Mulanya di sini…

Gosh! It has been well over a week since my niece’s wedding on the 3rd of April, 2011 and finally, I am able to put up a post on it.

Over the years, Yvonne had been so sweet as to offer to help whenever my daughter, Melissa, needed to go back to Sungai Petani via Penang. She would meet her at the airport, usually on a Friday, and take her to her apartment where she would spend the night and the next day, Saturday, she and Jonathan, now her husband, would drive Melissa back to her institute in Sungai Petani. That was why the least I could do to reciprocate would be to show up at her wedding and I was not alone…

The clan @ Yvonne's wedding
*Alicia Toh’s photo*

Quite a number of my cousins from Kuching, KL and KK were there too. The wedding was a pretty formal black tie affair held at the gHotel in Penang.

This is the mum, my cousin, helping the daughter dress up for the big day…

Mother & daughter
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…and this is the group photograph of the bride’s side of the family after the ceremony…

All in the family
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

Here is one of me and the blissful couple and my cousin (whose daughter got married in Penang in November last year) and her hubby…

The couple with the Tohs & a Wee.
*Alicia Toh’s photo*

…and after the wedding, the banquet followed. It was held in the grand ballroom with a very interesting and entertaining programme lined up. Jonathan, himself a Masters degree holder in Music, played the violin to serenade his bride…

Mualanya di sini
*HongMayLing’s photo*

The song was the one-time very popular hit of the group, Freedom, Mulanya di sini.

Then, there was the toast, of course…

The toast

…and their first dance as man and wife…

The first dance
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…for which they specially chose the song, “So this is love” by James Ingram.

Jonathan sometimes jams with his friends in some jazz bands in Penang (and Yvonne too – she plays the saxaphone) and all of them came in full force to play and sing at the wedding banquet. I must say they were all very good and I certainly had a delightful evening enjoying all the musical presentations lined up. Jonathan joined in as well to play bass with one of the bands…

Jon plays bass

This was a very touching emotional moment between Yvonne and her father that evening…

Father & daughter
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…that moved all and sundry present especially those of us who are very close to the family. Sobs!!!

As for the food served at the banquet, you will have to come back to have a look in tomorrow’s post… You will, won’t you?

Most of the photographs in this post are not my own. What I have done is to look at all the others that have been shared on Facebook and pick the ones that I like best – the ones that truly reflect the beauty and the emotions at this very joyful and special occasion. If there is any objection from any party concerned with regard to any photograph being used, do let me know and I will promptly have the photograph removed. Thank you.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Mulanya di sini…”

  1. aww so sweet n its good to gather for good occasion!
    and the food post tomorrow? hmm, i will eat until full before coming. thanks for the warning.LOL!

    Yup…tomorrow’s post will be about the food. LOL!!! 😀

    1. *groan* Lord have mercy…. spare me!

      Not to worry, it will just be the stuff I ate at the wedding banquet. LOL!!! 😀

      1. Yaaa…it will be just the stuff YOU ate at the banquet and WE are the one that will suffer..air liur meleleh-leleh. You are really not a kind man, Arthur!!!!

        Haiya, you come to Sibu lah! I’ll host a banquet like that to welcome you… 😉

  2. Wow… the bride looks stunning…I like her veil…duzzin cover her entire face… very nice!

    And Cikgu, did you dye your hair brown? o.O

    Yes, she’s really a sweet-looking girl, getting sweeter and prettier by the day. Nope, I did not do any such thing… It’s turning a bit grey and getting curly…and as for it turning brown, I think it’s because I just use bath soap to wash it. Nice eh? No need to spend a fortune to get it dyed brown…. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Bath soap??? Omg…I really could have sworn you went and dye it brown… cuz it certainly looks brownish in the pic. Yea… looks nice on u… looks very dreamy and fits very well in the wedding themed pics.

      Makes me look trendy eh? I wouldn’t go and dye my hair. Can’t wait for it to turn all white – so I will look more dignified and respectable… 😉

      1. Cikgu, you are giving her ideas already. She been thinking of dye her hair but too scary to do so

        Follow me – always natural, none of those chemicals. Yuks!

