Where did the time go…

Where did all the time go? In the blink of an eye, all the years have flown – the kids have grown into men and we would have grown much older ourselves while some would have gone ahead before us.

I was at my nephew’s wedding in Kuching and though it felt somewhat recent, that was 2 years ago in 2016 and I had not seen him nor his brother since then. That was why when they called me and asked me to join them for a get-together, I accepted the invitation without a second thought even though I had had my dinner already, an early one that evening.

There I was with the boys and their mum and the grandson plus the wife of one of them, a cousin of mine – the brother of their late father – and his wife, three generations altogether…

Gathering with the Ong's

…at this hotel café – every place else was full that night, the Ching Ming/Good Friday and Easter weekend. I was here a long time ago, in 2011 to be exact, after they had given the place a fresh new look but I was not very impressed by what we had so we had never come back since.

As I have said earlier, I had had my dinner already so I wanted something light and what looked kind of small in the photograph in their menu turned out to be huge, their club sandwich…

Bamboo House club sandwich

It was all right, nothing great – I had club sandwiches a whole lot nicer elsewhere.

My cousin and the nephew had this Cantonese fried kway teow

Bamboo House Cantonese fried kway teow

…and they were unhappy with the fish fillet in it – they said it had a smell like it wasn’t fresh so they left it by the side. Probably that was the frozen fish fillet we can get everywhere around town – I am never a fan of that.

They certainly were not very generous with the lamb chops…

Bamboo House lamb chop

…unlike what we would get here – I shall not compare the prices as one is just a coffee shop and yes, we do need to fork out extra when we choose to go to some place nice.

The satay, beef…

Bamboo House satay

…and chicken, were not well done enough but it sure made up for the lack of the charred fragrance by whatever they used to marinate the meat. It was bursting with flavours and I thought they were very nice and their peanut satay sauce was really good too. I sure would not mind coming back again just for this.

They did order a lot of other things but owing to the dim light at the place, the photos came out blur and anyway, we weren’t there with the sole intention of eating and leaving but more to chat and catch up with one another’s lives and enjoy the company. This, I must say, would be a great place to do that as it was not as busy as elsewhere, and not as noisy as many places as well…and like what my cousin said the two hours plus went by so quickly that it felt like 10 minutes!

Thank you, Nicholas and Edgar, for including me in the gathering – I sure had a delightful time and I sure am looking forward to the next time we can get together like this again.

BAMBOO HOUSE is located at the ground floor of the Premier Hotel (2.288946, 111.830218)…

Premier Hotel Sibu

…right beside the lobby, at The Sarawak House along Jalan Kampung Nyabor.