Can you remember…

The acronym, SRC, brings back such lovely memories of those carefree days when we would go and dance the night away at dances at the Sibu Recreation Club. Of course it is no longer where the building was – they have demolished it a long time ago and the club has been relocated here…


…but no, I don’t think they have a ballroom anymore like the one on the upper floor of the old building.

The food court beside it has been in operation for  a long time but I never went to check it out. The back of the stalls was facing the road so one could not see what they had there. Now they have moved the stalls to the other side and they are all facing the road…

SRC Food Court

We used to drive past every Saturday evening on our way to the sunset service at the church not too far from there but we did not stop by to see what they had in store until just the other day.

Many of the stalls were still vacant but I saw that they had this (RM10.00)…

SRC Food Court or chian, Kuching style

…at this stall…

SRC Food Court Stall No. 1

…so of course, I wanted to give it a try.

This is the way they do the oyster omelette or or chian in Kuching and we used to have a really good one here but that place had since closed down.

Yes, it was very good, paper thin and really crispy – something like rempeyek or papadum but unfortunately, the oysters were barely visible to the naked eye and we could not really get to enjoy the taste. I would love to go for it again but the next time, I would ask the guy to add a lot more oysters and I would pay for the extra so that we would enjoy it a whole lot more.

The char koay kak or fried chai thow koi or white radish/carrot cake (RM5.00)…

SRC Food Court char koay kak

…was very nice too but the cake was a little on the firm and chewy side. I wouldn’t mind it a little softer, just a little.

I sure enjoyed the fried kway teow (RM5.00)…

SRC Food Court fried kway teow

…that had some tiny prawns and squid in it.

I did hear someone say that they went on a very busy night and some beer company was having a show or something so the place was so very crowded and what they ordered from this same stall turned out rather disappointing. Well, I was lucky – there weren’t a lot of people when we went there that day and what we had was very much to our satisfaction.

As I approached the stall that evening, the guy greeted me and said that I was his teacher way back in the 80’s – I taught him English and I asked him if his surname was “Lu“. I could see the gleam in his eyes as he said yes and then I asked him if his name was so and so. I did not get it exactly on the dot but it was pretty close. It was obvious that he was so very surprised that I could remember his name after all these years especially when I had had thousands of students over the years and to be honest, sometimes I do surprise myself! Amazing but true! LOL!!!

THE SIBU RECREATION CLUB (SRC) FOOD COURT (2.304611, 111.821043) is located along Jalan Perpaduan, formerly called Robin Way, on your right if you are turning in from Jalan Awang Ramli Amit at its junction, with the Red Crescent Headquarters Building to your right on the other side of the road.