High society…

Nope, I’m afraid I do not belong anywhere up there in high society among the rich and famous – I am just a simple man living a simple life…and nope, I would not say I am poor either – I do have enough to get by and put food on the table, pay the bills and still have some left over to save for a rainy day.

Nope, you would not see me going for overseas holidays – I cannot imagine going all the way for a week or two and spending so much money in a country full of strangers. Of course, it’s not the same if I were to go some place to visit some much-loved friends and dear ones…and nope, you will not see me staying in posh hotels and going for fine dining – unless there is a really valid reason – a special birthday or an anniversary to celebrate, perhaps.

And nope, you would not see me buying this…


…to eat. I’ve heard of foie gras, of course and I know exactly what it is – I’ve seen bloggers blogging about eating that at fancy restaurants or even cooking something with it…but at RM60.oo (NZ$24.00) for one small tin, I think I can jolly well live without it. Gosh! With all that French on the cans, I was not even sure what I would find inside. Was it pâté or something else, I wouldn’t really know!

Well, when I was in Auckland, New Zealand, I had some liver pâté with crackers at my friend’s house…and I said that I simply loved it but unfortunately, I couldn’t buy any here in Sibu (or maybe I can but I do not know about it) and I would have to buy a tin home from Kuching (Ting & Ting) or elsewhere to eat…and before I knew it, my friend had gone and bought these two cans from some supermarket where we had stopped by on one of our outings and insisted that I took them home to savour and enjoy…and it was no ordinary liver pâté, no, it wasn’t – it was foie gras no less!!!

Well, they had been in the pantry all this while and with the things that my missus had bought in the meantime and shoved inside, they were pushed all the way to the back and I had actually forgotten about them. Somehow or other, it happened to cross my mind that day and I quickly went to look for them to check. Phew!!!!! The expiry date for one is at the end of this year and sometime next year for the other one.

I opened the smaller (round) can as it would expire sooner and poured the contents out…


Hmmmm….it certainly smelled good! It was not as dry as the pâté that I used to buy – as a matter of fact, it was kind of oily but I think I read somewhere that they purposely fattened the goose to get the liver into this very much desired state.

I spread a bit on some Osborne crackers and put some Parmesan cheese on top…


…and had that for tea that afternoon. The cheese was also from my friend all the way in New Zealand – she insisted that it would not have the very pungent smell of the Parmesan that we get here (and hence, I am not really a fan of it) and true enough, theirs was very nice.

I tried one…and boy!!! It was so very good…and I had another and another and another.Yum! Yum! Yum!


I know! I know! I should have spread the foie gras more evenly and nicely and grated the cheese to sprinkle on top…so that it would look more presentable but never mind! I wasn’t having any quests in the house and I was the only one eating it, so who cares! Hehehehehehe!!!! If I were to serve that as finger foods at a party or something, I certainly would put in a lot more effort to ensure that it would look much nicer than this.

Yes, it was very nice…and yes, I think I will save the other can and serve it this way as hors d’œuvres should I happen to be hosting a dinner gathering at my place anytime in the future. Coming, anyone? Hehehehehehe!!!