Move closer…

Gosh!!! I’ve been back for well over 1½ weeks and I’m not even halfway through my 8N/9D trip to the peninsula. I think I will need to have longer posts so as not to drag this for too long and bore everyone to death. Anyway, on our 4th day there, since everything that had got to do with Melissa’s convocation was over and done, we decided to move closer to KL proper instead of staying all cooped up in the airport hotel in the middle of nowhere…and since my friend, Ivan, would only be flying off to Melbourne that night and was free that day, he was able to help us move.

On the way, we stopped for brunch and as it was conveniently located along the way, we went to this restaurant yet once again. I had their fried kway teow with a raw egg on my first visit


…and I liked it very much so I ordered that for my missus and Melissa to try. I think they call it Moon River here but I remember it being named Moonlight Serenade some place else.

We also had this new noodle dish…


…that we wanted to try the other night but they were out of some ingredients at the time and we had to go without it. I would think that the fried pan mien that I had when I was there for the first time with Ivan was much nicer.

Ivan ordered this fried vegetable dish…


…which turned out to be a bit too salty. Usually, I would prefer to eat this type of vegetable raw.

Now, before I proceed further, I must extend a very big thank you to Ivan for everything. You’ve been a great help really and I really do appreciate all that you did for us…and thanks also once again for the dinner and the gifts.

Well, as soon as we had checked in into the hotel at Mid Valley in KL, my missus and Melissa went off on their own on a shopping spree and I did not get to see them again till late that night. I did pop out for a while though to get these nyonya delights for my afternoon tea…

Nyonya delights

…from one of those carts/stalls on the lower ground floor of the mega mall. The serimuka was good while the angkoo was all right, not bad at all. I did not like the steamed yam cake which was kind of mushy and not firm enough – I think they had a bit too much flour and not enough yam in it…and I thought the fried (white) carrot cake wasn’t anything to shout about either. They did not come cheap though – each item would cost between RM2-2.50 but since I cannot find anything half as good in Sibu, I would have gone there again and bought some more despite the prices…if there had not been so many other things to enjoy at the place.

Later in the evening, I dropped by this Irish place for a bite…


…and I would say that the Americano coffee (RM7.00) was good…


I ordered their new-on-the-menu smoked turkey ciabatta (RM12.90) but they were out of that particular kind of bread and asked if I would mind their using the shambo bread instead…


Of course, I did not mind at all – no harm trying since I had not had that before…and I was wondering why it was shaped like Mickey Mouse’s ears…except that there were three, not two. Perhaps that was supposed to be the shamrock, the national emblem of Ireland.

I enjoyed it very much and I loved how thick that slice of turkey ham was…


…unlike the paper-thin ones we would find in some buns or sandwiches at some bakeries.

After having had my fill, I walked around the area close by to look around and this particular stall caught my attention…

RA stall

Eeeee…the young chap called me “uncle“! I wish he had addressed me as “sir” or like what they usually do, as “boss” instead. Ah well! I guess I should count my blessings and be happy that at least, he did not call me “atuk” (grandpa) as in the name of the stall. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

I couldn’t resist buying the lemang to try…

RA lemang

…so I would be able to make a comparison with the ones I had in Sibu. For one thing, it was less expensive here and I would say that it was pretty well-done too – more or less the same, I think.

The beef rendang in the pot looked very oily…


…and thankfully, the boy made sure that he left most of it behind in what he scooped out for me…

RA - BR & L

…to be eaten together with the lemang. Oooooo…that tasted really good! A bit spicy, but the lemang-rendang combination was absolutely yummy!!!

