Let’s twist again…

After our own reunion the night before, we joined the grand one the following evening – the annual reunion dinner of our school’s alumni or old students’ association combined with the alumni of our sister-school next door…


…at the massive ballroom in a leading hotel in town.

Frankly, I’m not too fond of attending functions there as the food may not be all that great and I get put off by the fact that going through a small road all around the hotel into the hotel’s multi-storey car park entrance at the back of the building is not entirely a breeze. Where there are events in every ballroom or function room in the hotel, just going round the corner may take at least half an hour. Tsk! Tsk! Well, the only thing one can do to avoid the massive jam is to go very very early – and that was what we did that day.

To pass the time, we took photographs or had ours taken…


…in the still-very-empty venue.

We occupied two tables – the Class of 1969…


…and minus our family and friends, I think there were some 15 of us altogether…


…including people back from Australia and Kuching. We only had two Form 5 classes then – one Science and one Arts with a student population of 30-40 in each class. That means that only around 25% of us were there that night. We had a few more joining our own reunion gathering the night before but on the whole, there weren’t exactly that many either.

Never mind, we were all right by ourselves and dinner started with the sio pua (hot dish)…


– our version of the Four Seasons except that we usually have more than four.

The not-to-be-named soup followed (Tsk! Tsk!!!) and after that came the duck stuffed with glutinous rice…


Unfortunately, it was not as well done as the last time I had that at this same venue. Perhaps, when there are simply too many tables to cope with, quality may have to take a back seat?

The steamed fish was good though…


…and I noticed that those who came back from overseas were really enjoying each and every course, including this one…


Perhaps they do not get to go for such grand Chinese banquets abroad as often or as regularly as we do here – so much so that we tend to take it all for granted and are not in the least excited over them? I remember feeling this way when I was small and kids were very rarely invited and when I/we did get a chance to go, we would be so intensely happy at the opportunity.

They did not bother with this dish though…


– the black pepper lamb! You can bet the meat came from where they all came from and they get it fresh, not frozen, and a whole lot  juicier over there.

This band from the army was in attendance during the dinner…

ARD 10

…though they weren’t anything to get excited about. They were not all that great but I would not say they were not good either – let us just say that they were tolerable…which would be exactly what I would say about the proceedings that whole evening – pleasant enough, nothing to get anyone jumping with delight.

There was a dance presentation by some very young boys and girls – and I thought that was a good time to go for a pee break and a whiff of fresh air. Honestly,  I can’t understand how cliche and how terribly boring one can get – and frankly, I think we have long had an overkill of that oppa gangnam thingy and the worst part was they could not even do it well – my daughter said that they were merely going through the steps and motions – they did not have a feel to it and were not able to let it come across naturally as in real dancing per se….and guess what? I saw a photograph in a local newspaper – they even got the big shots and some others to join in the dance – obviously, it did not make much of an impact as when I came back after it had all ended, no one was talking about it and I did not even know there was such a thing going on. My missus said they could not see what was going on from where they were sitting so they did not know about it either. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Some very old retired teachers were invited by the organisers to cut the cake (in the first photograph) but no, they did not ask me to join in. They probably were specially invited to the function as well and no, I was not invited either – I was there in my capacity as an ex-student, not a retired teacher of the school and I bought my own tickets to attend the dinner, thank you very much. I guess the people organising would be those older ones – not those young ones that I taught while I was attached to the school and that probably explained the special treatment accorded to those teachers of theirs a long, long time ago.

Then they kept thanking those from certain years for their support – one group took up 6 tables, it seemed. Awwww…come on!!! If all of us from 1969 were to attend (including those already dead and gone) we would not be able to fill 5 tables – there were simply not that many of us at the time. Tsk! Tsk! The last straw was when one of those groups took to the stage to sing this Emil Chau song that night.

Ok, that called for some drastic action – with all that heralding and back-thumping of all those very much younger groups, we had to do something to make our presence felt – we, the super seniors! Picking out a dvd that I had brought along, I marched up to the emcee and told him that the Class of 1969 would be singing right after that 1980 group on stage and we did – the whole group of us, all individually over 60 years of age…and boy, did we steal the limelight that night!!!

We sang this Cliff Richard number (Song starts at 1:00)…and I would say that we did a pretty good job at it and brought the house down.

Then, when we reached the music interlude break in the middle of the song, I shouted, “Everybody, dance!!!” and somehow or other, everybody got down to it right away – twisting and gyrating to the music. Gee! Had it not been for the song blaring full blast through the gigantic speakers in the ballroom, I am sure everyone would have heard all our rusty bones squeaking and creaking harmoniously in unison…and when the music came on again towards the end of the song, I said, “One more time!” and there we went again, twisting away till the very last note of the catchy song.

