Growing old…

It was two or three days before Chinese New Year’s Eve when I went and bought a brand new carpet…

New carpet 1

I liked one that was of the best quality and cost over RM1K but my daughter said this one was nicer and it was of the second best quality and cost over RM600…

New carpet 2

This is thicker and heavier than the ones I bought long ago – I think I paid over RM200 each only then but like the owner, one in particular is showing signs of ageing.

Old carpets

They did not deliver it to my house but they did carry it and put it into my Wira for me so when I got home, I had to carry it out myself.

I must have pulled a tendon or something as the very next day, I felt an acute pain on my shoulder. Unfortunately, as they always say, the show must go on as there were the cleaning and the mopping and the vacuuming to be done, the hanging up of the decorations and everything and somehow or other, the pain disappeared for a day or two…and it was only until the 2nd or 3rd day of Chinese New Year that I felt the pain on my left shoulder, elbow and wrist. I just rubbed those parts with some balm to relieve the pain and one night, when I was out for dinner with Huai Bin, I asked him to accompany me to see a Chinese sinseh.

The guy said that my veins got entangled (the direct translation of some sort) and he pressed my arm and shoulder here and there and pulled and stretched and asked me to return the next day…which I did. He did the same thing and told me not to go anymore as I was all right already. All right? I certainly was not all right yet as I could still feel the nagging pain.

Eventually, I tried acupuncture…


The funny thing about this traditional form of healing is that when you are in pain, it does not hurt one bit when you are being poked with the needles…but as you get better, it would get more and more painful. That certainly worked for after a few days, I was all right already but I was instructed not to eat prawns, crabs and the like, no belacan, no cincaluk…for a month. Good grief! That’s cold turkey!!!!

I’m not even sure whether it was the carpet that was the root cause or whether it was the result of spending too much time online – I had the same problem on my right elbow a year or two ago but it was not so bad and the pain just disappeared after a while. I remember telling somebody that whenever I went online, I had the fan on my right hand side blasting at me at full speed and she said, “Turn it off! You’re not a satay!!!” Whatever it is, there can be no denying that I AM growing all, no spring chicken, that’s for sure…and definitely not what I used to be anymore. Like it or not, that’s life… Sigh!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “Growing old…”

  1. ouch! i have a phobia toward needles, so i can’t look at that photo very long 😀 sorry to hear about pain, and i hope that there are no lasting effects and that you’ll feel like a spring chicken a bit more this year, somehow, ya…

    It helps. Not much pain anymore but there is still some kind of discomfort, does not feel like really really ok…so I am continuing the treatment. Hopefully, will be as good as new soon…

  2. Go to an orthopaedic… If not grab yourself some Arcoxia 120mg once a day when necessary and probably use some Voltaren gel to apply tropically without rubbing…. Most important thing, have some rest… and don’t EAT that much… hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa the last part is partially true……..

    You’re a pharmacist, by any chance. Yes, yes…must not eat that much but actually, I do not eat very much – just have to watch what I eat, I guess…rather than the amount. More or less, ok now. Hope it will be as normal as possible soon. But like old cars, after repair…still problems may recur… 😦

  3. So no more *DOSP* Dirty Old Spring Chicken but now DOM? haha Where got old lah bro?

    Not old? Over 60 lor… Praise the Lord I’m generally ok and pray that it stays that way.

  4. Fan full blast is OK as long as it’s swinging. Me got one swinging fan in my SOHO on my left to cool myself & the computer & a ceiling fan as well for double cool.

    Nope, not swinging…full blast. LOL!!! 😀 Wah! Your computer also needs a fan? You’re online so long kah?

  5. Next time, you should instruct your future son in law to do all the works…muaahhahahha

    Where? Where? Any prospective son-in-law? Come, come…send him my way, quick!!!

    1. I didn’t see the acupuncture bit!

      That looks interesting! I’ve seen my dad do it before though.

      Hope all is well now buddy!

      Better…but still a bit of a problem when I get up in the morning. Needs time, I guess to fully recover.

      1. Erm, accidentally replied to Yee Ling.

        No problem. My blog is something like a chatroom – everybody can talk to everybody. Sometimes, when it is a matter of general interest, the discussion can be very long! 😀

  6. Go to an orthopaedic….. or go grab Arcoxia 120mg once a day when necessary, can also use Voltaren gel to apply topically using light massage. Most important have plenty of rest and do not EAT that much…. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s partially true thou…..