  3. i wonder when will i get married hahaha

    When? When? Quick, invite me…and I would have a good reason to go to Manila…and witness a real Filipino wedding. Ooooo…I’d love that! Btw, do people give presents or angpaos (gift money) there?

    1. yeah they give presents either money or other gifts for the couple. But not really enclosed inside the angpao envelope , just a plain white one.

      Over year, it is taboo among the Chinese to give money in white envelopes or wrapped in white paper – they give that at funerals to the family of the deceased to help with the expenses. The Malays use green to give money during their festival (Hari Raya).

  4. eh.. STP, i thought today got goodies’ post.. hahaha…
    but of course, weddings are more important… first priority given! How romantic and beautiful these days the weddings are… caught me feeling envious… 🙂

    LOL!!! The goodies post will be on Sunday, I think…after all the posts on my Penang trip. Long way to go, eh? Everyone must be getting quite sick of Penang by now… Hehehehehe!!!

  5. I have always like that song. Eh, Seha’s dead? When? OMG!!
    You look very nice in your suit although your bow tie ada sikit kecik la..hehehe. I don’t notice any difference to your hair though. But overall, you do look good..ampu sikit!!
    Your niece is very beautiful and elegant.

    Yup, dead as a door nail. And that Loga Arumugam of Alley Cats too – the tall one.

    My bow tie? I was making a fashion statement – ever since my younger days, have always been the one to set trends…and I thought my small one would be the only one of that size, different from the rest and the idea might catch on and people will start wearing such tiny ones too eventually. Mana tau, sampai there…it was the only bow tie – other than the groom’s and the emcee’s. 😦

      1. Thanks Bananaz for the info.I think I read about it but totally forgotten.

        Hmmm…old age? Take gingko… LOL!!! 😀

  6. Greetigns to the newly weds they are starting life sama sama mulanya di sini and both lost their freedom ever since hehe.

    And you’re going to lose your freedom pretty soon yourself, right? 😉

  7. Talking about black tie last previous company had a whole gang going DownUnder for a conference and the grand finale was a ‘black tie’ dinner. Those days cant google but doodle didnt check taking ‘black tie’ word for word and bought black tie, of course with some unhappiness among some of the Chinaman members against black pantang woh. All of them came back with their heads down very the malu-ing..

    In Malaysia, no need to worry one. The invitation said”black tie” but I was the only one wearing. The emcee was wearing a white one with a white satin vest and coat tails looking quite like the conductor of a symphony orchestra. We were the only two (other than the groom) with bow ties.

    1. Canland mah! Was in my company function last month and it’s ‘black tie’. First time wearing a bow tie. Like you said many people could not be bothered some came without even a tie and no coat. Have to adhere to the dress code as a sign of respect. Went to one nonya wedding invited by outlaws in Penang, theme is batik for men and kebaya for ladies. Have to go and buy one batik coz never liked wearing one. All the relatives very sporting dressed as per theme, especially the nonyas looking good & so elegant during a photo session of them standing in a row.

      Yes, I love themed-parties but here, forget about it! Guarantee not successful and most will just come as they are. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  8. re: shereen. was thinking the same thing too. the bow a bit small for stp. lol!apart from that very swanky looking! the bridal party all looking very glam n the bride n groom of course very matching couple!

    See my reply to Shereen. Trying to be a trend-setter mah! And believe itor not, it was one of the two used by Leo and Jude when they were page boys at my wedding, boughtin Singapore. Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. Hehehe..Stella,I know it’s bad and Arthur might kecik hari but could not help myself from!!!

      No lah. Sticks and stones may break my bones, words never will. But do check out my reply to Philip’s comment… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  9. A nice wedding indeed. Wished mine would turn out that nice 🙂

    Btw STP, you look really smart with the bow tie! Can you believe I havent had the occasion to wear a bow tie before?

    How’s the planning so far? I hope you’re not too busy with your social activities? September isn’t that far away. Thanks for your compliments. You wanna borrow my bow tie? I can post it to you – easy-to-wear one with an adjustable elastic band, can use with ordinary shirt collars.

    1. Planning is ok, will need to go back penang soon to discuss with parents on some stuff. 🙂 thanks for the thought bro, if i really need it will inform you ya. thanks!

