So happy…

The other day, my friend, Ivan, made a special day trip here all the way from KL to wish me a very Happy Chinese New Year and that night, my family and I…

With Ivan

…took him here

Sheraton 1

…for dinner…

Sheraton 2

Of course, we had the celebrated fish head curry…


…and the waitress recommended these spare ribs…


…and I must say that they were simply out of this world – clearly better than those that I have had any place else. I certainly would want to eat that again the next time I drop by the place.

I have always loved this a lot as well – their roast duck…

Duck 1

…served wrapped in their very thin egg skin…

Duck 2

…instead of those usual round pancakes that they use for Peking duck. Well, this was as nice as I remembered it to be…

Duck 3

They were out of midin (wild jungle fern) but we did get to enjoy their cangkuk manis fried with egg…


Oooooo!!!! I super LIKE that blue and white plate of theirs!!!

After that most delightful dinner, we adjourned here for dessert. On his last trip here, Ivan fell in love with their Mulu ice cream


…and all this while, he had been longing to come back to indulge in it again and he certainly looked so happy to have had the opportunity to do so…

Ivan & MIC

I also ordered this Kahlua ice cream…


…to try and I must say it was very very nice.

Well, I certainly hope both the dinner and dessert were good enough for Ivan to consider his trip here worthwhile…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “So happy…”

  1. wah, a hearty-looking meaty meal! got pork, got fish, got duck … my faves 😀 kahlua ice cream laced with real liquor? sufficient liquor? hehehe 😀

    Yes, just right. Went with Huai Bin and had that again last night, so very nice.

  2. Wow, wow, great choice of food & desserts. All looks so yummy!!!!….Love the curry fish head. See the expression on Ivan’s face, so happy with his Mulu ice cream.

    It is very nice. Took Huai Bin for that last night and it swept him off his feet too! Best lah!

  3. Fantastic food! The thin egg skin is something new. They look like thin sheets of paper. So neatly done. Your friend, Ivan looks so thrilled as he was digging into the ice cream. Wah, kahlua ice cream! That sounds very good, can get mabuk ? 🙂

    If you take a lot of it, maybe. Quite strong on the liqueur but very very very nice! I went back again last night and had that again! Yes, very nice change from the white pancakes they use for Peking duck.

  4. wahhhhh… flew all the way to Sibu to celebrate CNY with you??? The reason? Is it the FOOD? Is it ARTHUR or is it something else that “lure” him all the way from KL to Sibu? hehehe…. The food looks really about the bill? Very nice picture there, Arthur!

    Not cheap. I think the standard price of the fish head curry here is RM45…and that was a whole duck, so that should be around the same. Plus the ribs and the veg and the rice and drinks – the total came up to over RM140. But the place is a bit more high end than the usual that I frequent. No, no…he came for my sake (cheap for him – staff travel & he had two off days)and the food – no other reason. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. hey RM140 is cheap la!! Some more, CNY time.. very cheap! So there is no other reason.. ok ok.. period! hahaha…

      Ok lah…special dinner for a special friend, no problem at all PLUS it’s Chinese New Year – not an everyday thing. 😉

  5. I have not tried curry spare ribs, only curry fish head…

    Nope, the ribs wasn’t curry – but whatever sauce that it was that they had to braise them in was really really nice. Tasted absolutely great. Only the fish head was curry…

  6. When saw your title “Ssssso Happy..” thought you $trike Toto in this Sssssnake year..anyway its coming pretty ssssoon.

    I most certainly hope $$$$$$$$$$$o!!! 😉

  7. Something new eating roasted quack quack with very thin egg skin instead the round type..whoa my fav cuuurrrryyyyy..ho chiak.

    You can eat already. Ok already now? Good to hear! Now you can go back to enjoy your curry mee everyday…

    1. May have lost the craving nowadays merely curi curi a mouthful of curry only. So far have not eaten any curry mee as yet testing my mind power haha.

      Good! Good! No need to eat that…and much less, every day! All that santan cannot be too good for you.

  8. Wow Arthur! I wish I was Ivan! I have a weakness for curry fish head…

    Mmmm… Kahlua ice cream… did you feel the booze?

    Yes! Don’t how they did it but I think they cut into the scoops of ice cream and poured the liqueur into the cracks…so at close inspection, you would see the light brown “veins” coursing through the ice cream and they poured some on the scoops as well. Very nice, and definitely enough of the Kahlua – otherwise, I would surely ask for more and the nice people here would not mind one bit. Hmmmm…you like fish head curry eh? KIV this place – I’ll take you here too should you hop over some day. Air Asia is having its zero-fare promo right now. You can fly direct to Sibu from Johore…or come via Kuching – may not get zero but I saw some pretty cheap fares on their website.

