I’m here…

We flew via MasWings to Miri…

To Miri

…that day. It was by no means cheap – I had to fork out over RM400 per person, enough to fly to KL and lots of other places elsewhere and back! See how we are at the mercy of the airline that enjoys the monopoly here when it comes to inter-town travel in the state! We would have taken the bus (which would arrive at around 4.00 p.m.) had we known that my girl did not need to report between 2.30 to 4.30 p.m. as stated in her calling letter. Tsk! Tsk!

You will get this little packet of peanuts…

MasWings 1

…and a drink on the 55-minute flight and this is your in-flight entertainment…

MasWings 2

We arrived on schedule that day, praise the Lord! The airline is notorious for its delays and cancellations according to its whims and fancies.

Miri airport…

Miri airport

…has not changed one bit since the last time I was here many many years ago. Considering that it is now a city and there are international flights in and out of there, I would expect it to be a lot bigger and nicer than the one we have in Sibu.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my Miri cousin’s wife met us upon arrival, together with my Bintulu cousin and her hubby, and in no time at all, we were somewhere in the vicinity of what is called Centrepoint there for something to eat.

My daughter had the roasted duck…

Roasted duck with rice

…with rice. I thought she should have something heavy as I wouldn’t know what the food would be like at the course venue. It all depends on the package – from past experiences, I know that if you do not pay “enough”, you can expect really terrible food…and it looked like that was exactly what happened and being in the middle of nowhere, there was no question of going out and eating on one’s own.

My missus had the mee mamak

Mee mamak

…while I had the mixed soup noodles (RM5.00)…

Mixed soup noodles

Mine looked a lot nicer in the menu but it did not matter as I found it to be very nice and I enjoyed it very much.

My Bintulu cousin had fried noodles too…

Fried noodles

…different from what my missus had, though they looked quite the same, but I cannot remember specifically now what it was that she had.

The hubby had their dianpianngu

Miri dianpianngu

…which certainly looked a lot nicer than the over-rated one in Sibu and he said it was good too.

My cousin-in-law had what I think was called hung ngang lung

Hung ngang lung

lung meaning egg…so it probably was the big bihun in egg drop and Foochow red wine soup. Wow!!! It was so red…with the red wine used.

I could not see the name of the shop as the sign was blocked by the awning that they had put up right beneath it but there was this young boy manning his stall by the side…

Yew char koi stall

…selling fritters and yeu tiaw/ yew char koi. We bought a few of the latter to try and it was really very good…unlike what I have had around here. It has been a long while since I had any nice ones in town, nothing like what I used to enjoy way back then in the good ol’ days.

There was a coffee shop opposite selling ethnic cuisine, Kelabit to be more precise. I did pop over to have a look but we were already full and we were not in the city long enough to go back and try. I hear they only open for lunch.

There you have it – our first food stop on our recent trip to Miri. Stick around – there’ll be a lot more to come!