When it’s over…

My friend, Ivan, wanted to pick us after all that pomp and pageantry that morning – our 3rd day in the peninsula but smallkucing and his parents said they would be coming to take us for lunch…and they did.

They took us to this place which, if I’m not mistaken, is somewhere in Seri Kembangan or somewhere around there…


…and of course, we had the yong tau foo

LY - ytf

All of us enjoyed everything on the mixed platter though personally, I prefer the soup version. It seems that they’re more into the dry ones here like what I had sometime ago on one of my previous visits. I can’t really make a comparison between the two as the earlier one was a few years back and I don’t exactly recall what it was like – let’s just say that I like them both.

I also had these chicken packets…

LY - cp 1

…then but before I checked out the post, I could not even remember having eaten that. For one thing, I think the ones here are much bigger or perhaps, that was because they had another layer of paper inside…

LY - cp 2

The chicken tasted something like the nyonya ayam ponteh

LY - cp3

…probably because of the use of taucheo (fermented beans) in the cooking. It tasted great, I must say…and I sure would like to try it sometimes. Maybe I would wrap it in aluminium foil and bake it in the oven instead of deep-frying – I wonder if it would still be the same or not this way.

We also had this very delicious dish of mixed beans…

Mixed beans

…but the petai (stink beans) certainly brought about a lot of after-effects the whole night through. LOL!!!

I loved the lotus root soup…

LY - lrs

…which looked kind of plain and not too impressive but to my surprise, it tasted really great – very clear and refreshing.

I certainly enjoyed the lunch especially considering that I did not have much for breakfast as we had to leave the hotel real early…and I was so hungry by then that I could eat a horse…literally.