Do it again…

My friend, Huai Bin, is back in town for the Chinese New Year festivities and is still in town at this point in time. We went out for dinner once – his treat as he got lucky at lottery…so when he wanted to go out for dinner again the other night, I jumped at the chance to reciprocate. We wanted to drop by here on that previous occasion but it was closed – I guess it is closed on Mondays…so there we were – the very first time for Huai Bin while I have been here a few times before…

@ Cafe Ind, Sibu

I loved the Chinese New Year decorations – the lanterns in the birdcages…though we thought it could do without some of the lights as it made the place look more like a club than a cafe.

Huai Bin ordered the Indian ginger tea…


…while I stuck faithfully to my usual glass of iced water.

Of course, we had to go through the ritual first before starting to dig in into what we had ordered…

Huai Bin

I ordered the nasi pecel (RM14.00) from the Indonesian menu…


…which included some banana leaf-wrapped rice , a few lemon grass chicken skewers, kangkong (water spinach) and taugeh (bean sprouts) and so on with satay peanut gravy a la gado-gado, half a stewed egg and tempeh and a piece of peyek.

Huai Bin had the nice nasi tumpeng (RM15.00), also from the Indonesian menu…


…that my missus had the last time we were here. He loved the otak-otak in banana leaf and the beef as well as the chicken which came across like something between rendang and kurma.

To go with our individual orders, we also had this butter curry chicken (RM14.00) from the Indian menu…

Butter curry

It was very nice and went well with the rice that we were having.

With Huai Bin

We had a delightful dinner and a great time chatting about all things under the sun but when it was about time to pick up the tab and leave, Huai Bin beat me to it. Now, now! It was supposed to be my turn! Anyway, not one to make a fuss, I just let him settle the bill and then I took him here for dessert

He loved the Mulu ice cream and also the Kahlua ice cream that we had a couple of nights ago and I ordered this Blue Curacao to try…

Blue Curacao

It was nice, a bit on the sour side…and personally, I think I would just stick to the Kahlua – I prefer that one a lot more.

Well, thanks a lot for dinner and your company, Huai Bin. It always is a pleasure and hopefully, we can do it again…one last time before you leave town?

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37 thoughts on “Do it again…”

  1. That’s a strange color on the ice cream!

    That’s the Blue Curacao. Never heard of it before? Well, the name says it all – it’s supposed to be blue. Why strange?

  2. hoa hoa… i thot i read ‘CAMWHORE’ on your tshirt… hahaha… nice food u have there… makes me wanna go off to Jkt and have my makan there… if u like KahLua, will get u a bottle… it is nice!

    Lucky you. Can go over to eat the original, authentic Indon food all the time. I guess this one’s as authentic as it can get. They have an Indon chef as well as an Indian one, North Indian…so not that spicy. A bottle of Kahlua? Ummm…no, thanks. I don’t usually drink but it IS very nice with ice cream. Btw, happy birthday! Where’s the party? 😉

  3. It was an awesome dinner! Always good to have the pleasure of your company buddy! 🙂

    Thanks for dessert! I finally get to eat the Mulu ice cream (very good), and Kahlua ice cream (also good).

    See you later tonight mate!

    P/S – Very nifty follow widget!

    The feeling’s mutual, chum. Ya, looking forward to tonight. 😉 Ummm…what widget?

    1. The +Follow widget at the bottom right of the screen. I just noticed it! 🙂

      See ya tonight!

      Oh, that one! I guess one would not see it unless he or she scrolls right down to the bottom. There’s a cute little smiley in the left corner… LOL!!!

  4. Congrats to huai bin with the lottery..awesome start of this new year. These dishes are all interesting looking. Not to mention those cute indonesian names. I’m taking note in my 555 to visit this when given the opportunity.

    Awwww…no need to note in your 555, just let me know when you’ll be coming and I’ll take it from here. Would love to take you to the best in town, no worries at all! 😉

  5. C’est excellent!

    I would like to visit this place when I visit you next time! Arthur, pls take note… 😛

    Sure! Sure! just let me know the date when you’ll be here. But honestly, I am sure you can get Indon or Indian eateries in Singapore that are just as nice…or even better.

  6. The Indon food is very well presented. They even wrap up the rice in banana leaf, nice! We have a cafe called Waterlily in PJ that serves Indon food. I love it a lot. That Blue Curacao, what kind of flavour is that? Vanilla and some blue liquor?

    Yup! I think it’s one of those cocktail drinks (for ladies?) that’s a bit sourish in taste and I’m not into sour stuff. That’s why I would very much prefer the Kahlua. Hmmm…never been to any Indon place in the peninsula – would love to give it a try.

  7. Nice Indonesian dishes. And what an unusual colour on the ice cream.

    Gets the colour from the liqueur used and the name says it all. I think there are drinks of this colour at some cafes and they call it Blue Lagoon or Blue Hawaii…or Blue whatever.

  8. Wow, so nice, Cai Sen Yeh has visited Huai Bin. A very nice & awesome dinner with great company. As always, food looks great. Like the coaster and the Blue Curacao with its unique colour.

    Ya…all nice indeed! I’ve seen the coaster somewhere, can’t remember where now – maybe at Supersave. Nice, and if it’s from there, I think it should be very cheap.

