When my NZ friend came to Sibu last year, she bought some instant noodles to take home. Actually, they can get them very easily over there but I guess they would cost a bit more. My missus slipped into her suitcase two packets of the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy – chicken and curry flavour, each containing 5 of these…

Mee Daddy old packaging
*My NZ friend’s photo from her Facebook album*

Of course she was not in the least excited about them at the time but when she got home and cooked one – the curry flavour…

S's Mee Daddy curry flavour
*My NZ friend‘s Mee Daddy curry flavour (taken from her Facebook album)*

…she went wild and fell head over heels in love with it.

She did not even know then that it was made in Sibu and was quite annoyed when I told her that. She said had she known about it then, she would have gone to the factory and bought in bulk. But then again, since she had not tried it at the time, even if I had told her that it was made in Sibu, she probably would not give two hoots about it.

Actually, when they first started producing the noodles here in Sibu, my brother and his family loved the chicken-flavoured version a lot and every time they came back, they would bring one whole big carton home. I do not see them doing that lately – probably they have grown tired of it or they have found better brands over there, I wouldn’t know…or perhaps it is because it can be such a hassle bringing food into New Zealand and any egg product (e.g. noodles) is not allowed…but they may be a bit lenient if something is factory-made and packed and all.

I bought some for Quay Po too the other day and I noticed that the curry-flavoured ones now come in a colourful brand new packaging…

New Mee Daddy Kari 1

…and yes, it is indicated on the pack that the noodles are made in Sibu…

New Mee Daddy Kari 2

I bought them for RM3.20 so that would work out to 65 sen a packet which is cheaper than what they used to cost but is still more expensive than some the brands available here.

New Mee Daddy Kari 3

Yes, they may taste a bit better…but there are others that come pretty close and are cheaper (less than 60 sen each) so more often than not, I would just go for those brands. Frankly, I just can’t understand why they are manufactured right here in Sibu itself and they would not need to worry about packaging and freight charges and all that so by right, they should be cheaper. If it had been so, then perhaps some people would consider eating that 365 days a year – hari-hari kari

New Mee Daddy Kari 4

…but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “24/7-365…”

  1. u terrer lah… mee instan pon boleh blog jugak…

    Yamah!!!! Mesti promo Sibu product mah!!! New look some more.

  2. at Giant over here also can get but slightly more expensive. Saw Giant Shah Alam RM4-89 yesterday

    We get Ibumie here RM2.80 only (offer)…and Mee Sadaap is cheap too so I would usually go for these. Mee Daddy used to be more expensive – around RM3.60 or more. Maybe promo right now due to new wrapping…

  3. Mee Daddy? Cute name. I must go check it out though I must confess I am not much of an instant noodle person.

    Life savers!!! LOL!!!

  4. Yeah, there are a lot of fans of Mee Daddy out here…even back when I was in Melbourne. A lot of them didn’t know it was made in Sibu too. πŸ™‚

    The chicken flavoured ones have this slight resemblance to chin-th’ng mien (kampua soup)… Just add a couple of slices of thinly-sliced char siew…and sprinkle chopped spring onions on top. They’ve fried shallots in the oil sachet…Great for those deprived people overseas.

  5. Here in the USA we have instant noodles too, I guess it’s common in many countries. A popular brand is the Ramen noodles. I remember eating those when I was in college. I’d specifically ask my parents for those, when they would send me care packages.

    Those noodles were a lifesaver, when I’d forget to go to the cafeteria (studying) and was too broke to purchase something from a restaurant. I’d spice it up a bit by adding vegetables, and a variety of other ingredients to the noodles.

    Ramen is probably Japanese. Had those in the 80s when in NZ – they’re all more or less the same. Ya…would throw in some protein (meat, fish, seafood or egg) and veg and we’ll have a balanced meal. Easy!

  6. Here in the USA we have instant noodles too, I guess it’s common in many countries. A popular brand is the Ramen noodles. I remember eating those when I was in college. I’d specifically ask my parents for those, when they would send me care packages.