The Young Ones
*Photo Credit: Ex-SHS official photographer, Mr Chiew Chong Hui*

That was spontaneous, unrehearsed…and so much fun!!!  We enjoyed it a lot and so did everybody present at the event that night. It was indeed a memory for us to cherish and I guess one that some people would remember us by – that Class from 1969!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Let’s twist again…”

  1. Oh let twist again, oh let twist again. Hahaha… Another reunion?

    This one’s the alumni’s annual get-together – the previous one was solely for those in our year in Form 5 when we were in school.

  2. I like the first platter. Is that origin from Sibu or is Kuching style? That is more than 5 combinations….

    No idea – has always been like this for a long long time – you have a choice of having it hot with gravy like this…or cold, mostly deep-fried stuff and salad – personally, I prefer the latter. This one seems like a variation of the poon choy, very popular at your side.

  3. The duck stuffed with glutenous rice looks good.

    I have honestly never seen in that in Chinese banquets in Sibu. Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong ones. Haha!

    My dad was talking about a reunion when I called him a couple of days ago too. I think he had one too, a large one with 70 tables or so if I recall correctly.

    Oh? I wonder when was his. I went to one once – I was in the school for Form 6, 1970-1971…boring like hell. Old women’s choir singing ancient Chinese songs…etc. Well, they used to have it at Li Hua, that I know…and now they have it at Kingwood too – the duck, I mean.

    1. It was just a couple of days ago, I thought it might have been the same one!

      It’s a very, very long reunion, and old boys/girls one as well, from his high school.

      Haha! Ancient songs for ancient people, it is much older reunion than yours, you’re a spring chicken in comparison. 😉

      Interesting! Stuffed duck sounds good.

      Mayhaps we’ll be in need of your singing prowess next year. 🙂

      Ya…probably the same night, same or different venue – the two alumni-s always clash every year, both wanting to grab the Ching Ming weekend. Can’t be much older – I’m the same age as your mum and more or less the same as your dad. Hehehehehehe!!!! I didn’t hear of theirs this year though – maybe it was at another hotel this time. Hmmmm…..next year? That’s a long long time…to go. LOL!!!

      Ah! I googled… Theirs is on tonight, same venue… Nobody asked me to join though.

  4. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice? Sounds yummy…I can imagine the rice with all the awesome ducky flavour…a Sibu special?

    I dunno. It was very popular at one time. Very nice – the glutinous rice inside is like lor mai kai. I love it!

  5. You look so young in your first picture and you have definately lost some weight too.. and not because you were wearing black! Were there any classes before 1969 also attending?

    Nope…but I saw one guy – he was from another school but came to mine to do Form 6 – I think it was 1964 or 65…and he has not aged a day! Still looks exactly the same…and he was with his brother-in-law’s group…one year my junior. Other than him, I don’t think I saw anybody as old or older – we were probably next.

  6. Oh that’s my uncle in the third picture! Ken Ling..haha. ..my mum’s side tho

    Oh? Small world. My classmate but he was in the science stream, I was in the arts. He lives in Brisbane now…

  7. Hah! Hah! At least there was excitement towards the end! Well done Arthur, I see you enjoyed performing the song with your friends 🙂

    We most suddenly did – the whole ballroom suddenly came alive…

  8. hey Arthur! Anyone videotaped your performance song? It would be great to post it here! Yes, I can feel the excitement and the fun…. cos I love singing and dancing too!! hahaha…

    Ya, I am sure you’d love it too. I saw somebody recording on his digicam…dunno if he’ll upload onto youtube or anywhere or not.

    1. go and find out and let us have the link la

      Not my friend – let’s just see if it will surface one day on Facebook. You can always organise a get-together with karaoke and I will sing it again, no problem at all.

  9. It’s great to see them have initiatives to organize events every year, my school doesn’t seem to have such thing… oh, did they de-scale the fish? Looks shiny from here

    Descale? You do not need to do that with fish with big scales like this one – just use the spoon to tilt the scales over and it will all come off in one big piece….revealing the fish and you can get to the flesh right away. You don’t get fish like this there? I think it’s the same with soltan or terubok but those have a lot of little bones – will need extra care when eating.

    What school did you come from? Maybe you never join the alumni and they have all these things going on and you do not know about them – many young people today are not bothered – no school spirit, no loyalty whatsoever – once they’ve left the school, it’s bye-bye, don’t call me…thank you very much.

  10. As always, food looks great. That was a whole lot of fun for the night. Btw, did you make yourself available on the floor? How I wish I can see you do the twisting? Daddy’s girl is back for the weekend and you will be the happiest man. Have a nice and enjoyable weekend.

