With a little bit o’ luck…

Huai Bin, who’s currently back in town

Huai Bin

…had a little bit o’luck and had a small windfall recently and he insisted on taking me out and treating me to dinner…

Huai Bin & I

Initially, I wanted to take him here to try their fare but for some reason or other, it was closed so we ended up at this favourite place of mine

CNY decor @ Payung 1

As you can see, the Chinese New Year decorations are up…

CNY decor @ Payung 2

…to add a bit more colour to the place.

For drinks, Huai Bin had the durian shake (with a special request for extra durian cream) while I tried their bumbung soda – roselle, pineapple, lemon and cucumber plus soda…


Unfortunately, it was way too sour for my liking.

I can’t remember whether I had had their Bangladeshi curry lamb before…

Bangla lamb

…and I ordered that. I thought it was pretty good, the dry curry and went absolutely well with the rice.

Huai Bin wanted to try the asam chicken…

asam chicken

…which I had twice before and quite enjoyed.

We also shared their special otak-otak


…and the garlic bread with its chicken gravy dip…


I do recall grumbling that the servings seemed to be shrinking in size of late but that night, everything was a lot more substantial than usual! I wonder if they had read what I wrote and made it a point to be more generous should I happen to drop by again. Hehehehehehe!!!!

Peter, the boss, let us try his special Chinese New Year fruit cake (RM95 a loaf)…

CNY fruit cake

…which was very nice and really different from other fruit cakes that I had had before. The texture was smooth like those steamed layer cakes, quite unlike the crumbly baked ones. I did not ask him whether it was steamed or not though .

There was a storm that night so we just sat around there and chatted about this and that, catching up with things going on in our lives since we last met each other and I really enjoyed the pleasant evening together…and of course, the delightful dinner. You can click this link  –> here to hop over to his blog for his side of the story.

Thank you so much, Huai Bin. My turn next! Wink! Wink!

FOOTNOTE: To whom it may concern
For your information, Payung Mahkota will be open all throughout the whole Chinese New Year festive holidays while this one, their original outlet at Lanang Road, will be closed for two days and will reopen on the 3rd day in the new lunar year.