  9. Tsskk..Tsskk….How come you never mention to us about this Kahlua ice cream during our Sibu trip? The ice cream way too sinful. Next time must have this in the itinerary..hehehehe

    I just discovered it myself – maybe it is new on the menu. Lots of others too, not yet tried. Had the Blue Curacao with Huai Bin last night – watch out for the post…day after tomorrow.

  10. I like the look of the curry & roast duck with thin pancake!! ok ok,, the Mulu dessert looked fabulous too.. lol

    I miss out so much for not reading blogs last few days… looked like you & yr family had a blast with loads of eating!! 🙂 Gong Xi Fa Cai….

    Thanks and the same to you. Ya…in Sibu, it’s all about food! LOL!!! More to come… 😉

  11. That is a very sumptuous dinner. I like the roast duck. The thinner the wrap is, the better. I guess the thin egg skin will fare better than the pancakes used in peking duck.

    It was nice all right – I also like the Peking duck ones – also very nice.

    1. Arthur, you certainly have a lot of Ipoh mali friends 🙂

      Ya, they seem to all come from Ipoh… Wonder why everybody seems to be getting out of that place. Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. The curry fish head looks delicious. Made me feel like taking a bowl of rice and stare at the curry :-p

    It is very very very nice – better than any place here…and even when compared to what I had had in the peninsula. Next time you go back to Sarikei, plan a pit stop for a night or two in Sibu and I can take you here to eat too – I am not just saying it, really. You can find no better elsewhere.

  13. OMG!! the ribs and duck look so delicious!! so heavenly, simply out of this world and universe and galaxy!! and everything tastes better with a young handsome guy there huh?? *wink wink*

    Of course!!! Professionally-trained! 1st Class service with a smile, no less… Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    1. hey, you misunderstood.. i actually mean the young and handsome ex-English Teacher~~ 😀

      That one also professionally-trained…and does it with class! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  14. Wow oh wow! Everything that is ‘served’ here look so darn good! Jealous!!!!!

    Will surely take you here when you come and fish head curry tops the list!!! Will ask for special top quality fish some more.

  15. Food looks great! The roasted duck wrapped in that thin egg skin looks yummy. Fish head curry.. my oh my you are making me drool Arthur!

    Come on over, quick! Log into AirAsia website and book your tickets now – zero fare promo is on at the moment. I saw no zero fare for March but also very cheap – RM79 only. Cheaper than taking at taxi to LCCT!

  16. My! My! Roasted duck wrapped in thin egg skin and cangkuk manis fried with egg and curry fish heads, all are my favourite. I hope to go Sibu one day.

    I am waiting. AirAsia zero fare promo is on right now. Quick, quick…go and book!

  17. AH!! Very sweet of Ivan!! First picture looks lovely.

    Sheraton? Nice, i want to try that duck dish next round. should order their signature ice kacang!! I miss that, i want to order during my last trip back, but i was too full and cannot take anymore dessert, otherwise i would order!

    Ok, Mulu ice cream, going to have that on my next trip back. 🙂

    The GIANT ice kacang – not nice…like Taiwan dessert – all shaved ice plus sweet syrup. The red beans were hard like stone! I had that – will never order again. Ya…Mulu ice cream, anytime better. You did not have the duck that day? I saw you had midin and also prawns…and of course, the fish head curry – their signature dish! Yum! Yum! So very nice hor?

  18. I love the egg skins with Peking good hat I actually don’t mind eating them alone 😀

    Is that so? Must give it a try next time. I just assume they’re tasteless.

  19. but still desserts were the one i’m most looking forward of seeing
    haha love it all

    You’ll be spoilt for choice here – so many to choose that you just can’t decide…will end up ordering more than one.

  20. I love the Mulu ice cream and kahlua ones too! Thanks for dessert! 🙂

    Those flat rectangle egg skins looks like an excellent substitute for the pancakes – I’m looking at the photos and it seems like it’ll enhance the taste of the Peking duck better, being much thinner than the pancakes.

    My pleasure, as always.

    We never did get to go to this restaurant after all this time…even though we had wanted to go time and time again since 2008:
    Never mind! We’ll drop by someday…

  21. jahata ah you…two days in a row posted midin makes Claire drool…hmmm…..1st got post midin ka? i go see now

    Tak ada lah… Midin sold out, not available. Mandy also loves midin – a must-have at every meal when she’s in town.

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