    Yup! Got you the 1st time – different email address, held back for moderation. Never mind. The more the merrier… 😉

  7. Nice new carpet! The old one looks great too. Forget old, think young. Have you ever wondered. People ask how old is the new born child. Imagine, the baby has not lived a day! and we ask how old? No wonder he grows old soon. Haha. I am always in favour of asking ‘how young are you?’ We should all start to accept that and not feel that we are being made fun of. Get young! One day young…20 years young…40 years young…60 years young…80 years young…Doesn’t it feel better already? And ‘old’ sores won’t feel so old and painful anymore. In fact, they will begin to disappear. The best free balm. Seriously! Try it.

    Yes, you are as old/young as you think…and age is just a number. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of truth in the fact that at times, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. But true, live positive, think positive…and the world will certainly seem to be much better place top live in. Cheers to that!

  8. Hee, I love that, “Turn it off! You’re not a satay!!! 🙂
    Hope you continue to be pain free.

    I am good now. The acupuncturist said I would not need to go anymore starting today…but if the problem comes back, then I may have to go through it again. Fingers crossed, things will get better from here…

  9. I know a thing or two about aches and pains! Whenever I over exert myself in the garden (carrying pots or digging) I will get backache. The worst backache lasted 3 whole weeks. Goodness, that needle looks painful! Hope you get better soon 🙂

    No pain at all…but as it gets better, there would be a bit – pin pricks, not really painful.

  10. I have pain every now and then. Even now, I have a little pain on my left arm, esp, the shoulder. It is the nerves that has been pinched. A few years ago, the pain on the shoulder was so bad that the pain became unbearable when a car air con or fan blew on it. I went for faith healing, and I was healed by Jesus on the spot! Amen to that!
    Now, it is a reminder by God that I am still alive by sending some pain to me and also to remind me that “we” are getting old! Ok ok… it is due to too much holding that “bad mouse” due to too much photo editing work. Now, I got a new mouse and I am getting better.
    I am using “green grass cream” 太极青草膏 which is quite a powerful deep heat rub. Go to Chinese medicine shop and ask them.
    It is indeed true that we must not let wind blow on us all the time. If you want it, wear something over your body. When sleeping, make sure that you wear a pajamas.

    I have the green cream…and also the yellow one (three legs) to apply for the soothingly warm sensation when it gets too uncomfortable. Looks like our problems are similar and yes, faith moves mountains but God helps those who help themselves. So while praying that God may be merciful, we will still have to find remedies to our ailments…and hope that all will be well soon enough. I always give thanks and accept sufferings – physically or whatever, in God’s name as penance for my sins and pray for His forgiveness. His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  11. “You are not Satay!” I think it is because with the weather hot… and you are getting fan-ed… eventually that is like cooking yourself on the grill :P.

    Carpets, was never a fan of carpets… (just lazy to clean it haha!) definitely lovely though… I am always in awe with the designs and the touch of it hmmm…

    I hope your shoulder feels better. Don’t give in to those temptations… for the sake of the shoulder :).

    No worries! I’ve very good self control…like how I’ve given up beer completely after a couple of gout attacks. Would never touch the stuff ever again…and no fizzy drinks either – will end up with a bad cough after a glass. I think carpets give a place character…but of course, it depends on the choices and the matching. Can send to the laundry shop here – they do carpets, curtains, everything…

  12. It could be true that holding on that mouse for too long or the blasting. Once in awhile I do experience minor pain at my shoulder and as what they called “frozen shoulders” but after a few days it will disappear. I do have fan blasting directly on me while online. Hope everything will be fine once and for always after the acupuncture. Have a great weekend.

    It’s much better now. Should be fine after a while, I’m pretty sure, thanks. You too, enjoy your weekend.

  13. Hope it gets better soon, STP.

    Maybe do a little bit of hand stretching or exercise once in a while if the problems happens again?

    Thanks. Ya, I do that when I wake up in the morning now – feels very stiff and weak so I would lift up my arms, stretch as far as possible up the wall or into the air, to the back of my body and to the front….and after a while, I would feel a lot better. They say poor blood circulation especially when I sleep on on side and all the weight of my body on that one arm does not help one bit. 😦

  14. this is what you told me the other day. Get well soon and hope we can go jalan jalan cari makan when I go back again end of this month.

    Yup! Pray that I will be ok by then. It’s ok really since you do not eat belacan…and I can let you enjoy all the prawns. LOL!!! 😀

  15. Definately ‘online too long’!!!.. Lol 🙂 Hope you are feeling better now. Hate needles and can’t stand any pain, no acupuncture for me, thank you. I think before the needle can cucuk me, I’ve already give the acupuncturist a flying kick. I’m ganas like that 🙂

    Hah!!! It’s not painful lah… I think normal injections hurt a lot more…or foot reflexology!

  16. Oh Acupuncture, never try that, a bit skeptical to try also… hehe :p

    Tried once when my girl was small but when ok already, it was so painful…and so I have avoided it all this while till now… So far so good – much better now.

