Last flight out…

Well, it was one of the morning MAS flights, in fact, but not the last flight out. Our flight from KLIA home to Sibu was at 7.30 p.m. that evening and I did not dare to take the 5 something flight from Penang in case there was a delay or cancellation and we would not be able to catch the flight home. All the other flights in the afternoon were full, so I had to settle for the one at 10.45 a.m. arriving at KLIA around 11.40.

We had to wait the whole afternoon at KLIA but I guess it would work out to more or less the same thing as most hotels would insist that you check out at noon…or by the latest, 1.00 p.m. and given the choice between hanging around at KLIA and Penang airport, I would much sooner opt for the former.

Anyway, that morning, we went to the airport quite early to check in and I made sure that we had ample time to sit and enjoy breakfast at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet there…

Coffee Bean, Penang airport

…especially considering that all you will get on a MAS flight between Penang and KL would be a drink and a little packet of peanuts.

I had their Brek O’Day which I had the last time I was there and I quite enjoyed it…

Coffee Bean brek o'day

Great heavens!! That cost RM19.00 now – it was only RM16.35 when I had that in September, 2009 – an increase of over 16%!  Tsk! Tsk!!!

My daughter had the salmon scramble (RM17.80)…

Coffee Bean salmon scramble

I guess she missed all that salmon that she had been eating in Wellington, New Zealand.

My missus had their egg club sandwich (RM19.00)…

Coffee Bean egg club sandwich

…but she did not say a thing about it. Well, at least, she did not grumble and complain, so I guess it must at least be edible.

All orders were inclusive of free flow of coffee but their mugs were so big that we couldn’t possibly ask for more…and it would be quite a hassle to go into the (tiny) toilet on board the aircraft while airborne.

All too soon, after breakfast, it was bye-bye, Penang! I would probably be back again…sometime in April.

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24 thoughts on “Last flight out…”

  1. so expensive @_@ but food do look yummy. hehehe oh no hungry now for breakfast

    Sometimes, must pamper oneself…and I always believe that if going on holiday, no need to scrimp and save. Just enjoy! Wanna do that, better just stay at home. Besides, there’s no Coffee Bean in Sibu… 😉

  2. mmm why the price keep increasing oh?

    i have to tell my boss the why my salary is not increasing according to current economic hehehe

    Can’t be worse than Sibu coffee shops. Sugar went up 20 sen, drinks all going up 50 sen. Tsk! Tsk!!!

  3. Itu lah dia inflasi 16%. Oh Sibu people kinda very sweet they just add 20 sen of sugar into the kopi. lol

    50 sen actually, just saw in today’s papers. This is grossly unfair…especially when they’re mien-tai drinks (without sugar). Whatever happened to the “change” that the Sibu people voted for? Not a sound, darn!!!! All the same! Obviously they don’t give a damn anymore since we have given them what they wanted – at least, not until the next election! 😦

  4. it’s always more expensive at KLIA..

    …and at all Malaysia Airports for that matter. Some people have very well-stuffed pockets obviously. Tsk! Tsk!

  5. RM19 for a few slices of bread, sausages and egg, sounds like daylight robbery. But not much choice if you’re hungry.

    It’s o.k. for a once-in-a-blue-moon treat…whilst basking “in style” at Coffee Bean. LOL!!! I wouldn’t wanna go to such places on normal days especially at those prices. But they do enjoy brisk business everywhere, it seems.

  6. Whoa! A sudden increase in the price eh? Well, that is normal nowadays. I have eaten in some restaurants here in my place and they surprised me with the “sudden” marked-up price.

    I guess we have to thank the inflation rate for that.

    Just those blood-sucking businessmen out to take advantage of the situation (and blame the government) – sugar price gone up 20 sen a kilo and the drinks going up 50 sen a glass… Quite obvious who should be blamed in this matter. Surely they do not add 2.5 kilos of sugar in every glass of drink? Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  7. Well…as long as they are delicious…then the price should be worth it right? 😀

    Not really, I wouldn’t think it’s really worth it…but the consoling thought is that we do not have that in Sibu and it will be a long while before we get to eat that again, other than the fact that it was quite nice.

  8. wow wow… so so overpriced! 🙂

    Branded coffee place…plus Malaysia Airports, what to expect? At least, we got to enjoy what we had and we would not be eating that again anytime soon, so it wasn’t too bad.

