Where the boys are…

I did my secondary school education in Sacred Heart Secondary Boys’ School here in Sibu up till Form 5 – many of my friends came from Sacred Heart English Primary or Sacred Heart Chinese but I was from St Mary’s, a co-ed primary school quite near my house then along Race Course Road (now Jalan Awang Ramli Amit). The girls would go to the sister-school, St Elizabeth’s Girls’ School after Primary 6 and many of the rest in that school would have come from St Rita’s Primary School, an all-girl school as well. In other words, there were/are no girls in my school until Form 6 when those who qualified/qualify would come over from St E and elsewhere. That explains why there were girls at our reunion in my previous two posts – those from Form 6, 1971.

Unfortunately, when we were organising the get-together, there was hardly any response from the ladies so we had to arrange a meeting with a few of them. They were not very happy with the date chosen as it was a public holiday/long weekend and it was also during the school holidays so most of them would be going away at the time. On the other hand, we were thinking that it was the weekend before Ching Ming so it would be a good opportunity for those living far away to come back to visit their ancestral tombs – thus killing two birds with one stone…or three, in fact, as they would also be able to attend the alumni’s annual reunion dinner that Saturday night.

Well, since that was how they felt, we just let it be and went ahead with our plans – with or without the girls…but we did manage to get together for breakfast a few mornings later after that very eventful and enjoyable weekend. Most of those from overseas and out of town had left by then and gone home – only two were still around but the girls came out in full force that morning or at least, there were more than the handful we had at our reunion gathering…

BF @ Chopsticks

I do not know whose idea it was to meet at Chopsticks – normally I would go there for their very nice chicken rice and I had never tried any of the other things available from the stalls there.

I guess it did not matter much as they were quite happy, especially those home from abroad…

Happy Ben

…as long as they could have a plate of kampua noodles to enjoy.

There was the kampua – pak (kampua…white)…

Kampua white

…the kampua pain nik (kampua with dumplings)…

Piansip mee

…and the kampua pian nik puak lak (kampua with dumplings tossed in chili sauce)…

Piansip mee with chili

I also ordered the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee for everyone to try…

Sio bee

…but I would say that the ones there were not that great – I wouldn’t think I would want to order them again.

Somebody had the kueh chap

Kueh chap

…and it certainly looked pretty good and unfortunately, I did not manage to snap a good shot of the lor mee that somebody else had.

I ordered the bak kut teh noodles (RM5.50) for myself…

BKT noodles

…and all I can say is that it was good enough, nothing to shout about and definitely not something that I would be rushing back for more – it was just all right. I think what I had here was a lot nicer despite the fact that there was very little meat in it and I had to wait a mighty long time for it to be served.

We were there that morning for a very very long time – some 2-3 hours. There was so much to catch up, so much to talk about…and soon it was time to call it a day and go our separate ways. All the best to everybody, thank you to all who came – it certainly was great and a whole lot of fun getting together again this way and we hope to meet again…sometime in 2015.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Where the boys are…”

  1. pian nik ke, puak lak ke, aku tak pedulee… gimme my kampua kosong mai eng nik, extra spring onion pls…

    Didn’t I give you one whole bag of the dried ones (and a bag of Sibu Foochow mee sua)? All habis liao kah? Wait lah… If Vincent Tan is kind to me again, I will go over and for sure, I will bring lots more for you… πŸ˜‰

    1. must in in Sibu, baru nice…

      Come on over lah…nak tunggu apa lagi. What for go Penang – overrated, sombong, dirty etc…etc…etc…

  2. it’s always great to catch up with old acquaintances! and over GREAT FOOD too!

    haih make myself hungry tim 😦

    It certainly is. What is life without friends to share all the joy and laughter…

  3. It looks like you all had a great time, my daughter would be in heaven seeing the noodles. She loves those. I make homemade noodles when I have time, but I normally just purchase store-bought noodles to use in whatever meal I’m preparing.

    You do? You make your own? Ooooo….amazing! I’m impressed. The trouble here is we get it so easily so we never bother to learn – just go out and buy. It was so cheap, though not really so now, and so easily available. But I wish I had learnt how to make and then I could go anywhere and make my own – we have the dried ones, probably factory made…but they’re not so nice and some countries are very strict about bringing food in. 😦

  4. oooh, this makes me wonder what dishes i’d like to have if i ever join a class reunion in malacca. hmmm, probably the sticky-salty, cockle-loaded malaccan char kuey teow that i really love! πŸ˜€

    Is that the same as the Penang version? We try to arrange to have the things that people can’t get elsewhere in the country and definitely not abroad…specially for those who come home from afar. No point, for instance, taking them for an American or English breakfast – they get much better ones where they are!

