The good, the bad and the ugly…

It’s Erection…oops! I mean, it’s Election Day in Sarawak today. However, I’m not into politics and this is not going to be a post along that line. Instead, this will be my last post in connection with my recent trip to Penang for my niece’s wedding.

I checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport at around 10.00 a.m. that day, 4th April, 2011, so I had ample time to loiter and loaf around before my flight MH1145 departing at 12 noon. Knowing that I would only get a packet of salted peanuts on board and the only inflight meal I would get en route would be dinner on my KLIA-Sibu flight that night, I decided to stop by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet for brunch. I had been there twice before and I enjoyed what I had on both occasions here and also here.

Coffee Bean, Penang Airport

This time around, I wanted the Eggs Ben but they were out of those as well as the scones and the club. They suggested that I had the Brek O’Day but I had that before and I did not want to have it again so I opted for the salmon and egg muffin (RM20.30)…

Coffee Bean, salmon & egg muffin

It was very nice and I enjoyed it. Coffee was free flow…and I just could not resist ordering one of the tempting muffins for dessert…

Coffee Bean, choc chip muffin 1

This was the chocolate chip muffin (RM7.30)…

Coffee Bean, choc chip muffin 2

…and it was just right – moist enough, not dry and had a lot of chocolate chips inside…

Coffee Bean, choc chip muffin 3

After that scrumptious meal, I went into the departure lounge to board my flight to KLIA.

I was a bit put off by the cabin crew on that flight – for instance, as we were boarding, there was a steward who just stood there and I was the one who had to lend a hand to a lady passenger in getting her hand baggage into the overhead stowage compartment. I glared at the guy and he nonchalantly walked away. Frankly, I would think that his duties would go beyond just standing there and greeting passengers as they come aboard like a parrot…including helping everyone with their hand-carried items – young or old, male or female.

And if you think that was bad, the worst was yet to come. There was another one – petite and very “pretty” and effeminate to boot. He was serving the salted peanuts and not a word was spoken as he simply shoved the packet-filled basket into everybody’s faces (unlike the stewardess on my flight from KLIA to Penang who would ask everyone very sweetly, “Salted peanuts?” instead of adding insult to injury). After I had taken one, I said, “Thank you,” to him out loud…and what did he do? Like some kind of diva, he just flashed me a fake smile – you know the kind where they simply stretch their lips a little that reflects their insincerity true and true.

Well, to be fair, one or two swallows do not make a summer but these exceptions would be enough to spoil the MH = Malaysian hospitality image.

Another incident happened upon landing that day that quite disgusted me. For some reason, the aircraft stalled on the runway for a while and many of the passengers were on their feet getting ready to disembark. Despite the announcement on the PA system and the pleas of the air stewardess, none of them even bothered to bat an eyelid. What was worse was that one of the “ladies” was trying to get her things from the overhead stowage compartment. Obviously, she had stuffed them in the ones in  front before proceeding to her seat at the back when she boarded. That was so selfish, to say the least – she should put hers in the one right above her seat and if she was too lazy to carry them all the way, she should have checked them in. I would think that the cabin crew should always be on the alert and keep an eye on such recalcitrant characters to stop them from doing that when they board the aircraft.

Anyway, in the case of this one, she opened the compartment above the row across the aisle from where I was sitting…and something of hers fell out and onto an Indian man seated right below. It looked like a brush or a small broom and luckily, it was not something big and heavy. The infuriated man hollered at her, “Why don’t you sit down till the plane has stopped completely?” Ah well…not that it made any difference! She did not even apologise but instead, she just turned a deaf ear and went on chatting nonchalantly with her fellow-travellers like nothing had happened…and no prize for guessing what language they were using. Tsk! Tsk!!!

At KLIA, I just relaxed and lazed around while waiting in the departure lounge until I receieved an sms from Mandy saying that she would be dropping by. So, I went out and we met  for tea…at where else, but the Italian cafe, the Cafe Berbera again. I tried the spaghetti meatballs…

Cafe Berbera, spaghetti meatballs 1

…which I quite liked. The meatballs were nice but I think it was a bit too fine, probably because they used a blender in the making…

Cafe Berbera, spaghetti meatballs 2

We sat and chatted till it was almost time for my flight and I went back into the departure lounge to proceed to the stipulated gate. There was a delay of 30 minutes – MH2718 to Sibu…but that was no big deal. When you travel, you need to give some allowances for little hitches and bumps along the way…and the most important thing was that I landed at Sibu Airport safely at 10.00 p.m. that night.

