Here I go again…

I had to wake up early last Friday…at around 4 in the morning to get ready and get to the airport by around 6.00 a.m. for my 7 o’clock flight, MH2713 from Sibu to KLIA. Oh no! It was that sourpuss on duty at the check-in counter…but to give her due credit, she did everything promptly and efficiently and checked me in all the way to Penang.  She’s actually quite pretty, if only she would smile…a bit.

The next thing, I knew I was on my way…

In the air

…but wait a minute! How did I end up in seat 5C? Checking my records, I found that I had booked 6D for this particular flight.

Seated in row 5

These days, even with MAS, you can book your seat in advance for RM5.00 (RM10.00 on the other airline, if I’m not mistaken) and I would not book the front row, that’s for sure.

For one thing, that is usually where the cabin crew will put their baggage in the overhead stowage compartment and more often than not, there would hardly be any space left for your hand baggage. Luckily, there was only one trolley bag belonging to one of them that morning…and I only had a laptop bag, so it was fine.

The other thing is there is very little leg space between the seat and the partition (between the business class section and economy class) for tall people like me so I would not be able to sit back and stretch my legs comfortably under the seat in front of me. At best, I would only be able to stretch one leg under the curtain…so technically, my foot was travelling business class while the rest of my body was stuck in economy. LOL!!!

Intruding into business class

Besides, on some aircrafts, you would be sitting there throughout the whole flight staring at this sticker right in front of you on the partition…

Sign in aircraft

FASTEN SEAT BELT WHILE SEATED? Of course lah! How do I fasten my seat belt while standing? I would be thankful enough that I am able to fasten my seat belt at all – no need to ask for an extension…YET. I would think that it should read: KEEP SEAT BELT FASTENED WHILE SEATED.

In addition to that, if you are seated in the first row, if there is an emergency case – some ill patient that needs to travel to another hospital for treatment, you may be asked to vacate your seat for him or her. The worse case scenario would be when on a flight that is quite full, you may be asked to move right to the very back.

The only saving grace is that if you are seated in the first row, you will get to be served first. That morning, there was a choice between nasi lemak and fried noodles and beef and it being a Friday in the season of Lent, I opted for the former…

MAS nasi lemak

As anyone can see, it obviously did not look very nice but thankfully, it tasted all right. I peeped at the noodles that the passenger in my same row was having and I thought I had made the right choice. True enough, he did not even finish half of it so I guessed it wasn’t all that great. No complaints though…for on the flight from KLIA to Penang, each passenger would only get these…

MAS refreshments

And it was NOT much cheaper though for a flight of around 50 minutes compared to the almost two-hour one from Sibu to KLIA – RM268 as opposed to RM362, a difference of around RM94.00 for a flight that is twice as long plus an in-flight breakfast.

All in all, everything went smoothly…and my flight, MH1140 from KLIA to Penang landed at the international airport right on schedule at 11.25 a.m.

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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Here I go again…”

  1. You ha, got chance to fly here and there,some more look at those little flaws of MAS, next time fly lah, Emirates from Sibu to KL and Penang, by the way Emirates got fly those routes or not? see i betul betul katak dibawash tempurung lol…

    Emirates international airline…where got wanna fly to kampong town like Sibu? Even Firefly also NOT plying this route! @#$&*!!!! 😦

  2. Good morning!…huhu…nasi lemak!….. looks different. This time you can be excuse cos there is no much choice left for you being the season of lent, that is the only thing you can savour. The prawn sambal looks scrumptious……. but the long beans, is it raw?…looks like…..hmmm

    Not raw. Blanched…and nicely done. Not hard and not soft/overboiled. Would be great if ulam with sambal belacan. Yum!

    1. I second the sambal belacan…. can never do without it! LOL!

      Your sambal belacan not as nice as ours but West Malaysians think our sambal belacan stinks. Wait for my post on this – coming soon.

  3. Perhaps MAS will amend their signs after reading your post… 🙂
    You are really loaded… always fly by MAS and not Airasia…

    No direct flight Sibu to Penang – MAS, you can check in “all the way” which means you get all your boarding passes here and you will collect your checked-in luggage in Penang – they will see to everything.

    The other airline – you have to check in TWO hours before departure…and at LCCT, you have to take out your luggage and go and check-in for your flight to Penang separately and you need to book flights that are far apart in case there is a delay so you will not miss the “connecting” flight. I heard that if you miss it, no refund and you will have to buy a new ticket…and buying at the airport counter can be VERY expensive unlike booking earlier online.

    All things considered, I would rather pay a bit more and travel in comfort – with food…and peace of mind. After all, I do not travel that often so it isn’t too bad.

    1. Actually, Claire… MAS is cheaper in some ways compare to that cheap airlines…just have to look out for their deals… like balik kampung deals, weekend getaway… or their buy one free one offer.