They had serunding (meat floss) too at the stall and the boy let me try the beef…


…and it was really good but very very spicy! I did not buy any though – it did cross my mind that I could buy some home but by the time we were about to leave, we did not have any luggage space left and were on the verge of having to pay for excess baggage. Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Move closer…”

  1. Sir Arthur, you are really good in handling your camera… all the foodie photos looks yummy.

    I just simply snapped leh…using my cheap and simple digicam. After all this time, I’m still rather conscious about it – will do so quickly and put the camera away. Guess I’m basically a shy person. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  2. Moonlight Serenade is delicious and that dried pan mien looks scrumptious with crunchy wanton…

    The dry pan mien was what I had on my first visit there – this one was something else, dunno the name. They all spoke in Cantonese…and this one’s just so-so. The kway teow was good though…

  3. Sir, I thought you want to show me something about bak chang?

    That will be in another post…probably end of the month or early next month. Must clear all my KL posts first…

  4. wow, there’s a lot of variety of food in this post… from fried kuey teow to sandwiches to a very mouthwatering lemang with rendang! and you make everything look appetizing 😀

    Around the world in a day – Chinese-nyonya-Irish-Malay! Thanks for the compliment – with my digicam, photos will turn out great if there is enough light. 😉

  5. Everything looks delicious. How was the bread? It looks soft and moist. I love making homemade bread. In fact, my daughter has reminded me that I haven’t made that in a while. Perhaps that will be on my list of things to cook for this weekend.

    For some reason the meat floss is especially fascinating for me. As a child, my mom made a similar dish. I remember she shredded the meat by using a fork.

    Yes, the bread was soft and moist, very nice. I don’t know how to bake – no bread, no cakes… 😦 Not sure how they shred the meat, but when I shred chicken, I just use my hands and peel off bit by bit.

  6. fried kuey teow with a raw…is that chicken or duck egg?

    Chicken…one of those organic ones, hence the colour. Too small to be duck, I would think.

  7. Aiyor, today’s post is a great torture. All the nice and yummy food. Have all those for that day itself. The serimuka does not look so rich like the one you had in Kuching. Oh boy!!!! the coffee kaw kaw. Slurppp!!!!…

    Just the beginning, Irene, just the beginning. Lots more to come! LOL!!! Kuching’s serimuka is nicer, of course, and cheaper too…but these were not bad – anytime better than the crap we can find in Sibu. Coffee was great…but at RM7, it should be!!!! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. Oh no, it is just the beginning. How am I going to survive with your torture till month ends. Poor me!!!…hehehe.

      You will, you will…no worries! LOL!!! 😀

  8. Got main dish, got desserts, not bad eh?

    Lemang! Miss it! Speaking of it, Raya is coming in 2 months time! ;0

    Fasting starts next month, should be able to get it everywhere then…and before that, in Sibu, we have the Borneo Cultural Festival right here in Sibu, end of June to beginning of July – lots and lots of food to eat!!! Nom…nom…nom!!!

  9. Hmm somehow I’m not a big fan of kuih, which is good because they’re outrageously priced here. Perhaps same amount but in AUD! The kuey teow with raw egg looked really tempting.. and the rendang with lemang!!

    Ya, so expensive in KL…even in our own currency. Can get much cheaper and nicer ones in Kuching but must know where to go. Not in Sibu though – Foochow territory. Those sold here, not worth the calories…and a waste of money. Yes, the lemang was good and with the rendang….slurpssss!!!! Wish I could have that now… LOL!!! 😀

  10. Yikes the lemang so expensive leh

    Here, RM2 for one – about 2 inches long or a bit more – I think one would get slightly more there or more or less. Namind, as long as it’s good.

    1. the one making seri muka must have “talk nonsense” when making that lor…that’s why got holes on top

      Oh? So that’s the pantang, is it? Not bad leh…I’ve seen some got hills and valleys one. LOL!!! 😀

  11. tsk tsk tsk.. shorter posts but more posts, or less posts but longer posts?? all the same lah, unless you are willing to cut down the stories to tell us, not every single thing you had eaten during your trip lah.. muahahahaha!! see, i just wrote 5 posts for my Tokyo trip, efficient and just nice, hehehehe~~ :p

    Haiyar!!! You must understand old people…very long-winded and panjang cerita one. Don’t complain! Like it or not, you will just have to put up with it. Hehehehehehe!!!! Start with today’s one – extended post – whole day in one post…unlike the Tg Sepat ones – 4 posts on one evening’s trip.

