After all…

In my previous post, I mentioned that I helped my friends babysit their kids for one whole morning…and honestly, it was no big deal. After all, they were very sweet, polite and well-behaved kids (though the parents would not agree with me on this) and it certainly was nice to have some life in the house for a change. But two days later, out of the blue, they appeared at my gate to give my some stuff as a gesture of appreciation.

There were a lot of fruits – apples and the rest…and this cake from here

SR cake

– Chocolate Indulgence, I think that was – Melissa’s favourite…but she did not want to eat it while she was home for the weekend and I had to finish it off. It has never been my favourite -a  bit too sweet for my liking and this time around, I thought the cake was a bit coarse/rough – kind of dry and not so very nice plus there seemed to be a bit too much cream and that kind of put me off after a while. I would go for their white chocolate macadamian or durian anytime.

When they first opened their outlet here, I bought their chicken cornish to try…

SR cc 1

…but thought that it was just all right  and that would explain why I never had it again.

Well, my friends gave me two of those and I had them heated up in the oven and served them piping hot…

SR cc 2

…and I would say they were really quite nice, after all. In fact, I would say I enjoyed them just as much or perhaps even more than the pies here or those I had overseas.

I wouldn’t say the same about their shepherd pie…

SR sp

…that I had there sometime ago though. I think I can make nicer ones and that is why I never went back for that again. But I think I might want to drop by one day to try this…

SR sp

– their black pepper lamb pie…even though I’m not a fan of black pepper sauce actually.

Actually, I’ve avoided the place for two reasons – the food isn’t all that cheap or not for the likes of me, at least…and I was pretty sore that they were charging us here RM1.00 extra for the drinks compared to their outlets in the peninsula. I wonder if this is still the case. But I may drop by once in a while as some of the stuff there isn’t too bad…and after all, we really don’t have many/any place(s) around where they serve reasonably good pies and pastries. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers… Sigh!!!