Just for you…

I cooked this dish of tempuyak (fermented durian) prawns for my Chinese New Year open house

Tempuyak prawns 1

…and it certainly seemed to be very well received.

Tempuyak prawns 2

Either they were really very nice or everyone was particularly very hungry for this, along with the rest of the dishes that I had cooked, were gone in no time at all.

Well, the other day, I did manage to get some more of those freshwater prawns aka tua thow hay (big headed prawns) or in Malay, udang galah and I decided to cook some for my mother…

Tempuyak prawns 3

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap photographs of the ingredients and the cooking procedure step by step. Anyway, all you need are a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste), around 1 cm3 of it, one chili, seeds removed, and one stalk of serai (lemon grass), bruised at the end. Boil these ingredients in a bit of water till the belacan has dissolved and you can smell the fragrance before adding in a spoonful of tempuyak. Stir well before adding in the prawns…

Tempuyak prawns 4

I only cooked 6 prawns as they were solely for my mother so if you wish to cook more, you would need to adjust the amount of the ingredients used accordingly. There is no need to add any salt as the tempuyak would be salty enough and if your tempuyak is a bit too sour, you can add a bit of sugar to counter that.

Simmer for a while to allow the sweetness of the prawns to come out and get into the soup.

So, there you have it – another one of  my hassle-free easy-to-cook kampung-style dish that you can try! Good luck!