    1. yalah, you should have done one post for the whole day lah, don’t split them.. easier to read also for one whole day.. good!! so how many more?? actually i am anxiously waiting for the post on Friday night at Little Penang lah~~

      Let me check. Little Penang…uuuummmmm….that’s scheduled for 20/06/2013. Not long, just a week away. LOL!!! 😀

  12. hey, “Uncle” you are very rich~~ i have never bought those RM2-RM2.50 nyonya kuihs and never had O’Brien sandwiches before, so expensive lah!! in fact i only dine in MV when i have to meet up with friends, eg: that overpriced Little Penang when meeting up the Food Mayor of Sibu, hahaha!! Sibu is so much better hor?? everything cheap and nicer~~

    Yalor!!! Lots cheaper and if you know where to go, A LOT nicer too!!! But the nyonya kuehs, no nice ones here…and no O’Brien’s…Sibu poor people, where can afford, not like KL people one? So ok lah…can indulge a bit…and now home already, will not be eating those things again for a long, long, long time!!!! 😉

    1. i KL people also never tried O’Brien’s before, but this Sibu Food Mayor tried that!! oh, no nice nyonya kuehs in Sibu?? hmmm, then it’s time for you to learn to make nice ones, sell them and i am sure you are going to make a good fortune.. then can make monthly contribution to Hospice Hospital~~ :p

      Never mind, too old liao…and anyway, too sweet – it’s a blessing, in fact, that I cannot get good ones here. God works in mysterious ways. O’Brien’s so many outlets there, here there and everywhere. Franchise one, not up to your standard lah, I know…you so high class one. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

      1. O’Brien? Never heard before until saw your post. Maybe Bananaz prefer eating at tai-pai-tong *road side stalls* so not that ‘exposed’ to most food franchise outlets

        I never heard of it too…until I saw it at the mall. Me, just as jakun…dunno all these places one. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. I am drooling looking at the kuey teow!! slurppp
    I like the above kuihs you bought..but I don’t usually buy it from malls..I buy from pasar malam 🙂
    That rendang is quite pricey. Cos it counts by weight. Only bought once :-p
    Perhaps you need 2 posts a day… hehe….

    2 a day, some will just comment on one…like my NZ posts. 😦
    The rendang I bought, dunno how many 100 gm but there was a lot. Here, they sell by the piece – 1 piece RM1.50-2.00. Ya…those nyonya kuehs, I know they sell at some shops or coffee shops or stalls or at the market, a lot cheaper. No transport to get around, so expensive…also must buy lor. Buy once only, anyway.
    The kway teow at this place is pretty good, I would say.

  14. So the ladies went shopping… the man had to fend for himself.. 🙂 Well, lots of good food in Mid Valley… nice to walk, shop and eat!

    Yes, no need to venture out of the place at all. Still a lot more to try…but not enough time. Hope to go again soon.

  15. Master Arthur, i am a huge fan of O’ Briens too! Love their sandwiches, but can’t afford to have their sandwiches too frequently, quite expensive for a poor student like me T.T

    I enjoyed that sandwich very much but yes, they do not come cheap. RM12.90 promotion as it was a new item on the menu – normal price would be RM18.80. Ah well, we do not get that here and no sandwiches quite as nice, so it was all right for me. A one-off thing, not every day.

  16. So sweet of Ivan, help you to move from putrajaya to KL.
    hahhahaha..i like this one “my missus and Melissa went off on their own on a shopping spree and I did not get to see them again till late that night!” I am sure two of them enjoy their shopping, whereby you enjoy the food more.
    So many food in a day..tsk tsk see your O’briens, maybe i should have O’briens for lunch today.
    Lemang and beef rendang and serunding, yummy!!! Can’t wait for the stall open soon!

    Ya, Ivan’s very nice young chap, really good friend…but he’s always flying so he may not be around when I go over. Even worse these days as he is flying long hauls and has long night stops in places overseas.

    Ya…I like O’Briens very much, not cheap though…and as for the rendang, it is quite pedas, so be forewarned. The serunding even more so! I love them all… Yummmmm!!!!! 😀

  17. The moon river fried kway teow is very popular in one of a restaurant in Ipoh too. I love this noodle very much!

    I like fried kway teow…with or without the egg.

