The Sacred Heart Old Students’ Association (SHOSA) and the alumni of our sister school, St Elizabeth’s Old Students’ Association (SEOSA) held their combined Annual Reunion Dinner last Saturday, 31st March, 2018 at one of the ballrooms at a leading hotel in town…

SHOSA & SEOSA Annual Reunion Dinner 2018

I was invited to the one last year, 2017, too and I did book a table myself and was there with my family and some of my ex-classmates in 2013 while in 2014, my good friend, Robert, also my ex-classmate, booked two tables and asked us to join him. I think it was in 2016 that they had this annual gathering at the school’s centenary hall and yes, I was invited but I did not feel well that day so I had to miss it…and I can’t remember what happened in 2015.

Anyway, this year, Robert booked a table again and yes, he did ask me to join them…

Robert & friends at their table
*Friend’s photo*

…but I had already accepted the invitation from the alumni.

I do enjoy this annual event as I will get to meet many of my friends including those good old friends of mine from the good ol’ days…

Group photo
*One of the girls’ photos on Facebook*

…and also many of my ex-students, some of whom I would only get to see once a year – at this much-looked-forward-to event..

This year, the theme was “Tribute”…

Theme - Tribute

…and the two former students’ associations were paying tribute to the retired teachers, 20 from my school and 10 from the girls’ school, and for reasons unknown, my photographs appeared in the local English daily as well as the Chinese one…

In the news

Each of us received this very nice-looking plaque…

In appreciation

…in appreciation of our services over the years. Actually, I was an ex-student of the school myself too – from Form 1 to Form 5.

They usually pick the date each year to coincide with the Ching Ming Festival but this year, the festival was a bit later – on the 5th, a weekday and perhaps the dinner coincided with the Good Friday/Easter weekend so probably there were some who chose to go to church for the Easter Vigil and there were not as many tables as last year.

Next year, it will be on Saturday, the 6th of April…and Ching Ming in 2019 will be a day earlier, on Friday, the 5th, (It will not coincide with Good Friday/Easter, on the 19th of April) so if anyone is planning to come back at that time for the festival and also to join the reunion dinner, it would be best to book your airline tickets AND your hotel rooms real early as Β they would all be fully-booked as the time approaches.

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9 thoughts on “Tribute…”

  1. I missed my school’s reunion dinner last year, hopefully I can attend it this year if there’s one. The plaque looks really nice! πŸ™‚

    You’re from KK, right? Ex-La Sallian, by any chance, our brother school?

  2. I never go to any of my school alumni dinner. Shame on me. St Mary school, well known school in Kuching. They have it annually but I never go to one. Maybe I should. But some one has to look after the kids, not sure they allow family members to join or not.

    Here, they do, you just have to pay but I don’t think I saw any little kids. Most in groups, everyone from the same class in their respective schools. Ask hubby jaga lor, go with your old classmates, would be nice to do that…once a year, at least.

  3. It’s really nice that you got to meet up with your ex-students and all and how lovely to receive a tribute. Nice shirt by the way. Stripes are supposed to make us look slimmer hee..hee… But it doesn’t work for me 😦

    Doesn’t work for me either – that’s why I cropped the group photo – to hide my giant watermelon! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Congrats, Arthur….πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ. You must be an outstanding teacher to receive this awards.

    No lah, they gave to all retired teachers who showed up at the dinner, those still alive. Hehehehehe!!!

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