If you say so…

I’ve been here…

*Archive photo*

…a number of times before and I’ve tried these meat dumpling  noodles…

Meat dumpling noodles @ YummyKafe
*Archive photo*

…from this particular stall…

Noodle stall @ Yummy Kafe
*Archive photo*

…run by some very young people. It was good – my daughter loved it and to me, it was fine – just that I am not all that crazy about those dumplings.

It so happened that the guy (the one in black) was my sister’s student and he told her that he had graduated but he chose to go into this line instead of getting a job with whatever degree he’s holding…and he actually went and worked some place in KL to learn to cook the things he’s selling now.

Then, the other day, a young blogger-friend of mine shared a photo of his beef noodles on Facebook – it turned out that he’s the guy’s cousin and he was praising his noodles and asking everyone to go and try. Ok, if you said so, I would just take your word for it…so when I was out for breakfast again with my friend, Philip, home from the US, I made it a point to drop by this particular place for that (RM6.00)…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles

Yes, it was very nice. I loved the thick beef flavour in the broth/soup and I enjoyed it a lot which, I guess, was pretty obvious…

All gone

…seeing that I finished it all to the last drop. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

It did look kind of oily in the photograph but in actual fact, it was all right…and for one thing, it was a whole lot nicer and very much cheaper than what I had here. Philip tried a bit and he too said it was nice…but he did not have that. After all those months in the US, whenever he’s back home, he would want as much of this…

Yummy Kafe kampua

…as possible. This is something like the heart and soul of every Sibuian and when they’re out of the country, they would long and crave for it and the moment they get home, that would be what they would go for again…and again…and again. I’ve had the one here a few times before and I thought it was good, something more to the original authentic kampua noodles that we used to enjoy when we were growing up, and yes, Philip enjoyed it.

I also ordered the roti jala (RM2.00)…

Yummy Kafe roti jala

…for a change from the roti canai that he would usually go for but I thought the dip was not that great that morning. It wasn’t so good either the first time we had it but the second time we ordered that, it was very nice. I do wish they would pay more attention to such things and have better quality control of what they serve.

I would say they have some good stuff around here and if you’re looking for some place for a bite to eat, this is one that you can check out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “If you say so…”

  1. Roti jala at Rm2 is really cheap! Its selling at Rm4 here… per set 😦

    Can’t remember how much I paid for what I had at the nasi kandar place, back portion of Gurney Hotel – Indian-style, very nice.

  2. That looks like a great meal, and I am so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    It was. I wouldn’t mind going for it again…but maybe, I would want to try the other items they have on their menu.

  3. After away from home for so long, your friend would miss all those yummy food. Ok. Told my hubby about the beef noodle, asked him to try it.

    that canai stall’s dipping was a bit disappointment. Never like its curry too.

    Out of three times, only once was nice. Once my daughter had the mee jawa from the rojak stall and we dipped in the gravy. So much nicer that way. Next time, I would tapao the roti jala home and eat with our own curry.

  4. Hmmm…judging from your bowl I strongly believe it is nice, if not, you won’t finish till the last drop. Wow, the roti jala is very nicely & neatly done. Roti jala???..there is another type, crispy and deep fried also call roti jala, rite? I am confused.

    That’s the kuih jala – the brown coloured ones. I am not a fan of those.

  5. Sorry my comments have not been so regular. I’m traveling until August. Still checking in on your latest adventures though 😉

    No problem. Wowwww!!!! That’s nice, one whole month – have fun, see you around sometimes.

  6. wow, so so so good that you had the bowl clean!! really clean i mean, just that there were still some little bits left and you didn’t lick it squeaking clean.. muahahaha!! i like this shot actually~~ 😀

    Imagine me doing that. Like the people in the advert for one of the instant noodles. 😀

  7. If you can finish the soup til the last drop, means the food is good! Haha.. I like dumpling noodles too.. I call it “sui kow mein”.. But I think the dumplings Mel made the other day was nicer, coz it’s home-made, can put in more “liew” and meat.. I can eat 10!