    Those noodles were a lifesaver, when I’d forget to go to the cafeteria (studying) and was too broke to purchase something from a restaurant. I’d spice it up a bit by adding vegetables, and a variety of other ingredients to the noodles.

    Your first comment was held back for moderation – the url was something like this: “3f2af086b1c2c5c630af14203147e46c”. Never mind…I got both eventually, no worries.

  7. Yeah for some reason it was asking me to log on to WordPress? I was preobably being punished for not commenting in a while — to be fair I haven’t been doing commenting anywhere — it’s been so busy! But that logon WordPress message so odd… naturally I forgot my password for the free wordpress site. My WordPress site is hosted under my hosting provider, so the password is different. Anyway thanks for making the fix.

    I forgot to add, my daughter loves Ramen noodles… she’ll cook them. I still need to load the pictures of her making wontons. She’s quite the chef. She’s always been fascinated with cooking, and so I’ve let her help. The wonton pictures were taken when she was four-years old. She’s now eight. πŸ™‚

    She makes wantons? She can make the skin? Four years old??? Amazing!!! Not me…we’d just buy from the market. LOL!!!

    Yup!!! I’ve had lots of complaints about the problems in commenting – dunno what wordpress is up to. Just leave out your url, type your name and email address and you should be able to comment without any problem.

    1. Yes, she did (of course I helped). We have a Atlas manual pasta machine. In fact, I have two of them, one I use with jewelry, and the other is used for food.

      We haven’t made the wonton wrappers in a while, but she’s been asking to do that again. Naturally that takes longer to complete, but she enjoys the extra prep time. I used to make my own pasta with that machineoo, I still do it occasionally (not as much as I used too) time is a big factor! I do make vegetable pasta. I usually make it with zucchini; so quick and easy and it taste good too!

      Oh by the way, I shared one of your blog posts on my Facebook page, I have a few foodie family members/friends, so hopefully some of them will check out your site!

      Go ahead. Thanks for the promo. You’re on Facebook too? Will go and check it out. I’m basically lazy…so most of the time, I would prefer to buy rather than make my own. Of course, what we make ourselves would be extra nice…but just me and my missus at home – no point going through all the trouble unless it’s for some special occasion.

  8. I just had mee Daddy Kari with left over hot dogs and some lettuce. So fast, simple and yet delicious! Daddy made me Happy! LOL!

    Good, good… Stay happy always. Maybe you want to try it the way I suggest to Yan – see my reply to her comment. It is VERY nice this way. Or just throw in a couple of prawns/fish balls…a few leaves of lettuce…and break and egg into it and it will be a whole lot nicer! Plus you will have a balanced meal…

  9. didn’t look too attractive to me by just looking at the package, but then hey, the finished product together with two slices of luncheon meat, a fried egg and some vege just look so impressive!! wow, wanna have one bowl please~~ :p

    Never judge a book by its cover… If I go Kl, I’d bring some along for you…if you would care to come and meet me in person, that is… πŸ˜‰ Or you can make a trip to Sibu – you’d love it here!

  10. We all got a say in this product before it was launched! Well, they gave a pack to all staff in the group and a survey form. I still prefer Mee Daddy chicken flavour.

    Serving suggestion: Add a few strands of seng-see (Ginseng hairs) and some wolfberries…and break and egg into the boling noodles. Will bring the taste to a whole new level…and you’ll feel energetic all day long. Somehow or other, not so nice with other brands – chicken flavour…only Mee Daddy!

  11. I never try this brand..always go for Maggi as I am keeping those Maggi packaging for their yearly Gawai contest.

    Maggi???? Eyewwwwww!!!! I think that’s one of the worst among all the instant noodles – the texture of the noodles is all kinda funny and the taste isn;t great either. No, thank you… I’d go for the Indonesian-made Indomie or Mee Sedaap anytime.

