Wrong impression…

Well, you can’t really blame me for they certainly do not look very alluring or enticing…

BC 1

…and definitely not in the least, appetising.

I have never been a fan of those breakfast cereals, not even cornflakes or those that the kids love a lot, for instance, the honey stars or coco crunch but I had some sprinkled over the Mulu ice cream that I had at Payung

Mulu ice cream

…and I found that I quite liked it actually.

Fast-forward to the time when we were staying at this serviced apartment in Wellington, we were given some very nice breakfast packs every morning but we never touched these…


…that were in every pack every morning, despite the fact that they had stated it ever so clearly on the packet that it was “proudly made in New Zealand”.

We collected all of them and left most of those with my friend in Auckland – they probably would eat those…and my missus took a few home to use to make her cookies for Chinese New Year…

CNY cookies

Well, one fine day, I decided to give a go…and I poured in some fresh milk, the produced-in-Australia Devondale‘s no less…


…and let everything soak in it and I added some papayas to it…


The end result looked something like our bubur cacar


…and wait a minute! It actually tasted great! The presence of the fruit added a bit of sweetness to it and made it even nicer. I would think it would be great with bananas too.

I don’t suppose you would find me rushing out to buy some more but if I should see it at some hotel breakfast buffet spread, I reckon I may consider having that…sometimes.