    You’re like her – she loves those. I am just so-so with them. Would opt for the beef noodles anytime.

  8. Wow, guess you can order another bowl already, see you lick until so clean, hahaha!! =]

    No, thanks. It was a big bowl…and that was my second round that morning. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. I see that awesome looking egg & dumpling, must have been not too much noodle ya? That’d be the way I like it as a Penangite.

    Not much, just right…big serving, all good.

  10. The roti jala looks good , crispy and thin. I love to have a bowl of that beef noodles too. You finished the soup also ah ? Wah … must be very delicious or you are very hungry. Lol

    Actually I was not hungry – I had cooked my Bovril mee sua for breakfast early in the morning…but I wanted to bring my friend out so I ate again. Yes, both the noodles and the roti jala were good – just that the dip was not really nice. 😦

  11. The roti jala looks interesting here.. looks kind of crispy unlike over here, it is soft.. And the beef broth must be very very flavorful too!

    That must be the nyonya ones – the one I had in Penang at the back portion of Gurney Hotel, next to Subway – the nasi kandar place – is very dry – something like the “shredded paper” fish snack but a bit crispy. VERY nice with the curry dip. This is one is more like a cross between the two – much nicer than the soft type, if you ask me. Yes, the beef noodles were great!

  12. Very appropriately named — Yummy Cafe. One of the best kampua in Sibu. But not so yummy coffee.

    Unless it is without ice. 😀 Watch out! Somebody just shared a photo of his bill on Facebook, not here…thankfully – for every kao, it’s an extra 50 sen…so imagine ordering kao kao kao! 😀

    1. Actually, I don’t mind paying for kao or even kao kao kao. It did cross my mind the other day, maybe I should offer to pay extra for good coffee, like I do for kay liao.

      I know one place in town with the best coffee…never fails to please everytime but I know you’re never ever going to step inside there again after the steamed fish we had. 😀

      1. Will never forget that so-called tapa fish with the horrendous odor. Yes, wild horses…

        Sigh!!! The coffee is really very good… 😉

  13. you always eat so many nice food!!!! really enjoy 🙂

    Come on over, come, come! What you see is what you get! I’ll take you to enjoy the best in town – you’ll want to come back again and again for more. 😀

  14. I still can’t imagine that you are twelve hours ahead of me in your time zone, but you are! I enjoy seeing the foods you eat and the places you go, so thank you so much for sharing.

    Welcome. Yes, we are. If it’s 6 a.m. here, it would be 6 p.m. over at your side – the previous day. Took a bit of getting used to, seeing your “day-old” posts. 😀

  15. Wouldn’t mind some of those dumplings! Yummy. The roti Jala looks crispy. Too bad the dip weren’t up to scratch.

    Love the roti jala, thank goodness it is nice despite the dip – the only one in town that I know of. 😦

  16. Beef noodles look good. I will want to try that on my next trip back (but don’t know when yet). I missed taiwan’s beef noodles, so far have not come across a good one. Here we can have it at Din Tai Foong, taste consider ok. But still nothing beat my lovely kampua!

    You must write it all down – by the time you get back here you will not remember all the things you have to eat. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Haha! That good eh?

    I do like myself a bowl of beef noodles, btw I’m looking for cheap flight tickets to come back, have your Tim Tams with me, let’s go try this again when I’m back! 🙂

    Sure! Looking forward to that. Let me know when you’re coming!

    1. Okay buddy! I’m looking at the tickets now, it’s surprisingly expensive for some reason.

      I’m thinking middle of the month, after the 200+ per trip craziness is over.

      Right now? Not too sure why. Too close perhaps. Would be worse when Hari Raya draws near. You can check MAS, sometimes there may be pretty good deals, inclusive of food and 30 kg baggage allowance.

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