It certainly had been a long day…and thus ended my most delightful weekend in Penang. Sigh!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly…”

  1. Nooooooooooooo! I’ve been wanting to eat this! You’re an evil man!

    What? What? Which one do you want? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Come pick me lah… mau makan apa? Got spaghetti ah at this hour?

        Go Pizza Hut – 24hours…

    1. Huh? The spaghetti lo… but I dun think I will fancy the meatballs… would want them with SOTONG. Hahahaha! Yummy… now dreaming for spaghetti marinara. LOL!

      *BIG HINT* Who bring me eat sotong? Come, come, pick me up! Makan sotong, jom!!!

      Pizza Hut has marinara…but macaroni, I think.

  2. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to rush that they don’t bother about those around them. It’s a selfish attitude.

    The typical Kiasu mentality among certain people or groups of people. The post was already too long so I left out the bit about the guy with TWO Blackberries on the flight to Sibu – one in his right pocket and one in his left. I hope the radiation would cause irreversible damage to his testicles. Tsk! Tsk! He was using THEM upon take off…and just before landing to send messages. The only consolation- he did not call (probably too miserly to do that) – many do!!! Haiz!! I just cannot understand these people – like we’re an uncivilised, illiterate country….

    1. I would not be so quick to judge. If it was a connecting flight at KLIA/LCCT etc, I could understand the need to rush for some people. But on a flight back to Sibu and going nowhere?

      At LCCT, yes! Must rush…to take out the bags and go to the counter to check in for the connecting flight but I used to book flights that were far apart in case of delays and cancellations and what not, so I did not really have to rush, just that I had to wait for a long long time and LCCT isn’t the best place for people to hang around and wait. I hear that if you miss the connecting flight, you will not get a refund and have to buy a new ticket. Is there any truth in this? But if the connecting flight is delayed, you just have to wait. Period.

      KLIA – they will not allow connecting flights less than 1 hour and since one can check in all the way (including the luggage) and one can get all the boarding passes at the first station where one starts the flight, there is absolutely no reason to rush. If one flight is delayed, they will wait for you (and if the delay is too long, they will arrange for you to go on a later flight)…and they will keep announcing your name at the airport if you do not show up at the airport gate when it’s time for boarding. No worries at all, no need to rush.

      1. On outward journey on Air Asia with connecting flight at LCCT, I will do web check-in and have all boarding pass checked at Sibu airport for all the sectors including the connecting sector. The problem is with the homeward journey because we do not have access to printer to print out boarding pass. And for some country like Myanmar, forget about accessing Internet. Heck, there isn’t even phone roaming.

        Yup, coming back is a problem – no printer to print…and I do not think there is a special counter at Sibu airport to drop off your luggage and get the boarding pass verified, is there? You still have to queue up like everybody else…and on transit, you have to collect your luggage and drop it off at the counter and get your pass verified again, right? I guess it’s ok for young people…but for old folks like me, I find that it is such a hassle – makes my head spin…and the stress from worrying about delays and cancellations does not help much.

        I would use it for one sector flights e.g. Sibu-Kuching because it is cheap and it’s a short no-transit flight, so no hassle. There is a direct Kuching-Penang flight but unfortunately, none for poor miserable Sibu…. 😦 And I like the common check-in at Kuching airport – can go and check in anytime – no need to wait for the specific counter to open…just like MAS. They do not have it like this at LCCT or even at Penang airport.

      2. I hardly ever have check in luggage when using Air Asia flight.

        For self printed boarding pass and verification, different airport have different verification counter. For Sibu, you have to have it verified at any counter downstairs (check-in or sales counter with the latter often with the shortest queue and none upstairs). At Kuching airport, verification can also be done at the special counter set up at the International Departure entrance (they now seem to also have one at the Domestic Departure entrance which they don’t have before). It’s the most convenient at LCCT because verification are available at all departure entrance.

        Aha! Travelling light eh? I would check in everything – fat and old, too lazy to carry…except for my laptop, no choice. I don’t know how’s LCCT now. It has been a long time since I was last there. But I think I would start using the airline again when travelling alone and on non-connecting/transit one-sector flights – can save money and usually, I would be in no hurry, so I can just take my sweet time – no need to rush. At my age, I would be wishing that time would pass more slowly…if you know what I mean.

      3. Come on lah. How old could you be. In the prime to me.

        Anyway, Firefly fare are truly cheap now. Go check it out.

        Humph! Flattery will get you nowhere. LOL!!! Yes, I am certainly looking forward to the Firefly flights. I hear they’re starting to fly Sibu-KL in August? I hope they fly to Subang, so much nearer. The Kuching flights go to KLIA unfortunately.

      4. Plenty of cheap 1 sen fare on Firefly now. Start flying from Sibu 1-Jul.

        Thanks. Must check and let my West Malaysian friends know. Now they have no excuse not to come over… So cheap!!!