  9. Wahhhh! Daylight robbery… so expensive for such breakfast!

    And I cannot understand why there are always (so many) people at such branded coffee places – so expensive and nothing really THAT great – mostly young people and yuppies. Just to see and be seen, I guess – ada gaya bah! If there had been a place like these during my younger days, wouldn’t last a day or two, I’m sure – close shop liao!

    1. Beats me… I can’t take coffee. Gives me terrible palpitations, so such places have no appeals to me. But I do enjoy places like Subway and stuff though the price is somewhat a killer… I love their sandwiches very much. I believe they offer the best sandwiches around.

      Subway expensive? Hmmmm…will not bother to go and try then. My daughter goes to Subway a lot in NZ but there, they have so many choices…like the cheeses – a whole lot. Here, they say, at the most, 3 only… Everything’s so limited – looks like Malaysians are being shortchanged and they do not know it.

  10. Whoaaa wondering how long i dint step into coffee bean dy! LOL! oh well the foods there memang expensive. :/

    Well, the consolation is that we do not have an outlet in Sibu, so we’re not going to have that again for a long long time – the last time I had it was over a year ago… 😉

  11. Wow.. definitely not a cheap breakfast eh 😛 But I guess the prices are a little steep there since it’s located at the airport? Not really sure on this as I have never eaten breakfast at CB outlets. Anyway by the looks of it, I’m sure it lasted you til past lunch!! 🙂

    Yup…everything’s expensive at Malaysian airports…even LCCT! Yup…we had a late lunch that day – you can read about it in my next post.

  12. wow..such a long hour in the airport to wait for the flight back. So how you kill the time ?

    I like your missus egg club sandwich, look very yummy!

    For that, you will have to come back and see tomorrow’s post. It turned out a lot better than I thought. Wouldn’t mind doing it like this again – as long as it isn’t waiting at LCCT! That would be hell! Hehehehehe!!!

  13. CBTL is not a bad choice, at least the food looks very good n you get free refills.
    The Old Town at LCCT is the worst… expensive and food is lousy..
    I wonder why Msian airport food is so overly priced and always lacking of seating space .. tsk tsk.. a lot of rooms for improvement eh?

    Yalor…I just can’t stand LCCT, so terrible like Puduraya bus station and yet everything’s so expensive. I guess they have to keep paying some people a lot of money…for certain “privileges”. 😦

  14. Your family’s breakfast look good. I like the food at Coffee Bean. It is a bit pricey but I think Starbucks coffee is more expensive. Sibu don’t have Coffee Bean yet?

    Sibu, small town. No Starbucks either… So far we have Secret Recipe and Boston only, besides KFC, Pizza Hut and McD.

  15. wow, so rich having meals in the airport, haha!! but no choice lah, airport chains are always a lot more expensive.. sometimes i’d tabao from McD in town and bring over to the airport, with the same cup you can get refill drinks from the airport McD also, hahaha.. smart?? 😀

    McD allows refills? Ooooo…then I must save the cup and bring it along wherever I go. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  16. I actually prefer San Francisco’s coffee than Coffee Bean’s. I love Salmon too, specially the fresh raw salmon sashimi! Yummy~!^-^

    Ooo…you have expensive tastes. I always tell my daughter to eat to her heart’s content in Nz – when she comes home, it will be too expensive to indulge in such stuff.Never tried the other coffee places – only went to this one as it was there – at the airport. 😦

  17. We love Coffee Bean…when we were living in Malaysia,we got to top up our Coffee Bean card almost weekly and we would just chill out in the cafe whenever we were bored at home.
    Couldn’t believe how high the food increase in Malaysia when we last visited in Oct…but to compare with overseas,we are still pretty lucky.

    Ya…especially when you earn money overseas and you spend it here…like when we go and spend money in Indonesia or Thailand. I guess such places are good for people to sit around, idling and relaxing and sipping coffee…

  18. i hate spending time waiting at the airport but i guess now I’m quite used to it already. Waiting for more than 5 hours is really dreadful

    This was the first time I didn’t mind it – since I could lie down and sleep…but I wouldn’t be able to do that if travelling alone – so worried people would take my things. 😦

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