Looking for love…

We did not have any of them before in the past, not when I was growing up and not even when I had grown much older and was working but out of the blue, they came. I am talking about those beautiful white egrets that flocked to the town by the droves and I must say they were a sight to behold. The big roundabouts in the town were at one time peppered with what looked like puffs of little white clouds. Nobody knew where they had migrated from and why they had decided to move here.

Unfortunately, I do not seem to see that many around these days. Maybe with the changing weather conditions or perhaps now that we no longer have regular floods like before and the roadside drains are at times rather dry, they have decided to move elsewhere. There were two of them though in the area where I stay – in fact, when my friend, Ivan, was in town, he was pleasantly surprised when they moved as we were driving past them. He thought they were those dummies – something like those horrendous pink flamingos that people put in their gardens for landscaping…and he too loved the sight of them – so pure and white, so elegant when in flight, gliding silently through the air.

Well, it so happened that I spotted one of them the other day. I don’t know what has happened to the other one for there seems to be just one of the two left. It was walking past the gate of a neighbour’s house and it saw its reflection in the tiles…

Hey good looking!

I noticed that it quickly went to the gate and looked behind the pillar for what it thought was another egret at the back. When it saw that there was no bird of its kind anywhere to be found, it went back to look at the reflection again…and lo and behold, the egret was still there. It repeated the action a few times and then it gave up and just stood there staring at its own image.

After some time, it decided to move on…

Walk away

…and when it got to the front of the other pillar, there it was – the very elusive other egret!

Another you

It quickly went to check behind the pillar…

Looking for love

…and of course, there was nothing behind it.

It stood there for a long time, looking very sad and lonely. Perhaps, it was missing its partner and was looking for another friend. Unfortunately, it looked like it was looking for love in all the wrong places

…and was looking in vain. Sigh!!! If it is companionship that it’s looking for, I certainly hope that it will find it some day, that poor thing!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Looking for love…”

  1. yoohoo kampuarthur!! am i having the first sip?? :p

    The post was scheduled for 12.05 and coming at this unearthly hour, of course, you’re first! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. oh, at first i thot that bird is some kind of decorative statue in front of the house.. hmmm, at least you have seen that perhaps once, but i have never even seen one before in my life (i think)!! hmmm, maybe that is a sign of good luck, something happy is going to happen.. errrr, you bought toto and magnum?? beware to be the jackpot winner!! hahahaha πŸ˜€

    Exactly what Ivan thought that day…and now, he has seen it once! Good luck? That, I would not know…but at least, it does not look as morbid as the crows over at your side. The one’s sure bad luck one…

  3. Cute and lonely egret!! I will be surprised too if see it appear in front of the gate!

    Were they around when you were still living in Sibu? Can’t remember exactly when they appeared…

  4. Poor little egret! I certainly remember these birds. they used to be heaps at the roundabout near my house. None now I think.

    Yes, there were lots and lots of them at that big roundabout in front of your house. What a beautiful sight! Unfortunately, I do not get to see any there anymore – just a few, very very few here and there at some odd places.

  5. I hope the bird will be OK, wandering around like that!

    It’s fine…just that there were two but now, there’s one left…and I’ve seen a few lonely ones as well here and there when I drive around the neighbourhood. No more the huge numbers that we used to see in the past.

  6. You are spying the bird’s life! Hehehe.
    I used to live in Mukah when I was a child. This species were normally spotted on the back of the cows. Never thought that this species would becoming extinct nowadays.

    You did? They’re very big…or at least, they’re not that small for me to imagine them standing on top of the cows’ backs. I hope they do not become extinct, so sad really. They’re beautiful, pleasant to the eye.

  7. These birds are pretty good fish hunters! Every time they get to my garden, my supply of lekor fish which i rear in a big flower pot would disappear! Sigh.

    You rear your own lekor? To make keropok? Gee!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Ya…maybe that is why they are slowly disappearing. We hardly ever get floods here anymore and the thing is the drains are more often than not…dry, a far cry from the old days a few years ago. Maybe with their source of food gone, they have decided to move elsewhere.

