Every picture tells a story…

On the 1st day of Ramadan, we went to check out one of the bazaars in the town centre but there wasn’t anything that we found appealing. In the end, we decided to walk over to the venue of…

Sibu Street Art Festival

…one of the festivals held here annually to have a look at what they had in store.

The festival for this year had already ended and from their Facebook page, I noticed that they had workshops and things going on at the time. I do not know how long they will leave the artworks there but it sure would be a good idea to have them around for visitors to drop by and admire and take photographs…

Having fun at the Sibu Street Art Festival

If anyone is wondering where the location (2.290047, 111.823891) is, it is by the side of the Sibu Town Square along Island Road (Jalan Pulau) near the Rejang Port Authority Building…

RPA & the Twin Towers

…not far from the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri office…

LHDN Office

There are some very nice ones that one would not be able to see when driving past in a car – that was why I never bothered as I thought there wasn’t anything worth the trouble.

I like the message in this one…


…and this very colourful one is by the son of some friends of mine…

By my friends' son

– if I am not mistaken, he is also a foodie in his own right but on Instagram and I’m not into that.

This one by the people at the local university here is unique…


…in the sense that theirs is not a painting but a carving out of plywood or whatever. There are lights hidden behind the panels so my guess is that it will look very much nicer at night.

I thought this one is very cute – depicting the birds…

The birds

…that would come in the evening, thousands of them like the ones here at Dengkil in Selangor…

Birds in the tree at Dengkil, Selangor
*Archive photo*

That is why when one is out somewhere in town at night, one must not park one’s car under a tree or something so as not to get their droppings all over the vehicle.

They also have one of the egrets…

The egrets

So many of them appeared here out of nowhere at one time that one would see places dotted in white like flocks of sheep but for some reason, they are getting scarce now. Maybe the heat these days is getting to them so they have migrated some place else. I did blog about a lovesick one sometime ago in 2012 if anyone can remember.

Most of them are about food though – many would agree that that is what Sibu is all about…

All about food

– the kampua mee, the kompia, the dianpainngu and the mee sua, the making…

Making mee sua

…and a bowl of it, ready for the eating…

Mee sua and chickens

…and yes, the newspaper-wrapped chicken (and ducks)…

Newspaper-wrapped chickens
*Archive photo*

…are indeed a tourist attraction – correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think one can see this anywhere else.

This one pays tribute to the coffee shops…

The coffee shop culture

…here in Sibu. There are so many coffee shops in the town, at least one or two or three or more in one block of shops unlike other places I had been to where I had to walk and walk and walk and still could not find a decent place to stop by and eat.

We sure enjoyed ourselves very much that day and if these are anything to go by, we certainly would look forward to the one next year.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Every picture tells a story…”

  1. A very rare sight to see the newspaper-wrapped chickens over here. Mostly all are chopped into parts with few as whole chicken. Love all those street works, like the ones we have here too.

    I was thinking that perhaps they should find some empty walls somewhere for the artists to do their painting, some place where they can just leave them permanently. Sad that these will have to go after some time to make way for something else.

  2. The street works are all very nice, I like the last one, the coffeeshop.

    These were my favourites, a few more actually.

  3. Love the carving in the uni. All the paintings are interesting.

    I haven’t been to Ramadan bazaar. Lazy to go.

    Went three days in a row since my girl was home – hoping to get some nice things for her to enjoy before she went back to her school in the jungle, Sunday.

  4. These are some cool street arts. Agree with you that it would be great if these are permanently done on some walls on some suitable parts of the town, maybe. Certainly brighten up the area. The Kampua Mee photo with Melissa looks cute!

    There were quite a few of those, all the different local delights, but I am only sharing one here in this post.

  5. Ahh… street arts, the hype seems to be fading in Penang now…

    Haven’t heard of cases of vandalism either lately…

  6. Very interesting arts symbolizes Sibu. HAHA…That Kampua Mee with Melissa’s head as topping look cute.

    Yes, that was part of the fun we had, taking snapshots with her head through the holes. Had a good laugh over it.

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