together. Nope, all of them are no longer active – I am the sole survivor since that time in May, 2009. We still keep in touch via Facebook though and when he said he would be here in transit, I offered to pick him up upon arrival at the airport in Sibu and no prize for guessing where I took him

RTM Cafe kampua noodles

…for that special kampua welcome home!

Look at that gleam of delight on his face…


…just as he was about to dig into his much-longed-for bowl of kampua noodles! LOL!!!

I decided to try their fried hung ngang – the bigger version of the bihun (rice vermicelli)…

RTM Cafe friend hung ngang

– without meat so as you can see in the photo, they added those tiny shrimps and egg instead. It was nice but I think it would be nicer if I had that with belacan (dried prawn paste) like the noodles I had there not too long ago.

It sure was nice seeing an old friend again after all this time – we certainly had a lot of catching up to do and after that brief brunch stop, I dropped him off at the Sibu Bus Terminal to catch his bus back to Sarikei.

And talking about survivors, we have all kinds of things growing in our garden, some planted by my missus and some simply sprouted by themselves. We do water them quite regularly and once in a while, we would do a bit of weeding…and despite the state of neglect, many have managed to survive. One of them would be this potted plant of leaves with a sharp spiky end…

Seed or fruit

It flowers sometimes – not very nice flowers, white with some thin long petals but pure and white as snow…


The other day, however, I spotted this…for the first time ever! Now, was it a seed or a fruit? I wouldn’t know but it looked like a miniature peach. Somebody was saying that occasions when something like this would appear would be very very rare and insisted that it was an indication of a forthcoming windfall…but unfortunately, to date, that is all it is – forthcoming! Sobssss!!!!

Anyway, back to my friend, thanks for stopping by and do come again. Perhaps the next time around, you can stay a little longer so that I would be able to take you around to enjoy the best that this little town has to offer. Cheers!