Second chance…

Annie-Q told me that she dropped by here for lunch…

CafeInd Sibu

…and she felt the beef rendang was very nice. Well, my missus and I dined here when it first started business around the time when it was just having its soft opening and we were not too thrilled by what they had to offer. But since Annie said it was good, I reckoned that after all this time, they must have improved so my missus and Melissa and I went there that same day for dinner.

I had the Indian butter chicken curry (RM15.00)…

CafeInd butter chicken curry

…which I quite enjoyed but Melissa had that in Wellington, New Zealand and she said that it was different. What she had there was kind of sweet but this one was slightly sourish, probably due to the use of yogurt – they do that a lot in Indian cooking. It did not really matter actually, as long as it tasted good.

Melissa tried their tandoori tangari kabab (RM15.00)…

CafeInd tandoori tangari kabab

…which was also pretty good but the gravy that came with it was not as nice as the butter chicken curry gravy so I shared mine with her seeing that they did give quite a lot of that…and also a substantial amount of the basmati rice.

My missus had their Indonesian nasi tumpeng (RM13.00)…

CafeInd nasi tumpeng

…and it certainly was worth it for it came with some otak-otak (fish paste)…

CafeInd nasi tumpeng - otak-otak

…fried beef…

CafeInd nasi tumpeng - fried beef

…and chicken rendang

CafeInd nasi tumpeng - chicken rendang

I tried a bit of the otak-otak and I thought it was quite good except that they could do with a little less msg in it.

The food here is certainly cheaper than at Payung though not necessarily nicer and the drinks definitely do not come cheap. A glass of iced reverse osmosis drinking water costs RM2.00 and Melissa had their honeydew juice…

CafeInd honeydew juice

…which cost a whooping RM8.00…and it looked kind of diluted, if you ask me.

I liked the drink coaster very much – I thought it was rather pretty…

CafeInd drink coaster

…and also their toilet signs…

CafeInd toilet signs

…but the music was driving me up the wall. They had video clips with some loud clubbing music with the likes of LMFAO or Marc Anthony with Pitbull raining over me…and it certainly was a welcome relief when they decided to switch to Adele – live at the Royal Albert Hall…

CafeInd Adele

I think for ambiance and overall dining pleasure, I would still prefer Payung but since the food here isn’t too bad now, this is one place that I would consider dropping by whenever I want something different for a change.

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24 thoughts on “Second chance…”

  1. Lol the toilet sign…
    So I guess that u willing to pay more to eat at payung…
    Did they give you a vvip discount card to you…

    I would prefer Payung – the place is nicer, the people are friendlier and so very hospitable. For one thing, they would give me and all in my company iced water free. I think it’s either 50 sen or RM1.00 on the menu. My West Malaysian friends dropped by and got a plate of pomelo salad free by the mere mention of my name. Sometimes, there are all these little things that would make people keep coming back… R.O. drinking water at RM2.00. Tsk! Tsk! And one glass is only half of the small bottle only, I would think…plus a bit of ice. 😦

  2. Gosh rm8 for a honey dew drink! Beats many eateries in KL.

    My sentiments exactly! Jelly pisang at Payung with the jelly and the bananas and the evaporated milk plus one big scooop of ice cream is only RM7.00! 😦

  3. looks good! wonder where this is though lol Prometheus – movie review

    Here! Right here in Sibu. All my blogposts are on places here in Sibu unless otherwise stated. It was ok…but considering Indian restaurants, I think there are a lot better ones elsewhere – choices are quite limited in this one but it’s the only one we’ve got.

  4. I also don’t like loud music when dining. Very irritating

    Yalor! Sometimes I wonder if some people are deaf or what. Some nice and soft soothing music or songs would be nice…

  5. really take your camera everywhere, even to the loo! Salute to a die-hard blogger! lol…
    Love the missus’s order too… a bit of everything, very nice and the price is reasonable enough.. 🙂

    Ya…I thought hers was worth it. The signs not really at the toilet…we could see from where we were sitting so I just zoomed. 😉

  6. This is what I call tremendous yummy delicious food. That drink coaster is very nice. I like ti very much.

    Yes, the food was good…and my daughter loved the drink coaster too.

  7. LOL! That toilet sign! Guys really peek on the ladies?? @_@ hahaha…
    I thought the food here is reasonable looking at the food portion. But its a NONO until I saw you mentioned about that RM8 drink!