  3. yikes…love the muffin and the pasta….

    Love them too…but too expensive to have on a regular basis. Good to pamper oneself a bit on a long and tedious journey – little consoling comforts to enjoy along the way.

  4. One may not be into politic but one should be aware of the politic and I hope you will go and vote.

    Hehehehehe!!! No comment! 😉

    1. Well, that’s a politically correct reply. So see….you are politically aware. LOL.

      I guess my years of experience as a teacher has made me more diplomatic in my responses…even though at times, I may feel like letting it all out. 😦

      1. 物极则反

        Sorry, I do not have the programme and it’s Greek to me, anyway…so all I get to see are four little squares. 😦

      2. Basically, it means you can’t push a thing/people too far or else they will rebound forcefully.


  5. I thought MAS staff are more courteous than AA? Well, I guess there is one or two that spoils the whole lot..
    I can see your scrumptious meal there, the muffin looks very good! Well, STP, it is good that to hear that you enjoyed your stay, your trip over here… till then, take care …by the way, tell us about the voting today!

    The AA crew are o.k. but I guess they have to do EVERYTHING and would be busy most of the time so they may not have that much time to give that much attention. Plus there are not that many on board so they seem to be always in a rush…even in making the announcements. By the way, my blogger-friend, Ivan (you met him when I went to Ipoh) is not undergoing training with AA. Hopefully, I can get on his flight some day…and hopefully, he will give me VIP treatment all the way. Hehehehehe!!!!

    The muffin was really good…and as for the voting, let’s just say that I have exercised my democratic right. Full stop. LOL!!! 😀

  6. Hmmm..hubby would have much to say when he sees this post…about passengers’ attitude in aircrafts.
    Nothing new with the MAS’s cabin crew attitude too…especially those newbies on the local routes. What I hate most is the double standard they apply to Asians and Westerners..macam la those whites are a much higher class species than us who are incidentally the same colour skin as them…and this applies to most cabin crews…local and international…I’m going to face that tomorrow…gulp!!
    I have always liked to go to Coffee Bean…way better than Starbucks in my opinion.
    Selamat mengundi…undi anda adalah rahsia…yeah, right!

    So far, I have no trouble with double treatment on flights (Had one experience once at the Holiday Inn Kuching though…and I made a scene and got the meal FOC! Melissa was so embarrassed but I told her that if we had to pay for something – not cheap some more, we deserve to get what we pay for like everybody else and we have the right to be heard.).

    Ya…I guess these are the new ones – still a lot to learn and still a lot of room for improvement but it’s the same everywhere – in the offices, in the banks, restaurants…even in the schools, new or old. There are always some bad apples…and it’s one’s bad luck to get one of those. 😦

    I particularly like this Coffee Bean outlet at Penang Airport – not the one at LCCT, wouldn’t want to go to that one again. So far, never tried Starbucks…

    Yes, rahsia. Shhhhhh!!!! 😀

  7. complain…COMPLAIN to MAS !!! wanna know how their response !

    I’ve complained before about their boarding procedures and they replied and the next time I flew, about a month later, they did make some effort to improve. I blogged on that before… These two are the exceptions – the rest on the other three flights were o.k. Anyway, I’ve posted this one in their website as well as the one on my flight from Sibu to KLIA to Penang.

  8. I haven’t seen or heard “loaf” used in that context in ages… although that’s the role of politicians isn’t it?! Speaking of erections we have our own national election in a little under 3 weeks, right after the royal wedding (an auspicious date, I’m sure) and the outcome could prove very interesting (not in a good way).

    On a lighter note (well maybe not not calorie-wise) that’s a good looking chocolate chip muffin.

    Yes, no regrets. It was really really good though a bit pricey in my opinion. Oh? What do you use there instead of “loaf”? Bum around? I guess I’m old school – the product of the colonial days…so I still use those archaic terms, a purist at heart. 😉 We don’t hear much of the elections in Canada here, unlike the US ones.

  9. lots of ugly people nowadays ya? tsk tsk, i’m appalled at the services by the steward on your flight. I thought only AirAsia had these kind of service, but on Malaysian Airlines as well?

    Wow, eating at coffee bean ya?

    Just two out of the lot on that flight, and no problem on the other flights – all very nice. AA, you really can’t blame them – see my reply to Claire’s comment…and when you choose to travel cheap, you have no cause for complaint.

