smallkucing‘s grandma came to town, unexpectedly so he and his parents were not all that free anymore to take us around here, there and everywhere. Ummmm….no, the title of this post is not about her but is actually the name of this place…


…that they brought us to. LOL!!! Gosh!!! They were so nice, so concerned that they even managed to take some time off to take us here for lunch – on our 5th day in the peninsula.

This is actually an Indian makan (eating) place…


…and quite a well-known one at that.

Hey!!! My blogger-friend‘s photograph is in their menu…

FCH menu

I wonder if they pay her for the use of that snapshot.

Hmmmm….and this certainly is the best thing I’ve heard/read in ages…



I had the mutton bryani that day and it was served in this stainless bowl, the lid sealed with dough…


You will have to remove the seal…


…and turn the bowl over onto the tray on which it is served…


Oops!!! Clumsy me! It did not come out as a perfectly-round mound.

The mutton curry is wrapped inside the rice…


…and though it was very nice, I would prefer bryani with a lot more curry gravy like the ones we have in Sibu.

They certainly were very generous with the papadums though…

FCH - ppd

Most of the time, we would just get one miserable piece, if any but I do wish they could be more gentle in handling it though so we would get them whole instead of in bits and pieces like this.

Everybody else had the banana leaf set…


…which did not come served on a banana leaf which would be the usual practice at such shops, but in a food tray lined with the leaf cut into small pieces.

I did not try any of it so I cannot comment on how good it was or otherwise but somebody did not want the dessert…


…and passed it to me. Gee!!! It was very nice! I certainly liked it a lot…and sure would love to try making my own at home sometime.

Papakucing ordered this chicken…


…but I was already too full by then to tell the difference between what was good and what was bad…so I think I’d just refrain from making any comment on it.

ANDDDDDD…if you think that was all, you’re very sadly mistaken! Mamakucing got these nyonya kuehs for me…


…from some place outside…


…which definitely would be cheaper than those in a mall and actually, I thought I had something that looked exactly the same at this place here sometime ago but of course, I had to fork out a bit more then – RM2.50 for a pack like that.

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! There’s some more…a lot more! They also got me these very lovely treats…

Tarts & such

…from this place…


…and also some roast goose and pork belly…


Nom! Nom! Nom!!!!

Actually, they wanted to drop us off at some other shopping mall to browse around and they would pick us up a couple of hours later to send us back to our hotel but we politely turned down the offer – they had gone out of their way to take us  to so many places and to and eat…and I honestly think we had troubled them enough and would not want to impose on them any further.

Ah yes!!! Somebody dropped by the hotel to see me before we left for lunch. She used to comment quite a lot right here in my blog – a Bovril kampua convert after she tried it upon seeing that in my blog and there has been no turning back since…and we are still very much in touch with each other on Facebook. She came with her hubby and they brought along these very fragrant Mexican coffee buns for me…

MCB from LKH

…and she had some stuff for me to pass to mamakucing – they’re fellow-book marathon readers and Facebook friends but they never got to meet one another in person. Well, I told her she was coming to pick us up so she could get to meet her finally…and she did!

Thanks for the buns, King Hua – it was a pleasure making the acquaintance…at last and thanks so much to smallkucing, mamakucing and papakucing for everything. As the Malay saying goes:
Hutang emas boleh dibayar, hutang budi dibawa mati

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Fierce…”

  1. Omigosh, this really is food porn! Some of KL’s best briyani, and then the sticky rice kuih that I lurve, and got roasted fowl summore. You’re killing meeeee! Heheh 😀

    It’s among the best? Hmmmm…. Nah!!! You’ve got more drool-worthy food in your blog, much classier ones at that too… 😉

  2. wow, i see a lot of food, and food and food!! sure mamarazzi and king hua knows how to feed you well huh?? the nasi briyani looks good though the name of the shop kind of scares me off, haha!!

    Like how I come across to you people online, eh? Will scold people one… Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. and i especially love those nyonya kuihs and pastries mamarazzi bought you, aiyo, so nice as desserts after the satisfying nasi horr?? even stuffed till the neck also wants to eat them right?? muahahaha~~ and wait wait wait.. that ROAST GOOSE and PORK.. OMG, i want to eat that!! they look so succulent delicious!!! where did mamarazzi buy all those, i wonder??

