Love you more…

Among all the instant noodles, my missus loves this brand and this flavour more than the rest…

Sedaap 1

I don’t mind this myself though it is not my favourite.

This comes from Indonesia…

Sedaap 2

…or at least, it is manufactured there.

For one thing, it is usually the cheapest…

Sedaap 3

…if you compare among the nicer and more popular brands.

Their current offer is RM3.30 for a pack of 5 plus an extra packet of this – their curry flavour…

Sedaap 4

…at a shop round the corner from my house. If I’m not mistaken, it seems that if you buy any flavour in a pack of 5, they will give you a complimentary packet of another flavour. That works out to 55 sen a packet and maybe if you look around, you may even find this same thing at 5 or 10 sen less.

I’ve tried it already – the curry one and I would say that it is spicy and nice…

Sedaap kari

…just as nice as our made-in-Sibu ones…

Mee Daddy kari
*recycled pic*

our very own Mee Daddy…or perhaps even nicer but one thing’s for sure, it is definitely cheaper!

So which one do you love more?

Author: suituapui

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44 thoughts on “Love you more…”

  1. Eh, ya kah mee sedaaappppp boleh tahan the taste? Like that the next time I go to my local Asian supermarket, I’ll buy a pack.If I’m not mistaken, someone told me that their noodle is spring like( if u know what I mean) and therefore nicer… or is it Mee Rusli ( another brand)?

    Missus’ favourite…and it’s cheaper than the rest of the “nicer” brands. No Mee Rusli here… The other Indo brand is Indomie, not so cheap.

    1. Oooo~~ I love Mee Rusli, tomyam flavour especially!

      You have that brand in Taiping? Hmmmm…now I must go and look for it here. Maybe they have at Giant, West Malaysian hypermart…

  2. I prefer Mee Daddy, and I would cook it dry like a Kolo Mee. Mee Sedap also taste good but too sweet in my opinion. At local coffee shop they charge Mee Sedap for RM1.50 with an extra fried egg. πŸ˜‰

    That’s ok – they need to cover their overheads. Next time, just cook and eat at home. πŸ˜‰ I like Mee Daddy…but not my missus – she does not like the “biscuit smell” of the noodles when cooking…and it does get soft and soggy very fast (which may be a good thing actually – less chemicals used).

  3. yes yes yes! mee sedap memang sedap! just that for kari flavour i still prefer maggie! =D

    Eyewwwww!!!! The texture of the noodles, the taste of the seasoning…and most of all, the price! No, thank you…

  4. Mee Daddy? I must find out more. Don’t think I have seen this Mi Sedaap brand. Instant noodles are nice when you add in ingredients. Did I see luncheon meat in the last pic? Nice πŸ™‚

    Yes, just add a little bit of something, even an egg…and it will bring the taste to a whole new level. You haven’t seen Sedaap??? One of the more prominent brands here….

  5. I must try this since I love Indon Mee more than our locals. Funny thing is the Thai and Indonesian instant noodles are too popular here until monopoly sets in. Many places just refused to sell foreign ones knowing that they are hot cakes.

    Oh? Is that so? Here, they are all over….any shop, supermart…you will see Sedaaap!!!! Lots of people buying = more profit mah! Manufacturers there pay to control market kah?

  6. Oh I have yet to put up mine…my girl wanted the korean ramen and they cost around RM13 for a packet of 5… πŸ™‚ First time trying out those.. they are of smoother texture and bigger packet than our local ones… but I still prefer Cintan.. hahaha…

    I tried the Korean ones long ago when they were RM2 a packet…bigger, more, tasted good….but too expensive. I wonder how it is that you can boil and boil for a long time and the noodles will not turn soft and soggy. Wonder what chemicals they use…

  7. Have no special brand just eat what is being served only request is must have an egg haha

    Then can give you the very very very cheap brands. Those are really awful, I tell you…

  8. we have one famous and in demand brand here in the philippines its “lucky me” hahaha it taste pretty usual nothing special about it but it sure is cheap

    Nice name. I have not seen that around here… Will keep an eye open for it when I hit the shops next. πŸ˜‰

  9. hey i also like this mee very much. i felt that the texture and the flavorings are better.

    Yup! I noticed that one would need to boil a little longer than usual to get it soft but not as long as one likes, like with the Korean ones.

  10. My dad did say this instant noodle taste good so I did try. Well, it is really good. I guess almost all the instant noodle are really that good =D. Did you try the new instant noodle by Maggi – Goreng type summore with curry?

    Nope, I get put off by the prices. They are all way to expensive and even if it is better, it can’t be that much better.

  11. Arthur, I just took very light dinner at 8am. Now I feel damn hungry looking at your mee. This is my type of mee again. I like how you presented the mee with egg and ham. Nice la!