      Social activities? I’m not as sociable as you think I am. I just like to make new friends, but it does not take up all my time. XD

      No kah? You come across as very friendly and very social to me, easy to get along with – sure will have a lot of friends everywhere. Going back to Penang? Ooooo…too bad you could not make it when I was there. Ya…let me know if you need it.

  10. Beautiful bride! Hey Arthur, looks like good looks run in your family!

    Thanks for your kind words. Btw, I seem to notice a difference between the comments made by the guys and the ladies. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. The ladies are more honest..muahahahah!

      Straightforward? Blunt? Cruel? Guys are more diplomatic? Kind? Hehehehehehe!!!

  11. So yesterday was the last episode on Penang food….and there will be a new episode on food again soon, hehehe!….good!..goood!…

    Wow, STP, you look so cute and adorable with with that bow tie…but SOBS!…. it is a bit small for your size…LOL!….

    See my replies to the earlier comments- wanted to start a new fashion trend, always like to be different. You’ll get to see food, lots of it, tomorrow, don’t worry.

  12. Wa lau leh, STP looks so handsome in bow tie and coat! Like big taukeh!

    TQ! TQ! Haiya…I thought you would say that I look like Alec Baldwin or George Clooney…. Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  13. such a nice wedding….
    no comment about ur bow-tie..dah banyak comment la..
    couldn`t wait for the next post..of course..FOOD 🙂

    Yes, it was nice. Hmmmm…very wise, playing it safe, eh? Invitation said black tie mah…and we teachers are like that lah – must follow law one! 😉

  14. Congrats to the lovely bride and the dashing groom. Sounds like a beautiful wedding dinner. Everyone also looked handsome and beautiful in their best outfit 🙂

    Thank you, thank you. Come back tomorrow to see what was served. 😉

  15. Alec Baldwin or George Clooney? Hahahahhahahah, i nearly get choked while i am eating my oranges now!

    Don’t worry, you look very smart in the picture.

    Wow..your niece play saxaphone? I always think girl look sexy with saxaphone.

    Hahahahaha!!! At least mylittle joke got you laughing and cheered up your afternoon! Thanks for your compliment. Ya…I like sax music…or violin, very sensuous.

  16. Fuiyoh! Looking so Stylo with a bow tie and a suit! Congrats to your niece! They’re such a lovely couple!

    Thanks. Ya…not many occasions to dress up so nicely so that was a good opportunity for me… 😦

  17. STP – u looked stunning all dressed up like that! Nothing beats a man who takes the effort to look nice! NICE! 😀

    Thank you, thank you. 😉

  18. Right…agree with you. It’s always best to look different from others. Maybe a red bow tie instead of black.

    Yup, a red one would be nice…but this one, it is stated: black tie.

  19. Did you check with Yvonne whether she minded having her wedding pics plastered all over your blog?

    I don’t think she’s that imperious and I’m sure she will be pleased to see everybody saying how sweet, how beautiful she looks.

    It’s her friends that I’m more worried about, the ones whose photos I’m using in this post even though they’ve shared their albums publicly on her wall as well as Jon’s on Facebook. Some people are very possessive about their works – not me…anybody can use any photo they want…and a lot of people have asked to use my poems – go ahead, no problem. Want to put in public domain, then free for all. If don’t want others to take and use, then no need to put in blog or anywhere else for that matter.

    Anyway, I did ask Von. She’s on honeymoon right now, not online all week – very”busy”, I guess. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀 And she said: “Go ahead, no problem at all!”

  20. i see the “audrey hepburn” pic made it into your blog too. Haha!

    Ya…that’s the only one showing everybody from the bride side…

  21. tell you something….last black and white photo… that present the bride was holding..present from couple to dad/dad in law,, ipad 2 leh..hehhehe

    Oh? So that was the hush-hush thing between the cousins on Facebook – special delivery. I saw the two talking about sending something and it had been received… Well, did you know that Von’s earring got stuck to her dad’s corsage? The next photo in that same album…

  22. you and leo aka kpg Nangka boy tried your best to stand behind the crowd when taking photo eh? same size hehehehe…wah, great music at the reception…..did u or leo sing? cheers!

    Nope…no guest singers. 😦

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