    Yes, I ate…and ate…and ate…until the seat belt in the plane on the way back was so tight. Didn’t want to ask for an extension – cheap airline…they might ask me to pay! 😛 Where? Dunno, don’t know…don’t ask me – I just took and ate. You will have to ask her…

  4. My goodness…..that’s so much good food! I wonder if you’ll ever be able to lose weight….haha. If you ever want to lose weight, just pass the food to me 😀

    Everyone’s feeding me as they’re scared I would lose weight. Then it would not be me anymore, not the same. Suituasan doesn’t look nor sound as nice… LOL!!! 😀

  5. Its been a long time didn’t have banana leaf meal and hands getting itchy. Would prefer to eat with hands taste better leh.

    Dunno how to eat with my hand, will get rice all over my face. LOL!!! 😀

  6. The blue nonya kuih caught my attention. Something like Nasi Kerabu, nasi purple as I call it. hehe. I love popadoms… I even bought one packet from the owner of Indian shop here in Kuching, hehe.

    Same flower for the colour – no taste, no fragrance though…just colour. We can get them here too – made in India, packed in Kuching. Nice as well…but have to fry yourself lah. In the shops, they will just give…one piece and at times, already masuk angin. 😦

  7. haha, for a moment, i really thought you were referring to fierce grandma and i was like 0.o xD

    Hah!!! If she had been fierce, I wouldn’t tell the whole world… LOL!!! 😀

  8. You are really spoilt., Arthur. The mutton curry wrapped inside the rice reminds me of the curry wrapped in the big bun which I had in Seremban. All the foods looks awesome. Happy Father’s Day to you.

    I know I am. Thanks, Happy Father’s Day to your hubby too…

  9. OMG, mutton biryani! I love that a lot and faced with mutton curry, I will agree that weight loss can wait! LOL! 😀

    …forever and ever. LOL!!! 😀

  10. The way they make the dough is so creative! Thumbs up!
    Must be creative then only can attract customers ya!

    Different from the rest…but taste pretty much the same though.

  11. So many nice food enjoyed with Small kucing mama and papa.. I agreed that the papedum crackers I will feel more happy to received whole piece too… Overall the Indian cuisine is tremendous yummylicious.

    I like. Don’t get much of that here so always happy to be able to eat some.

  12. So after having it, did you get fierce? hehehe. WIsh you, your missus and Melissa have a nice weekend. Tomorrow is Father’s Day – Wish you Happy father’s Day Arthur.

    Thanks. It wasn’t really “fierce” – probably north Indian, their cuisine isn’t spicy at all.

  13. Really fierce meal… I cannot take too spicy, that is why I am not that fierce.. hahaha… Yes, the Kucing family is very kind, nice, generous, sincere, honest… etc etc… kudos to them! *clap clap*


    Not spicy at all lah, name only. Thanks for the wish…

  14. Ah!! I have yo said again, what a “foodfull” trip!!! Small kucing and family very sayang you all, they sure know what you like to eat.

    Fierce curry, if I am not wrong, this one at bangsar too? I start to love indian food after my india trip! Now I miss my banana leaf and mango chutney. I still prefer my rice serve on the banana leaf. 🙂

    Yup, this is in Bangsar all right. Last outing with the family – her MIL in town so not so free anymore after that.

  15. now i was drooling over those meals! the first sets of meals
    seems completely satisfying and as for those tarts! i bet
    it feels like heaven to have a taste of those,
    and even that roasted chicken down there

    That was duck… 😛 LOL!!! 😀

  16. Wah lau dramatic ah…hutang emas pulak…

    Fierce is quite good coz they gv so many types of vegetables.

    Lol you made it happen. Didn’t expect to meet KH …see you bring people together leh.

    Ya…like magnet hor? Or like ants to sugar…LOL!!!!

  17. interesting curry house… my first time hearing of this place… the briyani looks really good! love the way the served it cos it makes the rice pretty special…do they have other meat besides mutton?

    you ate all the above at one go? haha … geng!!

    No lah…some, we had for breakfast the next morning. I didn’t go out till lunch time.

  18. I just bought some TK egg tarts during the weekend. Delicious! Remember last time I gave you a packet of almond cookies, is from there also.

    Ahhhh!!!! Looks like a good place to drop by. Must remember the name.

  19. Rotiboy! An overdose of the smell…they started in a tiny shoplot in my office building 😀

    Not crazy about those anymore. Used to love them so much when the bakeries here first came out with those Mexican coffee buns with a very strong fragrance of coffee. Not bothered to buy any now.

  20. how lovely!! (‘: being shown around like a vip, eh! everybody bears gifts when they see you. haha. must be nice. how long have you been blogging for? you seem to have made quite a fair share of friends (((: so nice!

    2008. Seems like I’ve been around for a long time now. Love making friends and getting to meet them in person, gifts are secondary – no need.

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