  5. I see there are a few versions of the kampua. All looks good to me! The bak kut teh noodles look good too. I suppose we can cook this at home using those ready packed bak kut teh spices and then add noodles.

    Yup, one and the same thing but I love this other place here where they use what they call the emperor (huang ti) noodles. They even have them in packets – those bak kut teh instant noodles – A1 brand. https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/have-you-seen-it/

  6. Why you torture me? All my favourite. Love them all. Gain weight just by looking at the pix. Besides the food, best part would be the great catch up with one another. Have a great weekend with daddy’s girl.

    Thanks, and you too – have a great weekend. Your favourite? Got lah…Kuching also have – go, go and buang gian. LOL!!!

  7. Nice also lah, to at least meeting each other (including the girls) even after the alumni gathering.

    Yes, but too bad not all who cane so far from abroad…and also from the other towns here are still around. Some have gone back. Not often can we get a chance to meet and get together like this.

  8. Wah you guys really have a nice day. After reunion dinner you guys still meet up again… AFter this, everyone will go back to their own space again. Cherish the moment Arthur.

    Yes, and we’ll get together again in two years’ time…hopefully.

  9. I think the kuey chap must be heavenly good cause it looks so presentable!

    I was from a girls school too, hehe.

    It most certainly does. Will drop by to try that sometime…

  10. Different types of kampua… I think I will like the one with dumplings πŸ™‚
    Reunions are always fun… catching up news on everyone, reminisce on old times…

    Yes, good to always stay in touch. Sad that through the years, people live their own lives and drift apart…eventually all forgotten.

  11. Hey… everyone looks so happy. So nice to see that! πŸ˜€

    That’s what life is all about – having loved ones and friends all around and being happy.

  12. Hi Arthur! Keep the tradition going…. You have a lovely weekend!

    Sure will, something to look forward to. You too, have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  13. The kueh chap seriously looks good! The Foo chow’s dialect sounds so cute.. Is it foochow?

    Yes, it’s Foochow all right. Wks has mastered a few more words – mai eng nik = don’t want put meat. πŸ˜‰

  14. having a lot of reunions lalely huh, well i think once you had it
    it was irresistible to ask fir more, one night won’t be enough to catch up with each other after all

  15. well i think bak kut teh noodles was a great thing to have
    nice choice suituapui

    It was nice. You have it there too? I hear it is a Malaysian Chinese thing – can’t get it in China.

  16. Eh, “…where the boys are…”?? Looking at the photo, you certainly know “…where the girls are…”!! Hahahaa!!

    We certainly knew…those days when we were still in school – right next door, in our sister-school.

  17. It’s hard to please everyone…

    The dumplings makes me drooling, kaka…

    I guess so. Best to just go ahead and do what one thinks is best, too bad if the others don’t quite agree. Try and please each and everyone, in the end, pleasing nobody…and the whole thing ends up a disaster.

    1. If u want to please everyone and come up with a date everyone agrees, think have to wait very long for the date to come…

      Yes, very very true. One of us did say that we just fixed the date…and let the rest decide whether they wanted to come or not or the story would never end and that was what we did.

  18. Chopstick, still at the same old place near HSBC? Last time very famous. Ah!! The kampua look so good!! Slurp slurp slurp.

    No, the chap fan couple moved to this place near Soon Hock – selling chicken rice but they still use their original name. The beef noodles/kampua lady is at the shop behind Kidney Foundation – sold out by 10.00 a.m. very crowded after 8, still very popular.

  19. yum yum yum…me want the ones with meat

    Then order all with meat and wks can give you the meat from his plate…

  20. Until now, I only get to organize one anniversary dinner with my ex-school mates, and it was after 10 years since we graduated. haha…The kampua and kueh chap looks good. The food always get better with good company.

  21. I go for their chu cha at night – the kung pow deer is quite good. πŸ™‚

    There’s a pizza place beside it too, or used to be, run by the same owners. Flat pizza base.

    The pizza place has closed down long ago…and I noticed that the chu char place is not longer there too, I’m afraid.

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