  12. If not mistaken, you gave me 5 packets when we met up in Penang, right? I remember taking them before, not sure it is Daddy or some other Sibu brand… Actually I wanted to go over to the supermarket opposite to get some.. but last minute, forgotten all about it.. so much goodies to take home and stomach also full.. so naturally all was forgotten..

    Nope! I think what I gave you was the made-in-Kuching Lee Fah noodles, laksa flavour. Not as nice, of course… Hehehehehehe!!!! I heard of somebody buying already from the supermart so I just assumed that you had bought some too. Otherwise I would have got some for you as well. Never mind, next trip… I’m sure there are a lot of other things you would want to buy home as well – start making your list now… πŸ˜‰

  13. I like Mee Daddy with chicken flavoured. Just add the fried shallots in the oil sachets and it tastes heavenly.

    See my reply to Yan. Give it a try…and your hubby will want you to cook it like that every morning. Makes him strong like a lion – roooooaaaarrrrr!!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. Remember i post about Mee Daddy i can find it here? But i only can see chicken flavour no curry!!! I want to try the curry flavour, see how good it is. Everytime when i go to the supermarket nearby my house, i will look out for this mee daddy, but very disappoint, cannot see curry. 😦

    When is your mum going to KL? Text me…i send to you… Very light! πŸ˜‰

  15. My family and I simply love Mee Daddy…and we are quite a connoisseur when it comes to instant noodles..lol! Our favourite is definately the curry flavour.The next time I visit malaysia, I’ll buy a few cartons to bring back for a year’s supply. By the way, Maggie mee is NZ$4.50 a pack of 5….which is double the price in Malaysia.

    Pengsan!!! Namind, all you kiwis kaya-raya one…can contribute a bit to Malaysia’s economy. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  16. Wow will go looking for this just to have a try. It reminds me of the famous Thai brands, Mama and Papa mee which have the best instant tomyum noodles.

    Never had the Thai ones here – Korean, nice but VERY expensive…and we had Taiwan ones once – I like their pork noodles but not available anymore. Get the chicken ones – they’re a bit different from the rest. The curry ones are nice, strong curry flavour…but that’s about it. If I go to KL, I’ll bring you some… πŸ˜‰

  17. Gosh, I’ve read so many raves about this mee daddy, I think I gotta go get me some to see what all the hype is about. Glad to read what Small Kuching said about Giant having them on their shelves. I’d probably add all sorts of stuff in … can’t seem to eat instant noodles on its own … boring.

    The chicken flavour one is definitely different from the other brands and very very nice. If you add extras, it will surely taste a whole lot nicer and bring the taste to a whole new level. I tried a packet this morning, curry flavour – just added an egg and sliced chilies and it was very nice.

  18. We also eat instant noodles here because of the convenience it brings. πŸ™‚ But i haven’t encountered any noodles here with curry.

    No? That’s strange. None among those from Indonesia? They would have all kinds of flavours, and curry would be one of them.

  19. Ohh! Mee Daddy… this one nice… Smallkucing got give me some… chicken flavour… very nice, but I think i screwed up when I make dry mee…sumabt the whole packet of seasoning while I’m only supposed to use half and it turned out so darn salty. 😦 Anyway, here oso can get, but mahal… I saw in Carrefour form Rm5+ 😦

    Wow!!! And I thought it’s expensive here… Ya, when cooking it dry, use half of the seasoning only.

  20. Hi! I was scrolling along in your blog and so surprised to see this Daddy instant noodles, I bought it while it was on promotion (buy 1 free 1!) and fell in love with it! I have only tried the curry flavored ones. Must go and look for the chicken flavored ones now that you mentioned it’s delicious:D Great blog by the way!

    Lucky you! Buy 1, 1 free. Such a good deal. The chicken one is nice too – especially for people who are not into spicy stuff…and if you love herbal soups, throw in some ginseng hairs (seng see) and wolfberries – very nice, will take the taste to a whole new level.

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for commenting. Do come again… Thanks for the compliments too. πŸ˜‰

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