The quiet side…

After the disappointment on the first day of Ramadan – there wasn’t anything that tickled our fancy at the bazaar we went to and my girl and I did not buy anything at all even though my missus did tapao some sambal petai udang (stink beans with prawns) and sambal terung (brinjal/egg plant) which were very nice but very expensive and she got only a little bit of each, very little considering that she paid at least RM10.00 for one – we went to our preferred one on the second day, the one that we would go to every year.

It was a Friday so I asked my missus and my girl to look for some nice stuff that the latter would like for dinner, some ikan bakar (grilled fish) or sotong bakar (grilled squid) perhaps – it was our no-meat day so we were abstaining from all the alluring meat delights that we saw at the bazaar.

In the meantime, I walked around slowly looking at all the things they had in store at every stall…right up to the very far end of the bazaar, the quiet side which did not seem to get a lot of attention and was not so crowded. There, at the very last stall in the line, I spotted one with a very young girl and an even younger boy, probably the brother, sitting there waiting for somebody to stop by. Poor things, I thought! So, of course, I went over to have a look at what they had to sell and I decided I would buy something from them just to help them a bit in their undertaking.

In the end, I bought this sambal buah (RM4.00)…

Pasar Ramadan sambal buah mangga 1

…which they made out of unripened mango. It was very nice, with the right level of spiciness but very very sour so my missus added a bit of sugar to counter-balance the overly-sourish taste and it was just nice after that…

Pasar Ramadan sambal buah mangga 2

We sure enjoyed it with our rice for dinner that night and finished it all in one sitting.

They were also selling umai, the Melanau “raw” fish delight, daging masak hitam at only RM5.00 a tub (I saw some selling the same at RM7.00 at some other stalls but of course, they may have more inside, I wouldn’t know) and chicken curry too. I decided to buy their fish curry (RM6.00)…

Pasar Ramadan fish curry 1

…which turned out to be very nice too but it was a bit salty. I guess it is kind of difficult for those people to cook at this time of year when they are not able to taste their cooking to see if everything is all right.

My missus added a bit of water when heating it up and it was not too bad after that. The gravy went very well with rice and the fish…

Pasar Ramadan fish curry 2

…was good too, The girl did tell me the name of the fish but I am no good at those so it did not ring a bell.

I got this tempeh (RM2.00)…

Pasar Ramadan tempeh

…from another stall thinking that my girl would like it – she enjoys tempeh very much but unfortunately, it was in dire need of a lot more ingredients other than the few ikan bilis that I could see in it as it was, at best, just salty and not very tasty, definitely not anything I would want to buy again.

At another stall, I saw this kuih bungkur (RM2.00 for a pack of 3)…

Pasar Ramadan kuih bungkur 1

…which were smaller than the regular ones, usually sold singly and knowing how my girl loves this, of course, I had to buy a few packs home.

I was not too comfortable with how they had used the stapler…

Pasar Ramadan kuih bungkur 2

…to staple the banana leaves together – normally, they would use a toothpick or a lidi (skewer) but I guess as long as one is careful in removing it and getting it out of the way, it would not matter all that much.

Being made from ground rice or rice flour, this lovely pudding…

Pasar Ramadan kuih bungkur 3

…with gula apong (nipah palm sugar) at the bottom makes a very nice light dessert that we could enjoy after a meal.

Then, at another stall, I saw this tofu fa (RM2.00)…

Pasar Ramadan tofu fa 1

…with gula Melaka (palm sugar). Usually, at the Chinese stalls and shops, they will use sugar syrup which, I feel, is not as nice. Having said that, the texture of the tofu fa in this one is not that silky and smooth…

Pasar Ramadan tofu fa 2

…but it was all right and I did enjoy it very much.

So that was it for the 2nd day of Ramadan. Hang on to see what’s in store on the 3rd day. LOL!!!

THE BANDONG RAMADAN BAZAAR (2.314192, 111.825581) is located around the shops at Jalan Bandong and all along Bandong Walk, somewhere around the primary schools and the surau in the vicinity.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “The quiet side…”

  1. I don’t know how to take sambal buah. Not my cup of tea. My mum on other hand loves stuff. She even make her own mango sambal but now hardly do so.

    Toufu fa in gula melaka. That I would like to take.

    Haven’t been to any Ramadhan bazaar. Maybe today or tomorrow. Just me and kids, hubby not home for dinner. So maybe tapau some food from the stalls sound good.

    So very nice! Bet your mum-in-law is so into it as well. Your hubby? Like you too? Yes, it’s so very convenient to just go and buy and here, we see more Chinese buying than their own people, so very crowded.

  2. Looks like I would really love that sambal buah, I love the flavours on it perfect with any oily dish

    If I am not wrong, the sourish taste will help neutralise the oil in the oily stuff, like how Indians will drink yogurt after a meal.

  3. My last visit to the Ramadhan Bazaar was like 4-5 years ago if I am not wrong. So jam packed with people and car and with the hot scorching weather these days, better to stay at home. Tofu fa with gula melaka will be something I like to have.

    We had a bit of rain here so it was not so hot those two days. I do enjoy mingling with the people, exchanging small talk in our Bahasa Sarawak – it’s not just the food but also the spirit of the season, all the smiles and cheer sure will bring good vibes into one’s life.

  4. fish curries are always nice, has to do with the spices put inside. yum

    Yes, but once you are used to this kind of dishes with all the spices and herbs, others may come across as rather bland…and boring.

  5. The tempeh looks good in the photo but too bad it was not nice.

    Just salty, no special taste to make it stand out – I would have loved it if it had tasted like that kacang and ikan bilis sambal – I saw it at one stall, with lots of curry leaves, must be very nice. Will buy that the next time we drop by.

  6. I havent got the opportunity to visit any Ramadan bazaar as yet as it is the exam week for Ethan. Exam week means we are all grounded at home except for the two hours playground time. Maybe next week we’ll get to explore some 😀

    Too bad you’re all not in Sarawak. School breaks off this Friday…and they will be off till the 20 something of June, one month. So very nice!

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