  17. Nice carpet..but i like your living room. It looks very comfy. Do take a good rest. I’m sure you will be better in no time.

    Thanks for your compliment. Small simple house…and very old-school but at least, I’ve a home I can call my own. 🙂 Yup, getting better…

  18. Sorry to hear about it, suituapui. I’m sure by taking some time out from being online and taking a lot of rest, you’ll have a speedy recovery. =)

    Just be careful the next time around. My Mom has been implanting in my mind that the older we get, the more careful we have to be with our bones and tendons.

    Yes, ladies especially… Injuries while young must not be neglected – seek treatment…as when one grows old, they will all come back and make life real miserable. Yup, recovering…not so bas anymore. Give it a little more time and I’ll be ok…hopefully.

  19. aiyoyo…get well soon! I did try acupuncture after my ATV crash. Went for about 4 months (twice a week) and saw zero improvements. Things only improved when I picked up kickboxing!

    Get well soon! Dont be a super hero and try to carry heavy things!

    Gosh! I don’t think I can go into kickboxing too… 😦 It works on stroke victims, I hear…but it is a very slow and long process. Thanks, will not over-exert anymore, that’s for sure.

  20. we were renovating our house at the moment
    and i guess having a carpet like that could be a great
    thing to have on our living room

    I only put them out on special occasions – our climate, so hot, so humid and dusty…not so suitable for carpets unless house is fully air-conditioned.

  21. haha i think i need to try that too,
    tho im quite scared it reminds me of that paticular scene
    i saw on final destination 5 haha

    Hah!!! Don’t watch too many horror movies!

  22. It gave me shivers to see the photo of the needle stucked in your hands….. hope you feel better these days…

    Getting better – hopefully will be as good as new soon.

  23. You only put the carpets out ony for special occasions? Then you’ve to move the heavy dining table, chairs, and all that. Take it easy, Arthur. I’ve learned to do that recently. Now I spring clean the house, esp. for CNY. 1 room a day and rest in the afternoon. My spring cleaning timetable starts about a month before CNY. We’re no more spring chicken.

    Ya! The acupuncturist was shocked to hear that even in my condition, I went about putting everything away. LOL!!! 😀 Old people like that one lah…very stubborn, very impatient…could not wait till better. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  24. Ouch! Please get well soon! Next time have to be more careful as you aren’t getting any younger.. not to say you’re old, but just have to be more careful.

    Thanks. Sure, have to go slow now. 😦

  25. Nice carpet. Would like to have one in my living room but three fellows in my family have nose allergy… So better not.
    Glad to know you’re getting we’ll after the acupuncture treatment. So now just have to avoid all those yummy crabs, prawns & belacan for some time! Hehe..
    I ‘ve been advised to try acupuncture but am afraid at those needles.. I have very, very strained (hard) muscles at my shoulders & neck that causes me headache very often. I’ve tried “tuina”, a traditional Chinese massage but the result has been slow.. 😦
    Anyway, you get well soon… Not too long online, lah!

    Cannot eat for a month, imagine that! Torture! Ya…must not go online too often and for too long. I’d rather go for a massage than an acupuncture – so relaxing, nice! 😉

  26. I like your carpet design! It matches the table cloth and seats. I have one big rug with threads over 2 inches long, making it look like a garden plot. My wife screams as she says it collects dust easily so I had to roll them up! How sad!

    Oooo…must be so soft so nice. Just vacuum everyday, not a problem what. You rich man, your house must be fully-air-conditioned, doors and windows never open – even better. Minimal problam with dust.

  27. alamak…you also kena simialr to Claire ah…?

    if not mistaken…on top of those food, those sour and pedas ones also cannot eat .

    Anyway,,,hope you recover soon. Try drink ginger tea. heard it’s good

    Sour? Pedas? Oh dear…nothing left to eat lor… Hmmm…Claire? Sama-sama lah…old already. LOL!!! 😀

  28. your house is BEAUTIFUL! I love carpet but how do spot or clean if there is any stain from the food that falls from dining table?

    So far so good…just a drink stain on one of them – just wiped clean – not all gone but not really obvious. I think there are carpet cleaners/detergents – you just spray and wipe away but I did not use that. I hear the laundry shops here do carpets too but I’ve never sent mine so far.

  29. Whoa! The needle just reminds me of the needles I saw when I was in the hospital for dengue. Not similar but, the pain… duh.

    I plan to do this too, but not sure when.

    These are very fine needles. If you wanna go for it, best to get your own set and use your own everytime. Most places, they use the same ones for everybody…and you know the risks in doing that. Not good at all.

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