    Simple breakfast…must try to make it look nicer and taste better mah…then will be a lot more appetising. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. Ooohh I just had instant noodles for supper yesterday night.. the Penang Har Mee. I have to stop eating late at night!! But it seems to be an addiction, always craving for it at night. Haha.. Anyway, my favourite noodles would be Nissin but it’s without a doubt quite costly.. I think around RM7-8 for packet of 5, but the the Japanese shoyu flavour is really good! And it’s bigger portion and comes with seaweed too. I always don’t find one packet of noodles enough to satisfy me, how about you? πŸ˜›

    Not into the Korean & Japanese brands. I would just stick to the cheap locals… Hmmmm….somehow overseas, one’s appetite seems better and everything tastes nicer…and one would want to eat all the time. I wonder if you feel that way too…

  13. I love Maggi Mee, laksa flavour! And I like Rusli Mee, tomyam flavour~

    I have different liking for different brand. I don’t want any extra stuff in my instant noodle – just the noodle and the MSG, LOL!

    I must! Will add this and that – it got protein and veg, kao tim…a balanced meal liao! πŸ˜‰

    1. Psst… I just had instant noodle for dinner yesterday, and felt guilty for doing damage to my body. I was lazy to cook and my kids were well fed by their granny earlier.

      I usually have it for breakfast only. My missus may cook for her lunch or dinner sometimes though…when I’m not eating and she’s lazy to cook a decent meal all for herself.

  14. Ada umphhhh!!!!!… luncheon meat & egg. Still my favourite is Mee Daddy Kari. Last time I used to like Maggi curry but now it seems to put me off.

    Can’t remember the last time I had Maggi, no…thank you. Ya, Mee Daddy’s good…but a bit more expensive than Sedaap….and not that much nicer as to make me MUST want to buy it. These days, no income…must try and save as much as possible and stretch the ringgit further.

    1. Oppss!!!…Mi Sedap Curry flavour is much nicer than Mee Daddy. I seldom eat instant mee and did not get to try out different brand but if people says nice then, I may get a packet to try.

      Not much…a bit maybe, pretty close…I would say…but considering the price, Sedaap gets my vote, 100%. I cannot understand why Mee Daddy is made in Sibu and yet it is more expensive than the rest – not need for handling costs and what not…and labour isn’t that expensive here. Tsk! Tsk!

      1. Guess what I have for dinner. Mee Daddy Kari with egg but no luncheon meat. Just as nice. Yummy!!!!…Yummy!!!…

        Aiyor!!! So light your dinner!!! By 8 or 8 already hungry liao lor!!!!

      2. Nope, it will last me till tomorrow morning. That’s is why I can’t make a trip to Sibu yet cos I know I won’t be able to eat 5 -6 meals per day, hehehe.

        Haiyor!!!! Not one who enjoys eating, I see! I would have three regular meals…maybe something light in between but I don’t usually overeat – can’t manage so much anymore…not like when I was younger. Sigh!!!! So now, still can eat, I just indulge a bit in whatever I can lah.

  15. Aiyoooo…you gonna tempt me with instant noodles again @_@
    Most of the instant noodles also I like πŸ˜€

    Gosh!!! Shouldn’t take too often. I will only go for them when there is nothing else in the house…

  16. Growing up I loved Maggi Mee (Curry / Chicken) cooked up and served with 2 eggs πŸ™‚ Now that I am so far away from home, my mom still sends me care packages of noodles LOL She now mixes it up with random brands she finds back home, which is pretty awesome. At the end of the day, I still love my classic Maggie Mee Curry / Chicken and on occasion I love the Indomie Mee Goreng πŸ™‚

    Old habits die hard…and you’re one of those die-hards, I see. I’ve progressed from Maggi a long long time ago. Even Kuching’s Lee Fah is much nicer.

    1. Mustlah give me some recommendations! Then I can send my mom a list and I can let you know my feedback LOL

      There! You have it in the post… Mee Sedaap or Mee Daddy for the curry, Mee Daddy chicken is my favourite – tastes like the soup version of kampua noodles….mee goreng, Indomie is still the best. The rest, some are quite ok…so for me, the determining factor at the end of the day would be the prices. You mom sends all the way from here??? That would be soooo expensive!!! Maybe cheaper to buy those available there…

      1. Thank you! Thank you! Yeah, she sends them all the way from Kuching πŸ™‚ She packs in some coffee too and whatever she wants me to eat as well. I found some Indomie Mee Goreng here, but otherwise, it’s usually the Thai and Vietnamese brands

        The Thai ones are fine, dunno about the Vietnamese ones. They have pad thai too, nice…but not cheap here. 😦

  17. mi sedap Soto is besssttt… go and check out the mi sedap ads… catchy…!

    You gang with my missus lah! That’s her favourite… Oh? I see you are Captain America today, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  18. I like instant noodles especially when my boy still having is noon nap, and we have to stay at home during lunch time. I do not really favor any brand…most of the time i buy maggi or mamee. Yet to try mee sedap. Gonna get some from Tesco this weekend.

    Mamee is ok, I guess…but Maggi is so expensive. Never mind that I do not think it is nice but it is just not worth it when others are more or less the same (or even better!!!!)…or even if you think they are not as nice. Make every sen count!

  19. I have different types at home for variety but not this one. Must give this a try then. Thanks for the tip.

    Looks like it’s a woman thing – my missus will go and buy all the different brands, not me. I would stick to the ones I like…and also go for the cheapest of the lot.

