Once-a-year day…

Gosh!!! Time does seem to fly, really…and it seemed like only yesterday when we had our reunion bash and before we knew it, it was time to get together yet once again.

My school’s alumni’s annual reunion dinner was held at the same venue on Saturday, 5th April…to coincide with the Ching Ming festival so that those ex-students coming home to perform their filial duties would be able to join. This year, the festival did not coincide with Good Friday so they did not have the luxury of a long weekend at their disposal – some had already got everything done the previous weekend or earlier during the week-long mid-semester school break. Probably that was why there were only 80 tables, or so I was told, as opposed to 100 last year…

SHOSA SEOSA annual reunion dinner 2014

There was a sape band in attendance…

The Etnik Revolution

– winners of the Borneo Talent Award,Β the Etnik Revolution, 3 of whom were former students of my school, playing some of the popular hits of today and also those from days gone by, in their unique traditionally and exotically-Sarawak style. I think I heard “I’m yours“. “The Final Countdown“, the very popular “Anak kampung” and a very familiar Mandarin oldie – if I’m not mistaken, it was this one.

There was also some entertainment such as this dance by our counterparts from our sister school…

Cha cha cha

…and of course, there was the food.

It was RM450.00 a table this year – if I remember correctly, it was less last year but I’m not very sure as I can’t really remember now. I do not know exactly how much a table was. Perhaps, the associations would use part of the money for their funds for their various activities, I wouldn’t know, but it did not matter really as I would say the food was good and we enjoyed what was served very much.

The first dish was our more-than-Four Seasons…

more-than Four Seasons

– the hot version with the gravy, kept constantly warm with the fire down below.

The soup followed and thankfully. I could not find any trace of the unmentionable in it so it was more like an egg and shredded chicken soup thickened with corn starch. It was very nice though – which goes to show very obviously that whether there is any of the offensive stuff in the soup or not, it does not make any difference as it is completely tasteless and more for some people to flaunt their wealth than for anything else.

Personally, I feel that the stuffed duck here…

Stuffed duck 1

…is the best in town and it did not matter one bit that they did not bother about the presentation for after the waiter had cut it up…

Stuffed duck 2

…it looked a whole lot better than when it was served…

Stuffed duck 3

…and it tasted really good too! We all loved the glutinous rice in it as well and in fact, Melissa had two huge servings of this!

Ken, my ex-classmate back from Brisbane, Australia, was swept off his feet by the fish curry…

Fish curry

…served with the very fragrant Sarawak’s own Bario rice. He said it was absolutely beautiful and I would say it was pretty good though I do know of a place in town that does it a lot better.

This vegetable and mushroom dish followed…

Vegetable & mushroom

…and then, there was the black pepper lamb…

Black pepper lamb

…which was nice too but I thought having had our fill with all that came before, it was kind of heavy and I would very much prefer a prawn dish instead…and lastly, we had the fruit platter.

I really must thank my ex-classmate and good friend, Robert, for making the arrangements and booking two tables for all of us – the Class of ’69/’71 from our school and the girls’ school next door…and the kind and generous guy insisted that it was his treat and simply refused to accept any payment of our share. Oh dear! Oh dear! And I even brought my family along – so shy lah, really!

Nope! I did not sing this year. We were all very good and behaved ourselves but I did go on stage to receive our lucky draw prize – they did it table by table and both our tables won something! This was what we got inside the boxes…

Lucky draw prize

They say they’re very good but I wouldn’t know as I would usually use some old towels or t-shirts as and when necessary and most of the time, I would just send my car to the car wash. I’m too old to wash it myself now, I’m afraid. Sigh!!!!

Ah yes!!! One more thing! There was this pretty lady that night who stopped by my table to say hello and she added, “I like your blog!!!” Ooooooo….that certainly made my day! It sure is nice to know that there are people out there who actually appreciate what I’m doing and enjoy my daily sharing. Now, who says old people are boring? Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

So, there you have it! Our annual reunion dinner for this year, 2014…and if anyone is interested, it has been announced that next year, it will be held on the 4th of April (Saturday) so those abroad especially can start planning their trip home right away…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Once-a-year day…”

  1. The stuffed duck is especially tempting for me

    Probably the best of the night. My daughter and I really enjoyed it – too bad missus doesn’t eat duck, wouldn’t be able to have this at other times… 😦

    1. Doesn’t eat “duck”? oh what a waste LOL πŸ˜›

      You’re telling me!!! But in a way, it’s good too. Duck is a lot more expensive than chicken.

  2. ugh! the stuffed duck is killing me softly. Too bad, I cant get something like that because its holy week. Gotta reward myself on the easter.

    Ahhhhh!!!! This was last Saturday. Holy Week starts tomorrow, do have a Blessed one, you and all in the family.

  3. Wow, you’re so famous, or should I say your blog is so famous so same as the blogger itself too!!! Hehe!!!

    Blush! Blush! So shy lah… 😦

  4. i like i like!!!

