Ali Baba…

Ali Baba…

Restoran Chef Alibaba

…is here and Aladdin…

Aladdin Cafe and Bar

…is right next door.

We did drop by the former once for the nasi biryani but we were not all that impressed and I was put off by the poor service at the time. The drinks were awful and they were served a long time after I had finished eating my order…and other than that, we felt the prices were a bit on the high side, similar to what they had at their former place which was a lot nicer and classier whereas this one is nothing more than a regular coffee shop, a 24-hour one at that.

I was out early one morning and the place I was heading to had yet to open its doors for the day so I decided to drop by here for breakfast. The kopi-o-peng kao (RM1.70)…

Alibaba kopi-o-peng

…I had wasn’t anything great but at least, it was better than that first time we were here…and yes, it was a cut above those at many of the Malay eating places in town.

I did not try the roti canai

Alibaba roti canai stall

…and whatever they had there. Perhaps I would do that some other time.

I decided to try the mee kampua sup sapi (RM5.00)…

Alibaba beef noodles sign

…from this stall…

Alibaba beef noodles stall

…thinking that I would get a plate of kampua mee kosong, dry and a bowl of beef soup but it turned out to be beef noodles soup using kampua mee instead of the usual yellow noodles…

Alibaba mee kampua sup sapi

I enjoyed the chili dip…

Alibaba chili dip

…a lot, very spicy, very nice but I did not bother with the white pepper and whatever black sauces provided.

The soup did not have any beef flavour – if it had, I could not taste it at all but that is not to say that it wasn’t nice. I thought it was pretty good, something like kampua mee soup or what we call chin th’ng mee (clear soup noodles) but of course, this being a halal place, they would not be using pork bones for the stock to make the soup.

I wouldn’t say they were very generous with the beef either…

Alibaba mee kampua sup sapi

…and I left that calamansi lime on the edge like that, untouched. The last time I squeezed that into my bakso soup, it absolutely ruined the taste so I would not want that to happen again.

I was early that morning but I have noticed that this place has its following – it seems mighty popular and is often somewhat crowded. I may or may not drop by again to try what else they may have to offer here, this much I would say at this point in time.

RESTORAN CHEF ALIBABA/SALAM ALIBABA KAFE (2.291138, 111.827302) is located at No. 4, Jalan Kampung Nyabor in the same building as Malaysia Hotel here, to the left of the hotel entrance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Ali Baba…”

  1. The name of the shop reminds me of the story…Ali Baba and the forty thieves. I don’t see it is appropriate to give calamansi lime for kampua mee soup but a must when you have laksa or fried noodles/kway teow. Squeeze the lime and it taste superb.

    It seems that they give the lime with most everything at the Malay shops. I hardly ever use it, will only squeeze it into the sambal belacan when I go for Sarawak laksa. Nice with Thai pad Thai too.

  2. Aladdin and Alibaba right next to each other? That’s quite convenient…lol

    Can hop over for drinks after dinner?

  3. Hmm. Normal and authentic mee sapi taste better than this.

    Definitely. It was nice but no, it wasn’t anything like beef noodles as we know it.

  4. with ali baba and aladdin both here, someone should open a middle eastern food stall! 🙂

    If only! I would be the first in line! So far the closest we ever got to anything mid-eastern was nasi arab cooked by a Pakistani guy but he’s nowhere to be found anymore.

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