  20. ohhh, i’ve not tried mee sedaap brand before. wonder if it’s widely available in the peninsula. my favorite growing up was the regular maggi mee flavor. usually just chicken flavor. they had the noodles with the best texture, pleasantly chewy with a firm bite! πŸ˜€

    That’s exactly what I do not like about Maggi – the texture of the noodles and the flavours of the seasoning aren’t to my taste either…and then of course, there’s the price factor! The most expensive of the lot! Sedaap is everywhere here – I think it is more easily available than our own made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy.

  21. normally I don’t eat instant noodles…
    i got an aunty that die of cancer because eat too much instant noodles..
    everyday she will take at least 1 packet of instant noodles…..

    Oh dear! Now why would the poor woman go and do that for? Didn’t she have other better things to eat? Well, you will have to specific specifically what you mean by “normally”. I’m sure your late aunt did not think that her packet a day was NOT normal, not at all.

  22. My favourite brand is Myojo. Die expensive. In a way good also lah… don’t spulrge on them so often. xD

    Used to be my favourite a long time ago – don’t see it around much now. Expensive, eh? Loved the abalone chicken…and I liked the round shape of the noodles – fit into my saucepan perfectly…

    1. More expensive than Maggi and Mamee wor… Between these two, I like Mamee more. The noodles bouncier. ;p

      I’ve bought Mamee before…or rather, my missus had – ok also lah, anytime better than Maggi…so if cheapest, I wouldn’t mind buying.

  23. tsk tsk tsk, instant noodles?? not healthy lah, might as well ask your missus to cook the noodles from scratch herself.. but no doubt the one your show with fried eggs and spam slices looks good!! hahaha~~

    No need to ask her lah! I can cook my own, just as nice if not nicer – whatever noodles I can find in the fridge, or dried noodles…or bread or cakes or biscuits…or leftover rice to fry but sometimes, when everything runs out or there is nothing I can find, there will always be these instant noodles for breakfast. I’m sure this is the staple for a lot of singles, living alone…uni & college students living away from home especially. We will only eat it when there’s nothing else…or when we feel like it!

  24. but sometimes it’s difficult to deny on thing.. most of the delicious food are often not healthy!! haha, that’s human~~ :p

    Nothing is healthy! Moderation is the key…and variety is the spice of life! Don’t eat the same thing all the time.

  25. I have no idea which of the noodles are better. Here in Thailand, the most popular instant noodle brand is the Mama Noodle. You have Mee Daddy and we have Mama Noodle here. I think they should meet. Now let us look for “Baby” Noodle so the noodle family will be complete. πŸ˜‰

    LOL!!! I’m afraid here, if you call your noodles, Mee Baby…it may not sell very well as babi is pig in Malay. Oops!!!!

    1. Yes!! Mee Mama Tom yam..nice!!! My favourite too!! Can find in Sibu?

      Haven’t seen…but then again, I seldom go and browse around. Usually, missus the one buying. I just eat. Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  26. instant noodles, yummy!! I just had mee daddy last two days.

    Mee Sedap, i always buy the dried version, mee goreng, never try their curry. Maybe i should buy and try, but i still got my mee daddy and “new stock” is coming this week! hahahahhaha

    Oh? The mee goreng is nice? Better than Indomie. Maybe I can try that sometime… Ah!!! Your mum’s going to KL? Anything you want from here? I guess she will bring big boxes of everything…

  27. I like mee sedap goreng…..yum…..
    My kids would finish them real fast…..cannot keep too many packets in the house….lol!

    Ya…kids love them so much, anytime instead of rice. In that case, can’t keep a lot in the house…or you will have to hide them somewhere. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  28. I like the mi sedap goreng one. The soup one not really keen on that

    Hmmm…must buy and try then. Soto my missus like…got serai fragrance or something like that.

  29. I tried the first flavor before and like it! I kinda prefer Mi Sedap over Mee Daddy…. but then again, I am quite obsessed with instant mee and will always buy new ones to try… probably not a good obsession but seriously, sometimes its just so good… lol….you like Korean noodles? I will buy you some of my favorites….. hehehe πŸ˜‰

    No, thanks. The Korean ones that I tried – very nice, very good…but they’re too expensive. Buy 1 or 2…can buy 5 or 6 of the normal ones. My missus will buy all kinds…and I will try to see which ones I like. We like different ones…so we need to buy two types each time. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  30. Hehe I still prefer Daddy Mee πŸ˜€ I don’t think I’ve tried Mee Sedap before. The other one I like is Myojo. Usually I add so many things in it it doesn’t even look instant anymore, hehe.

    Same here…but they all taste a whole lot nicer that way. πŸ˜‰ Hmmm…loyal to Sarawak eh? Made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  31. i spot some luncheon meat! πŸ™‚

    I think it was SPAM, if I remember correctly. Quite sometime ago. Great to add to instant noodles…as the saltiness will go into the soup, so the meat isn’t that salty…and the soup will have that added flavour.

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