So they say…

They say that the chicken rice here…

SARAWAKIA Cafe chicken rice stall

…is nicer than the one in town that I like very much so of course, I had to go and try.

I did see the stall when I went there once in search of the elusive KL Hokkien mee but I did not order anything from them at the time. They seemed to have a wider selection then as I did not see that many photographs at the stall this time around.

I spotted the photograph of the kueh chap at the stall next to it and it did look good so I went to order that to go with what we were having but the lady said that it would be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

The chicken rice…

SARAWAKIA Cafe chicken rice & chili dip

…was very much to my missus’ liking, very strong on the ginger and whatever but personally, I like the garlicky one with a hint of fried shallot fragrance at our regular chicken rice place more.

The chili dip was all right and so was the chicken. They were out of their steamed chicken so we just had the roast…

SARAWAKIA Cafe roast chicken

…and the fried…

SARAWAKIA Cafe fried chicken

…ones and yes, they were good. The bill for those two plates of the meat and two plates of chicken rice with their very nice complimentary soup came up to RM8.00 only, just RM4.00 each.

Well, if anyone is wondering if I did get to find the KL Hokkien mee we were looking for, to refresh your memory, yes, I did – it was at the coffee shop at the other end of the block but it did not get me rushing back for more. However, when my friend, Annie, in KL was home that day, she loved the food there and mentioned particularly their Foochow fried noodles…and she had dinner there TWICE in the few nights that she was home. Gee!!! I really must go and give it a try since she said it was good.

SARAWAKIA Cafe (2.305491, 111.850410) is located along Jalan Pahlawan 7, facing the other end of the Sibu Bus Terminal, accessible via Lorong Diong Kik that goes past the back of the Li Hua Hotel there, on your left – you turn into the lane after the block of shops where Secret Recipe is located.