      Timing is very important. Cheap airline offers, you book now – fly end of year or even next year perhaps. MAS, you book…if available, you may get the 70% discount which may be cheaper…or not that expensive and there are a lot of other considerations that explain why I would choose it – see my reply to Claire.

    2. oh that case, better take MAS.. yeah, i forgot.. yours is in Penang.. no direct flight..
      OK, i keep asking this question.. when next trip? 🙂

      No reason, no excuse…no trip. Hopefully, somebody decides to get married and invites me over… 😉

  4. Cikgu, u haven’t upload the vid yet, have you? It says vid is not uploaded…and how come when i clicked ‘like’, it redirect me back to ur post?

    They have extended the closing date April 1st to 15th…and now, videos are optional. I think they did not get any/many entry/entries and probably everyone had a problem uploading the videos like me. It would go up to 35%…and then revert back to 0%…and this would happen three times and then, the page would be disconnected. I don’t know how many times I tried on how many occasions and at different times of day – same thing!

    It’s like those reality shows – depending on the number of LIKEs and right now, I only have 46!!! So few friends, I have… How to win like that? Sobs!!!

  5. Have not taken a flight for this year..gee you have been flying more than I drive over Penang bridge. Must start to give tuition as well hehe~;).

    It’s a matter of wants and needs. We, over here, need to fly…whereas you people over there don’t want to fly over here – only to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hongkong…and even Bali or Thailand and Vietnam. Nobody wants to come to Sibu! 😦

  6. Should be ‘FASTEN SEAT BELT AND REMAIN SEATED’ so that you dont go kacau the pretty air hostesses…muahahaha

    Ummmm…these days, where got pretty ones? Not like the 70s, when they would pick the best looking people. All those beauty queens would be recruited…

  7. Nevermind my previous comment… *blush* I figured out how to ‘like’ it. Best of luck. I hope you will win it.

    psss: Dun forget to upload the vid, k?

    See my reply to your previous comment regarding the video – optional now.

  8. *Sobs* have not taken a flight last year too, and year before last year and year year before last year boo hooooo…any sponsor(s) for any flight from KLIA to LCCT? Preferably by airbus or 747, small single/twin propellers tak nak hahahaha.

    KLIA to LCCT…use taxi (RM50 from Concorde Inn even though so very near)…or bus lah, no airbus. Can walk also…not very far! Muahahahaha!!!!

  9. which one to like?

    You click the link – then you will go to the mastraveller website where you will see my blogpost – “In the summertime”. At the bottom of the post, click the LIKE button, that’s all. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Go…go…go and LIKE! Thanks.

  10. Why*Ask*Why the purser in the plane would announce that lights will be switched off during take off and landing. Why is it so maybe you can ask this question for Bananaz during your next flight or perhaps you already know the answer and care to shine the light here please. tQ

    Google that! You will find the answer on…

  11. I wouldn’t mind giving up meat for shrimp nasi lemak anytime, whether lent or not. No act of self-flagellation there. I always liked MAS airplane food, even the scaled down versions these days.

    I quite like MAS meals – most are nice but I think I would avoid the fish. Once I had that and I did not like the fishy smell.

  12. already clicked like at the link.
    🙂 I wish my feet can travel business class too! LOL

    Thanks. Why not? Everyone can fly… Watch out for the offers. You may get very cheap fares – I booked my tickets during ordinary time but I got the lowest available (70% discount), otherwise it would be a lot more expensive.

    1. Very cool. do we need a passport to go over to east malaysia? Mine kind of expired since Dec 2011.

      Nope. You IC (MyKad) will do… Everyone will need to go through immigration (including us when going and coming back) but I do not see them asking people to fill in forms anymore – I guess everything’s computerised now, so no need… 😉

  13. whoa rm10?! AA only rm6. 🙂 the nasi lemak looks good! 😀

    Ya…I remember it was RM10. I’ve checked – it is RM6 now for ordinary seats and RM30 for the so-called hot seats. Yup, it tasted good…even though it did notl ook so great. Loved the prawn sambal.

  14. but they called those front seats, the hot seats in AirAsia. Those passengers were given the privilege to board the plane first!

    Hot seats? RM30, don’t play-play!
    Normal seats – RM6.00.

    I found that with MAS, once you’ve booked an aisle seat (can be right up to the front – no blocked or hot seats), other passengers will not book that same row. Those boarding without booking any seats would be seated further to the back – that happened to me on my previous trip to KL and back. So, this trip, I would have the whole row to myself or an empty seat in between me and the passenger in the window seat. Nice!

    Dunno how true but I heard with the other airline, if you do not buy any seats online, when you check in, they will separate you and your family, all sitting at different places.

  15. Hehe… you probably have longer legs(above average), lol! At 1st glance the lemak rice looks like Japanese rice, nicely cook!