    1. They are supposed to feed another fish! πŸ˜‰ but there goes the neighbourhood! LOL

      Can’t blame them. That’s their favourite food, bet they were glad to have a free feast! πŸ˜€

  8. awwww somehow kinda sadddd! TT but in a way it is stupid haha

    It’s just a bird… Some humans will do the same too, hoping for a lost cause. Hope you’re not one of them… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  9. Eeee…. I don’t like your today’s post… So sad la and makes me melancholy! I much prefer when your post makes one laugh. Heck, I don’t even mind if your mean streak surfaces and makes one drooling habis!… Sobssss!
    PS: engrets are bangau kah?

    Yes, it is sad, isn’t it? Of all the pain, the saddest pain is to love but love in vain… Sobssss!!!!! But it happens. All part of life – this looking for love in all the wrong places… 😦

  10. Gosh, I thought you are looking for love but it turns out to be this poor egret, looking for its long lost partner. What a sad thing to learn that it is only its reflection. Love the 1st pix of the egret.

    I have all the love that I need… πŸ˜‰ Ya…I must say it is kinda sad…to be alone and lonely. 😦

  11. Hey..i spotted thid birdie during my trip to ur homeland. I thought of mentioning too but totally forgotten about till u post this. Did u invite it to ur nest?…hehehe

    I wish it would come into my garden but it just hangs around outside by the road and drain…

  12. Those birds appear in Sibu? Did you buy any numbers after spotting them? I never seen them before in my life except in National Geography channel. I like to consider myself lucky if I were to spot them standing in front of my house, real and alive.

    Ok, better treat me to your kampua town if you win big. All expenses on you πŸ˜‰

    Humph!!! Haven’t had much luck in that. The birds have been around for a number of years now – so many of them before…but sad to say, the number is dwindling – only a few now. 😦

  13. Looking for companion? Are you sure? πŸ™‚ Maybe it is looking for food but it landed in the wrong house… it should fly to yours…. you are always cooking good food there!! LOL…

    I wish it would come to mine… Will certainly give it all it wants to it, that beautiful thing!

    1. Cook up more food..let the fragrance travel…. πŸ™‚

      I think it feeds on little fish, frogs and stuff that it can catch in the drains… Otherwise, I would always feed it some rice, not a problem.

  14. I hope it didn’t stay by the gate for too long a time waiting, wishing, hoping..

    Quite long, say…half an hour. Then, we went to church…and by the time we got back, some two hours later, it was gone…

  15. Perhaps it was a curious bird?

    But I do hope that it has found its companion by now. =)

    Nope, I still see it around every day…still alone…and lonely. 😦

  16. ohh we saw one of those kinds of birds on the back of our house and it stays there up until now we thought it was lost or something

    You have there too? They do seem to be loners – a few I’ve seen in the other lanes in my area – all single…and alone. 😦

  17. ooo, so THAT’s an egret! i’m so bad with recognizing our feathered friends, i might have thought that’s a baby stork or flamingo πŸ˜€

    I thought flamingoes are pink…and I would think a stork would have a longer beak – can carry a baby! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Birds got sense…
    Yesterday I saw a car knock on a bird… And it couldn’t fly away..
    Then came few other birs to help….
    But the bird could not survive…. Sighhhhhh

    Ya…unlike some people! Muahahahahaha!!!! You were the one who knocked down the poor bird, weren’t you? πŸ˜€

  19. You are quite free also to observe and take photos of the egret! Hehehe….

    Not quite free…but VERY free!!! But don’t you think it is good to be observant? I do know people who seem lost in their own dream world and things would happen or would be there right under their noses and they do not even notice. “Oh? Got kah? Didn’t see…” they would just say…and go back into their dreams.

  20. saw quite a few of these when was in Sibu, on the way to your house.

    Yes, getting fewer now. May not be any anymore the next time you all come again. 😦

    1. If you think that’s funny, this is funnier. As a young pup, he loved his twice daily walks. But in winter it rains frequently, and he’d bother me to go out. I’d take him to the front door and show him it’s raining. He would then take me to the back door and the side door and check whether it’s raining at those doors!
      Poor fellow is now 14 years old; has arthritis, high blood pressure and a tumour in his liver. Still loves his walks, but only short distances now.

      Oh dear! So sad.

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