    It certainly was a lot of fun. Ya….girl’s coming home later today for the weekend. 🙂

  11. Duck stuffed with glutinous rice…. you can try the New Capital’s version. We are also having problem with the number of people in reunion…. Thinking about it, a lot of time, because people love to compare…. sigh, what a tragic in life…….

    I guess you’re all still very young – at our age, we’re quite happy to get together…and be happy while we still can, praise the Lord for small mercies – no time to waste bitching around anymore!!! Ya…New Capital has pretty good food – parking’s a pain though. Haven’t gone there to eat for a while.

  12. Did you do the twist too? Would love to see you do that..haha…I must join the next one together with the girls from our year.

    Next year, 5th April, 2014 (Saturday) actual Ching Ming Day. Shall I expect to see you here then? Come, come…

  13. wow, twist and shout!! another even grander gathering, alumni from all the different years all together!! hmmm, i have not even been to the alumni event of my school before, what a shame!! but i don’t remember we have that, i only remember i went back to my high school for a charity dinner a few years back, it was the 75th anniversary of my high school that year..

    2004, I went to my school’s centenary celebration – 100 years. I was still teaching there then…

  14. ooopss, where is my comment?? i typed a long one and it’s missing!! was it because i called myself “[SK] the great!!! hahahahaha~~”??

    Hah!!! That must be what they call – divine intervention! LOL!!! 😀

  15. Looks like you guys had so much fun, eating, taking photos and singing!
    Good good!

    Yes, making the most of our golden years…

  16. Hi Arthur, the young one!

    Forget about the food.. Just by looking at you and your ex-classmates singing and twisting on the stage and listening to the Cliff Richard number, I’m sure you guys had great great fun and I could feel the joy and youth in all of you!

    Let’s live life to the fullest… Give love and thanks… cause we may not be the young ones very long…

    Now this leads me to another newer song by FUN:

    We are young
    So let’s set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter
    Than the sun

    Ahhhh!!!! You know the words to the Cliff Richard number too? Not bad, not bad for a young chap, eh? Ya…I love this Fun number too – don’t see it in any karaoke cd around though. I love the lead singer’s duet with Pink – “Give me a reason” a lot. Nate Ruess, his name, I think…and the video clip too. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  17. I’ve never been to a reunion. I’ve been overseas way too far to travel. Have often wondered what it would be like.

    Oh? You studied abroad? I guess they have reunions like this too – even the local alumnis e.g. the Australian or New Zealand graduates’ associations here. I guess it depends on who are in the exco – whether they’re pro-active or not.

  18. the foods were as always great,
    specially that duck! even if you said it wasn’t that great
    it appears to be haha

    It was ok – you pay for the class, the grand venue…but the food would be better as some smaller, simpler places…and cheaper too.

  19. Ooo, what happened to the not/to/be named soup ar? 😀 anyway the rest of the food looks appetizing 😀

    No need to show lah… When the demand stops, the killing will too.

  20. Good to know your and your classmates from year 1969 had so much fun singing, twisting and dancing on stage. I wish I have this kind of function in my school. It is definitely thrilled to steal the limelight and became the centre of attention. Well done.

    Ya, especially when it was not planned and yet turned out so well. 🙂

  21. When do they change the school badge? It look so sakai.

    That’s not the school badge, my dear – it’s the old students’ association’s, the one on the left…and the flower one on the right is the St E old students’ association’s. Perhaps if you would take an active part in the alumni and work for the betterment of the school, you can design a crest for them that is not so sakai??? >.<

  22. My elementary school just had their reunion dinner, but I gave it a miss. No one from my class had intended on going and I didn’t remain in the school until graduation (I switched school somewhere after PTS).

    Not only do schools have reunion. Even clubs like the Malaysia and New Zealand Association do. Attended one of theirs and a couple of folks were lucky to have been served with the rare lamb. =/

    Oh? I bet you do not know anybody there in that school anymore…considering that you moved after PTS. Yes, there are such associations around even here in Sibu – once in a while we hear of something going on but quite rarely. I guess it depends on who’s in the exco – whether they’re pro-active, innovative and all. Put a half-dead one on top…and nothing much will ever happen.

  23. Hurrah for the Class of 1969! Lol..you guys certainly brought the house (hall) down! Song choice was superb – catchy and easy to sing along… got everyone on his feet 🙂

    Yes, some of the guys wanted “Bachelor Boy” but I just turned a deaf ear – I think this one’s more appropriate…and we only get to sing one song so this had to be it!

  24. Love the first picture, very nice! And you look good in black.

    I only use at night and at functions in aircon places – cannot tahan…very hot!

  25. That last photo…memang ada gaya!! I like!!! Even the white pants! LOL!

    …and thankfully, no white shoes…or I’ll be branded as one of those Foochows that frequent The Sarawak Club. LOL!!! 😀

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