    You so sombong, throw stones (buang batu), don’t want to come to Sibu, what to do? 😦 Next year, 4th April…I can book one table – how many of you coming? Three? Anybody else?

  5. What? No singing this year?πŸ˜‰

    And approached by a mysterious pretty blog reader? Wow!

    The stuffed duck is interesting! Really, I’ve never eaten or seen this dish over here. I love glutinous rice and I like duck. I’m sure I would love this dish! πŸ˜‹

    It was so nice – the glutinous rice inside was something like lor mai kai, so yummy!!! Hmmm…shy lah! Have to watch what I do in public – there may be a blog reader around who knows me and I don’t know him/her… 😦 Nope, didn’t sing, no mood…next year perhaps. πŸ˜‰

  6. Always nice to have school reunions, meeting all your buddies & catching up with them. As always, the food looks great and I love the quack, quack with the glutinous rice stuffed inside. Any obvious reason as to why your missus doesn’t eat duck?

    She does not like the smell, not really into lamb either…nor ikan keli, wild boar, etc…etc…etc…and not into western food so much as well.

  7. I having hard time commenting here!!

    I were saying that the 1st dish was yummy looking and they missed the chance of listening to your golden voice that night! :p

    Must be the connection. Mine is so very poor today, having problems on Facebook. So far, ok here… Ya, they will have to wait and see next year, maybe… Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. I love the 4-seasons.. Always look forward for the 4-seasons and normally it will be walloped in no time coz it’s the first dish and everyone is waiting to eat, hehe.. The stuffed duck looks yummehh, I think I can finish all the rice in it.. Oohhh fish curry looks so good, would be nice if there was some white rice to go with it..
    Wah you famous already lor, your blog too.. πŸ™‚

    I would say I have always been quite well known in this little town – but you know little towns, everybody knows everybody one. πŸ™‚ I love the first dish too…but sometimes, so hungry, would eat out of control…and after that one dish, too full to eat most of anything else already.

  9. Love all the food above especially the duck, fish and the 4 seasons…. so different from what are served over here… so… you took pictures before anyone tucked our chopsticks in? Did they say anything? I think nowadays it is a norm already, even in HK series, the actors/actresses take pictures of the food before eating… young or old alike.. πŸ™‚

    4th April next year? Come, come…get that SWK and family to come too – you 4, they 3…and 3 of us – 10 chun-chun one table!!!

    They were all my friends at the table – es-schoolmates from the same year so it was all right. That was why I did not take many photos of the food at the wedding banquets I attended – some people at the same table that I did not know so I did not feel so nice doing that.

    Besides, I was very fast – the moment the waiter placed the dish on the table, click…ok, can eat liao! I do know there are many who would take ages…and the photos are not necessarily a lot nicer even. Wink! Wink!

  10. The stuffed duck is my hubby’s all-time favourite dish. We order this dish once in a while, for dinners or festivals. I prefer the glutinous rice to the duck!
    Woooo… That pretty lady who likes your blog was on stage dancing the cha-cha. Your food blog is a hit, no doubt about that. Keep it up πŸ™‚

    I know, same gang with the Teo lady. I do remember her (name) from our dancing days at SRC, with her brother, Robert. πŸ˜‰ Ya, I found out who she was…thanks to Facebook. πŸ˜€ Lucy does not eat/like duck…so having that anytime else would be out of the question. 😦

  11. this pretty lady from bintangor like your blog too. hehehehehehe.
    last time i was home in bintangor, there is this dish, stuffed pork leg. nice too. i guess almost same like duck hor. the glutionius rice taste so good oo.

    Ooooo….thank you, thank you. I like this pretty lady too. Hehehehehe!!!! Gosh! Bet it would be like heaven, stuffed pork leg…with all the fat and oil. Slurpssss!!!! Drooling just from the mere thought of it. πŸ˜€

  12. Nice writeup buddy!

    I don’t think my mom has gone for a long time but I think she used to and quite enjoyed it…

    I didn’t use to attend, just these two years. Not sure if she would get invited as she was in admin but if I’m not mistaken, the annual dinners of the two alumnis used to clash and she would be at the other one, with your dad too – she was exco in that one.

    1. I know she used to go to reunion dinners and I’m not sure which one it was, but I remember her sometimes going with my dad and sometimes not.

      Or maybe she was just hanging out with her friend like Angela, Agnes etc?

      Probably both school alumnis unless they coincided, both on the same night.

  13. Ah, that song is definitely an oldie. The food looks interesting. =D

    Even though Taylor’s CPU will organize an alumni’s night again like the one you attended, STP, I don’t think I want to attend.

    Why not? Would be great to get together with (old) friends.

  14. Yeah! How come you did not sing?

    Not in the mood. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰ Cannot sing every year lah…if like that, not so special anymore.

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