    Rolling eyes @the air ticket price, should ask Eugene to pick you up, muahahaha(just joking, he probably choking by now)!^-^

    You mean…ask Eugene to drive to KL and take me all the way to Penang? I know Mandy would do that if it fits her schedule, and she can go back to her parents’ place in Butterworth at the same time or do her work along the way. She covers the northern region, so just nice.

    1. yeah, I remember last time she did you the favour, very kind of her!

      Yes, and she joined us for dinner in Penang that night…and got to meet blogger-friends, Eugene and Bananaz and Jessie.

  16. liked already… good luck!

    Thanks, Cyn. How are you? Haven’t seen you around for a while. Hope ur business is good… Kiss your little girl for me! Muaaaaahhh!!! 😉

  17. Fire Fly going to fly to Sibu in Aug, so now will have more choice.

    I love to have seat at front row, at least have more leg space (for me la).

    Aiyo….. “At best, I would only be able to stretch one leg under the curtain…so technically, my foot was travelling business class while the rest of my body was stuck in economy. LOL!!!” This part really make me laugh so hard!!

    LOL!!! I always talk nonsense one…make people laugh! Joker bah! Hmmm…can’t wait for Firefly – at least, it goes to KLIA, not LCCT…

  18. Already clicked ‘Like’ to your post.

    My dad is a very tall man too. When he is in the plane, he will have problem stretching his leg. haha….

    I’m tall – 5’10…and my legs are long. Very uncomfortable on air asia flights but I don’t mind short trips like to Kuching. Thanks for liking my post… Hope I can win! 🙂

  19. Cikgu, clicked “like” for u. If you win, then sponsor us to Sibu for our next blogger gathering. Ha..Ha.. 🙂

    Sure, no problem at all…thanks! 😉

  20. Arthur,
    I dah click ‘like’ many times can click,ah?
    I like the salted peanut from MAS…that one got hantu…1 packet tak cukup!!!I will be back in mid April for 11 days only or else I can meet up with the ‘sourpuss’ from your part of the world!!!

    Once only. After that, the button is faded or blurry – you click also, nothing will happen. The salted peanuts used to be nicer – when it was supplied by Tong Garden. I find that the present ones are not as nice. Mid-April? Easter weekend? Haiya…you should have told me earlier…and I could have tried to fly over to meet you.

  21. hey, that nasi lemak actually looks nice to me woh, and the sambal prawns is just so enticing.. not bad at all right, for this is our “national food” i guess it won’t go any worse lah, hahaha~~ :p

    It’s nice enough for me – pretty good, I would say…and if I should take an early morning flight, I certainly would ask for that again.

  22. kekekkeke… it’s strange how we find reading more interesting when we are sitting doing nothing right? for example when we are having breakfast, the cereal box will be of good source of information! i can read it again and again and again 😛

    as for me, i dun have trouble sitting in an airplane.. the most kecik plane oso can seat as I am not ‘tall’ 😀

    LOL!!! You’re talking about me reading the signs? I could not help it as it was right in front staring at me in the face! Ya…you’re so small they should charge you child fare… 😉

  23. LIKED! hope u win! tooo many nasi lemak u had o.O
    heheh but if u like it then good!

    Thanks, I certainly hope so too. Well, if it’s any consolation, I didn’t have any nasi lemak in Penang. LOL!!! 😀

  24. “KEEP SEAT BELT FASTENED WHILE SEATED” – yeah… i always wondered about that too. Haha!

    I guess we’re just purists…insisting on everything being word perfect. I guess that makes it longer so it would lack”word economy”. 😉

  25. i like seating at row 5…near business class hehehehe. i used to fly business class before MAS increased the prices. more leg space and the seats r bigger n more comfortable hhehehe… but now its too expensive…u should once in a while fly business class STP and experienece the extra Malaysian Hospitality…cheers!

    You don’t need extra leg space…but I guess you would welcome the bigger seats, that’s for sure. I don’t think it’s worth it flying business class, not on our short domestic flights…just for that hot towel upon take off and prior to landing and your own copy of the newspaper in the pouch in the seat in front of you – food and everything else the same, if I’m not mistaken. The story’s different if you’re flying abroad, of course plus you can even get to use the golden lounge while on transit…if you are willing to fork out the dough, that is.

  26. For me, it looks great… but if i were in your position… i will choose the noodles… hahaa I am in a “No Rice” diet now woohoo wish me luck..
    Rice is a staple food here in the Phil… and it’s so damn hard to remove rice from my meals hahaha
    but for the sake of losing weight… I should give this a try ^_^ wish me luck

    You? Losing weight? But you do not need like you need to at all. Cutting out rice will help a lot but you’ll have to avoid noodles too…and exercise. Otherwise, you will slim down for say, about a month and when your body has adapted to the new diet and lower intake of food, you will start putting on again…without eating all those things. Been there, done that! 😦

  27. LOL!

    Maybe that airplane has stand belts so you can fasten your seat belt while standing? Oh my, you must fasten your stand belt while standing.

    LOL!!! You’re making it even more complicated… 😉

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