    Dunno. I guess that’s meant as a joke. LOL!!! 😀 Ya!!! I also felt that the prices for the drinks were outrageous. 😦

  8. Oh wow, RM2 for water? That’s quite expensive. But the portion of the food looks big!! Would love to try out the butter chicken curry!

    Ya, the prices for the food are pretty normal…especially for nice places like this one but the ones for the drinks are a bit too much. 😦

  9. I think the nasi tumpeng is worth to order. A bit of everything to try. OMG!!!…the honeydew juice cost a bomb. The butter chicken curry looks abit too creamy for my liking. Overall, food looks good.

    Oh? What is it supposed to be like? I heard that the one at Bombay Spices is very nice but when I went there, I forgot to order. This was the first time I had the Indian butter chicken curry. It tasted good though – I would think that would be a better choice than what my daughter had but the nasi tumpeng would be the best choice – slightly cheaper some more.

  10. AH! Too bad, all my pictures are in my camera, i didn’t bring back the card reader. We prefer the food here more than payung. 🙂 My mum still miss the beef rendang a lot, it is really really nice, meat very tender and very fragrant and with little bit spicy. Yum yum!!

    We didn’t order drink the other day, all drink plain water, hahahhahah..I order india vegetarian rice, not bad, love the rice. After i came back from India, kind of miss the food there. hahahhhahaha. But here at The Cafe, the rice with more heavy taste compare to in India itself.

    Water’s RM2 a glass, 5 of you…already RM10.00. 😦 The butter chicken curry that I had was definitely better than the chicken masala that I tried at Payung…but the otak-otak here is not as nice plus a bit too much msg. The spicy part – at both places you can request whether you want it spicier or not so spicy. We asked for very spicy at Payung – the belimbing prawns and it was really very spicy. Luckily all of us could tahan… LOL!!! 😀 No nice dessert here though – even the boss said the desserts, no need to order… LOL!!! 😀 You went to Mumbai, I think – the Indian chef here is from northern India.

  11. Hmmm..everything looks so nice here. But all dishes also come with otak-otak?

    No leh? Only the Indonesian nasi tumpeng. What my daughter and I had were Indian, no otak-otak… 😦

  12. i prefer those indian dishes more, and they use those metal pots i noticed, makes the whole dish looks even more authentic.. i would go for your choice too, the butter chicken curry, looks good!!

    Yes, those Inidan pots…and I love the brass mini-wok in which they served the curry. Nice, very nice. I love such things…

  13. Looking at the food and ambience, I too would prefer Payung. Somehow, Payung’s dishes, presentation wise look much classier. This one, a lot of style ( don’t mistaken style as high class or classy.. Lol ) but no taste. Foodwise also just so-so. If I want to eat Indian food, I would have gone to a nice Indian restaurant , if i want to eat rendang, i would have gone to a Malay restaurant etc. Don’t like these type of cafes/ makan place that sells everything but never specialize in anything. More often than not, the food will be just passable.

    This is the only one we’ve got so we do not have much choice – but they’ve two kitchens with their own chefs – I know the Indian ones came from North India, dunno where the Indon ones came from – in fact, I do know…but I’m keeping it to myself. 😉 They’ve two separate menus too and not many choices…which I like. Some have long lists…and all not really nice. Better to have a few and make sure they’re really really good…like Payung. As for the decor and ambiance, yes…they certainly do not have THE special touch that Payung has – that one, Payung’s a class of its own, so naturally pleasant.

  14. Do not be surprised at the price of drinks. The more comfortable the place is, the higher the cost of drinks because they anticipate that ppl would go there to only have drinks & hang around.
    Food looks good though. Can BYO water? hahahaha~~

    Oh? You do know about this? Don’t tell me you’re guilty as charged. LOL!!! 😀 The boss was grumbling to me about people going there for drinks alone and bringing their own food including the pig’s head from the pasar malam…and that place is a no-pork-served eatery, in the process of applying for halal status. I guess they are targetting at those people…and too bad, those of us, the innocent ones, get victimised as a result. 😦

  15. good taste in music–i like adele, too 🙂

    nice coaster, toilet sign, and i hope to eat chicken rendang soon 🙂

    Oh? You’re coming to Malaysia? Or Indonesia?

  16. For now, I don’t care about ambience or just passable food. I will be very happy to taste any of the food you tayang here.

    LOL!!! Our passable food here is probably nicer than what you can find over where you are right now…and it would probably cost a bomb there. 😉

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