  18. Okay…must bookmark this Rendang Atuk. Normally I am quite skeptical to buy lemang in the mall. I am afraid it doesn’t turn out to be good especially when they are over charging.

    I’m sure there are good ones outside, cheaper and probably better too? I, of course, did not have much of a choice…but thankfully, it was very nice.

  19. Oooh! Lemang and rendang! Er, moonriver fried kway tiaw?? Wonder how it taste?

    Like fried kway teow…and the egg makes it a bit smooth, that’s all. Will depend on whether the kway teow is nice or not.

  20. Hi, the fried kwey teow look awesome. The rest of the menu look very delicious too but love to have that cup of coffee. I’m sure it taste heavenly.

    BTW, I was looking for books by SH Tan and happen to saw your 2008 old posting mentioning about SH Tan. Is there any chance I can still get his books? I’m looking for SYT & Malaysia pot-pourri. Let me know if you come across. Thanks.

    Have a nice day.

    I have Malaysian Potpourri only. Used to have at least 3 or 4 of his books – reprints by some Indian publisher – I bought them from one of those Indian bookshops at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman…but I lent them to my tuition students and I only got one back. For one thing, it was a lousy publisher – lots of typo-spelling errors. So put off by that. I don’t have SYT…saya yang tahu – one of the schools where I was teaching had it in its library. Dunno if it’s still there or not.

  21. You very the dengil mama told you not to eat too much sinful food with bad moon you never listened lol. Bananaz also dengil, loves bad moon rising over fried kway teow too cannot resist lah haha.

    LOL!!! So we sama-sama lah? 😀

  22. Come back more often! and 9 days isn’t enough to cater for all your loyal fans here.. 😀

    No lah, where got so many? I dropped hints in my blog and on Facebook – nobody said they would like to meet. Had to sms one by one…then got some response. Others had all kinds of reasons (excuses)… So kesian, next time I would just go and come back quietly. 😦

  23. That’s a lot of delights for your afternoon tea 🙂 The O’Briens sandwich does look good, eh? I have never tried it before.

    Had to eat as much as I could – no more once I get back to Sibu. 😦 O’Brien’s good, really good…but not cheap.

  24. i must say all of these dishes looks great!
    first dishes seems very saucy and sandwich looks
    tempting too, i was drooling over that beef rendang
    as well too

    Slurpssss!!!! You MUST come to Malaysia sometime. All your friends waiting for you here…and I’ll fly over to KL too. You will love the food here for sure! Many cheap airlines flying Manila…or Clarks to KL.

  25. Hahaha you’re correct, that’s the shape of shamrock!
    I reviewed this place a year ago, love their sandwiches XD

    I think I saw your post, was googling for the name of the bread – the guy did not speak clearly – sounded like samfoo or shampoo… Ya, the food was great and the coffee too!

  26. lost for words! All are my favourite! Anyway been a while never had lemang!

    Singapore got, Geylang Serai…best time to go – Ramadan. JB, dunno lah…

  27. Luckily I’m craving for ice instead of food.. else I’ll be crying in office thinking hard where to go find these food at this hour !!!

    Got lah… Kuching, so many places, so many nice things to eat…anytime of day. Small towns, by afternoon…all closed. 😦

  28. you are lucky… I had O’Brien before, all I got for my roast beef sandwich was a miserable super thin piece of beef that I cannot even see… your turkey sure looks yummy.. so thick!! I guess I visited the wrong branch… hehehe

    tried the rendang and lemang here before.. it is really good!!

    Ya…I’m never wrong, right? What I say is nice…is nice which I’m afraid isn’t always the case where others are concerned. Some praise something to the skies with very alluring photos some more…but I find it kinda disappointing. To each his own, I guess – one man’s meat is another man’s poison…old English proverb.

  29. Love O’Brien…comes in handy for my busy days when a sandwich is a perfect nibble in between the computer, phone calls and starring at the client eye ball to eye ball.

    I love sandwiches but unfortunately, no such places here – at best, we can order a club sandwich at the hotel cafes/restaurants…or chicken/egg/cheese sandwiches by the dozen, that’s all.

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