Wrap u around me…

This came via poslaju the other day…


The sender contacted me on Friday evening to tell me that she had already mailed something to me and the people there told her that it would arrive on Monday. It so happened that I had to go to the office on Monday morning to send something so I asked them if anything had arrived for me. The guy delivering the things in my residential area went to check and he said no…but I told him it was all right as there was no real hurry and I could just wait, no problem at all with that.

I had to send my daughter back to her school in Selangau that afternoon – she did not go back on Sunday as she had to get something done here on Monday morning…and while we were on our way, my telephone rang. It was from the office here and the guy said that my mail had arrived. I told him I was not at home so it was pointless for him to send it to my house as there would not be anyone at home to sign for it…but I would go and collect it from the office the next morning – Tuesday instead…which I did.

I took it home and opened it and this was what was inside…


I opened the packet to see and the contents included a very nice pan holder and an apron…

Pan holder & apron

I remember when I was in Wellington, I saw an apron with pictures of macarons all over it. It was not very nice and the quality did not seem all that good either but I thought it would be a very nice gift for my friend, Quay Po, who makes really great macarons. When I saw the price tag, I could not believe my eyes. It was selling for NZ$49.90!!! That would work out to around RM125.00 and with that amount of money, I could go to one of those made-in-China shops here and buy enough aprons to last a lifetime. Well, they’re all made in that same country anyway. Tsk! Tsk! Then I saw some relatively nicer ones in Auckland…and they were even more expensive – NZ$59.90!!! *faints*

Well, this is a whole lot nicer, I must say. I simply love the varying shades of green and the very nice bamboo patterns on it. The sender was worried that it would not fit me…and the good news is it does…

Fits like a glove

…even though wearing it, I look like a pregnant woman, full term!!! Sobssss!!!!! Now, don’t ask me why the photograph is blur!!! To this day, I just simply cannot understand why my missus can use a fully-automatic digital camera to snap a photograph…and it comes out blur MOST of the time!!! Ah well! At least it serves its purpose – to show that it is not too small for me and I can wrap it around me nicely, fitting me perfectly  like a glove.

Thank you so very much, Merryn! I really love it so very very much, I truly do!!!

And this very lovely postcard…

Postcard 1

…just arrived yesterday afternoon – all the way from Shanghai in China.

Thank you so much, Twilight Man

Postcard 2

It certainly was sweet of you to remember me while you were there having lots and lots of fun!