    Yup! Coffee Bean… Once in a while, must pamper myself a bit. No point working like a dog all the time – can’t take the money with me when I leave. 😦

  10. Wow!…chilled out at CBTL for brunch…definitely not cheap. All looks pretty good and you can have free flow of coffee…that sounds nice. The price is a bit steep though….but as long as they are delicious and yummy, then it is worth the price…and I guess airport chains are always more expensive.

    Yes, they are a lot more expensive but anyway, we don’t have those in Sibu and it will be a long while if ever I will get to eat something like those again… 😦

  11. What, ERECTION, what did you ‘do’ in Penang? ha ha ha!
    Bad attitude plane passengers! Give Malaysian a bad name!

    No, I did not do anything you would do at Lisa De Inn! Muahahahahaha!!! Well, the Ugly Malaysian…we see them everywhere, not just in aeroplanes. It really makes one wonder about their upbringing and education that have led to their having that kind of mentality…

  12. Aiya do a chop on the title next time? Was thinking about it for my ‘Random facts’ of Bananaz and you beat me to it..anti climax betul reverse of Clint Westwood’s ‘you dont make my day’ haha. On a positive note and self consolation ‘great man thinks alike’ muahahaha you are much greater.

    Hehehehehe!!! As they say, it’s the early bird that catches the worm. 😉 But actually this is the first time that I’ve used the title of an instrumental (Hugo Montengero) for my post. Too bad, first come, first served. 😀

  13. Malaisiya Hospitality?..mama said if got nothing better to say zip kakaka.

    Huh? Don’t see the relevance. You mean no need to grumble and complain, is it?

    1. Personally Bananaz got no comments on MH they have not learned and improve on their services even after so long not sure they have upgraded to first tier airline probably not yet as compared to other Asian airlines.

      Not true. I find they’re very good even on the domestic routes…except for a handful of black sheep perhaps even though most of them may be new. Maybe in a way, it is how we are to them – if we are warm and friendly, surely they will reciprocate likewise. Many act as if they have paid for the tickets and they have the right to be so demanding and act like they’re so superior even though they’re also flying economy…only!

      The international ones are of course the seasoned ones who are better and they’ve won World No. 1 best cabin crew for many years in a row. I’ve flown on only a couple of other airlines (not including our cheap airline) – more or less the same also…not worse and not better either…or not that I noticed.

      1. Oh yeah are the results out on the IMAS contest already?

        No hope. I saw one Malay lady’s with over 4000 LIKEs…and it wasn’t even a nice post…about her going to Singapore…and the photos were awful – handphone ones. Tsk! Tsk!!!

  14. Are you not going to vote? I hope you went. Sarawak needs your vote! Did you remember to help me vote? 😛 That chocolate chip muffin looks good….so much choc chips inside….mmm. Oooops….the MAS golden service doesn’t seem to be working. I was once on a domestic flight back home. When the plane landed, a man opened the cabin and 3 bottles of water fell out one by one onto a petite, fragile, sick lady beneath!!!! How she suffered but the man never said sorry!!! Ought to be shot, right? Love that spaghetti though. Now I am hungry!

    Well, they do announce EVERYTIME that everyone should be careful when opening the overhead stowage compartment. I assume the man was not a cabin crew member so you cannot blame the airline there.

    As for saying sorry, I MUST say that I am fighting a losing battle these days teaching my students to say please, thank you, excuse me, sorry and so on. Like when I pass them a worksheet personally one by one, they would just take…or when I return a piece of work after marking, the same thing would happen. Not a word of thanks, not even a smile or a slight nod in acknowledgement…and I would tell them again and again but unfortunately, not much would have changed despite all that.

    My question is: don’t parents teach their children good manners anymore? Or have they inculcated this attitude that they are paying me to teach them so they can dispense with all these civilities? Many would call to complain once there is anything not to their liking…and many teachers (and tuition centre bosses) are scared of the parents. Not me! I would just tell them to @#$%&* off!!!

  15. IMMA BACCCKKKK!!!!!! its good to be back to your blog. its been awhile cikgu 🙂

    Aiyorrrrr!!!! Welcome back! Where have you disappeared to all this time? How many kids already? Half a dozen? Muahahahahha!!! 😀

  16. Hehe, I actually thought the egg (or was it an egg) of the salmon muffin was a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It looks great, something I’d like to try to make at home!

    Me too! I forgot exactly what I ordered and at first, I wondered what that was. LOL!!! 😀

  17. oh yes the muffin look so yummy and sinful! aiyah of course will meet that kind of people. not a new thing to meet inconsiderate people on flight. hahaha
    you know, i saw two lover keep kissing each other leh. can’t get hand/lip of each other. mwahahaha

    Just sharing lah…and hopefully, we do not behave like that. So uncouth, no class at all… They think they’re on KL’s mini bus of the 80s kah?

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