    1. Yes, you are right. Can get the coaster from Supersave & super cheap too.

      That’s what I thought – pretty sure I saw it there. Those places using those wooden tables should use coasters – cant’t stand those wet rings that the glass would leave behind.

  9. First time see the Blue Curacao ice cream…

    First time trying too but I did not really like it – Kahlua’s a lot nicer.

  10. The butter curry chicken looks yummy. Blue curacao ice cream is a new thing for me too. The color of the ice cream looks nice though. This restaurant seems to have a few types of liquor ice cream that is quite nice.

    Only two types with liqueur. Many other new types, yet to try…which is good, instead of having the same all the time.

  11. The portion of the dishes are way too big for me..I ll need 3 persons to share it with.

    Ooo..the blue ice cream. Ok, me not into sour stuff too especially if it’s ice cream. Ice cream is meant to be sweet to me la..

    No wonder you are skin and bone – eat so little. Ya…can skip this one then – not for you. Try the Kahlua, it’s nice.

  12. Why didn’t you tell me that you like kahlua? I have a few bottles in my pantry and no one is drinking it as we prefer bailey’s. Curaçao is actually a colour less liqueur made from orange peels which is then coloured red, green, orange and blue ( the most common colour ). I have it too.. Hehehe ( drunkards ! ).
    Love the Indon food presentation.. look so classy and membuka selera.

    I bought a few bottles of Bailey’s from duty-free last time…but all gone now. Guess who drank it – not me! Hehehehehe!!!! I don’t usually go for such stuff but it is really very nice with the ice cream. Yum! Yum! You can try… 😉

  13. the nasi pecel looks very interesting and the portion is huge too, sure very satisfying for me, haha!! BTW, the word pecel comes from the word “parcel” in English?? cos they wrap the rice like a parcel…

    I see! But the pronunciation is quite different from parcel though…

  14. Hahaha! Ritual of snap photo b4 makan! I’ll like my rice banjir with that curry 😉

    Things that people do today – if not with a camera then with their smartphones or ipads. That was exactly what I did with the curry gravy…

  15. wah! Now you got two “god-sons” to keep you company, one is Huai Bin & the other is Ivan!

    This is the place that i went? Forgot what is the name. Is the food still good? My mum said not so already or they cannot maintain their food standard? Sometime good sometime no? I don’t mind to go there again for my favourite indian food. Yum yum!

    Two? Some more… Hehehehehe!!!!

    Cafe Ind’s the name. They have a disclaimer on the menu saying that the quality may vary according to the availability of the ingredients and the mood of the chef. Thankfully, the food was pretty good that night, no complaint.

  16. Thought your ritual before food is saying grace haha. Nice yummy Indonesian food & ice cream. The lemon grass chicken skewers are unique.

    Yes, I would say, “Grace!” and that’s it. 😀 They have those skewers at another place here but I don’t usually go there – not my favourite in town. Too dark to take nice photos.

  17. Both nasi and that curry look wickedly delicious 🙂 yuuummms!

    You’ll have your fair share of those when you come back to Malaysia… 😉

  18. The ice cream does look pretty though… though I am not much of a Curacao fan in general.

    Me neither. I’ll take the Kahlua anytime…

  19. nasi tumpeng! nice. that’s something i try to order when i see it on the menu, sometimes at shopping mall outlets like in mid valley. and ya, i think i’d stick to kahlua ice cream too, since i’m not a fan of blue curacao even in cocktails 😀

    Good choice! Kahlua’s definitely better. They have nasi tumpeng – never saw…or maybe, I never took notice. This one here is pretty good.

  20. I had the lemon grass chicken skewers once at an Indonesian restaurant here in KL and it tasted so good! Yours looked good too and I bet it tasted as good.

    Sure it was. Very nice. 🙂

  21. What a loving couple! Awwww~~~~

    p/s: I really like that IndoIndia place. Will probably go there next weekend. Maybe I’ll bring my girlfriend.

    Perfect match, eh? LOL!!! 😉 …and you leave her outside…to wait while you go in to eat? So kesian, your girlfriend, poor thing. Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  22. our terms and names has a lot of similarities huh
    but anyway as I always say each dish seems great to me

    I would think Indonesian and Malay are very similar…and not quite so when it comes to Tagalog even though there are words that are almost the same.

  23. that ice cream is kinda weird looking yet
    i think it was quite interesting but tho i still prefer
    to have classic flavors

    The liqueur brings the ice cream to a whole new level. Classics, my favourite would be rum and raisin…so that has the taste of rum as well though I would not know whether it’s the artificial flavouring or the real thing. Liqueur doesn’t come cheap… Btw, are you old enough to drink?

  24. Everything look so scrumptious. The ice cream color looks nice and very refreshing. When I got nothing better to do, I will try to churn this ice cream with my own concoction. LOL

    Have a nice day.

    Good luck! But the Kahlua makes up for taste what it lacks in colour – a lot nicer.

  25. haha… and I’ve just read about this place from Huai Bin’s blog! Nice photo of you both!

    Ya, I like it too…otherwise I would have deleted it. Hehehehehehe!!!!! 😉

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