Through the rain…

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday morning but I had told Melissa the day before that I would take her here…

Pelicana Chicken Sibu 1

…the next day for brunch so we just made our way to the place nonetheless.

Pelicana Chicken Sibu 2

This is the 1st-in-Malaysia Korean franchise and according to their Facebook page, it is a highly successful Korean traditional-style fried chicken franchise with more than 2,000 outlets in Korea and it has now made its way into Malaysia…right here in Sibu.

Pelicana Chicken Sibu 3

This is the counter on the ground floor and you can opt to eat there or go upstairs.

Pelicana Chicken Sibu counter

I would say that the staff members were pleasantly nice and efficient and we did not have any problem at all conveying to them what we wanted.

We ordered the Chinese New Year crazy deal (RM18.80)…

Pelican Chicken Sibu menu

– the one on the screen to the left and added RM1.00 more for two cups of iced lemon tea…

PCS tea & stuff

We found the drink nicer than those at those other franchise places where most of the time, they would just serve you one of the local brands that we can easily get in the supermarkets and shops in cans or tetra packs.

For the set, we got two pieces of their Peli Crunchy Original…

Peli Crunchy Original

…which Melissa said was nicer than the ones at that other chicken franchise place…and she loved the accompanying yellow sauce to go with it…

Yellow sauce

She said that it tasted like the honey mustard salad dressing that she used to buy in Wellington.

Other than that, there were also five pieces of the spicy Yangnyeom Original…


…and these were really very very nice. We had something very spicy when we had our Korean dinner in Auckland, New Zealand but this was not spicy at all. I think the next time we drop by, I would definitely order the Hot Hot!

For one thing, we ordered everything in their takeaway boxes as we thought there was such a lot in the set and we probably would not be able to finish and were planning to take whatever that was left home. As a result, I do feel that my photos do not really do justice to what we had – you can click the link –> here to go to their Facebook album to look at their much nicer photographs there.

We were given this complimentary treat to try – the fragrant Korean rice…

Korean rice

It was nice with toasted sesame seeds and seaweed in it…but I’m no fan of sesame oil so I can’t say that I would want that again.

Somebody had this seaweed side dish and I managed to snap a photograph of it…

Side dish

I guess it must be one of the side dishes but I did not get to try that so I cannot comment on it.

They also gave us these Korean canned drinks…

Korean soda

…on the house and I quite liked the melon one that I had.

Both Melissa and I enjoyed ourselves and one thing’s for sure, we certainly wouldn’t mind going back there again sometime. Anybody interested in tagging along?

For the uninitiated, this place is located at No. 2, Lorong Wong King Huo 3A, to the left of Medan Mall, directly opposite the very popular Hong Fu Restaurant.