Come fly with me (2)…

Gee! How time flies! Last Saturday morning, I was in Penang…taking a flight to KL. Since I was at the airport early, I did what I do best to while away the time – eat! I decided to go to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf…

Coffee Bean 1

I was wondering whether there was something wrong with the coffee cup or perhaps they gave me one that was meant for lefties (left-handed people). Anyway, I opted for one of the items on the All-day Breakfast menu…

Coffee Bean 2

…at RM16.35. Well, considering that the breakfast set an McD’s costs RM12 something, I would think this one’s a much better deal and more value for money than what I got for RM20.00 at the LCCT (Low class…Oops! I mean the low cost carrier terminal) – just coffee and a slice of apple crumble.

When I came back to Sibu on Tuesday, at the KLIA, I stopped by the KFC outlet in the departure hall…


Gosh! The place was deserted! Probably school holidays were over or perhaps, the economic downturn PLUS the H1N1 had hit the travel industry hard…or maybe it was puasa (fasting) time. I had the Riser…which was actually half a burger for RM8.25, inclusive of one drink and I had orange juice…

KFC Riser

You get more options outside in the departure hall and I understand that things are cheaper than what you can get inside the departure lounge. Otherwise, if you are flying to East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), you can always wait till you have boarded the aircraft as inflight meals will be served, all inclusive in your airfare unlike when you’re travelling on that cheapskate cheap airline…

MAS inflight meal 1

The inflight meal used to come in plastic plates of various sizes on a tray and then they switched to a very elegant and sophisticated looking box (that looked like something from the florist) but the food inside at the time was horrible. Then they changed to a fragile manila card box and improved on the quality of the food served…and now they have come up with something new that they claim is biodegradable and environment-friendly.

MAS inflight meal 2

There must be something wrong with the design as I noticed that they had torn off one end of all the containers which unfortunately gave them a flawed and not-too-impressive impression…

MAS inflight 3

The food inside was the usual fare that they had been serving all this while. That morning we had a choice of nasi lemak

MAS inflight meal 4

…or roti prata, and the extras…

MAS inflight meal 5

Somehow the stewardess serving the meal in my section did not ask the passengers whether they wanted tea or coffee, just water or fruit juice. I had to ask for my caffine fix and it came in a plastic cup that looked like the cover of a vacuum flask…

MAS inflight meal 6

…and the coffee was so diluted and weak. Ah well! As they say, beggars can’t be choosers…. Anything’s better than eating at the terminal and burning a hole through your pocket…or spending RM8.00 for a cup of instant noodles!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Come fly with me (2)…”

  1. I very poor2 so have to use cheap2 airline… Hahaha

    Book early…get the MAS 70% discount – cheap, free 20 kg luggage, free inflight meal, free choice of seat, more comfortable seats, any number of bags as long as you keep to the weight allowance…and KLIA, not that godown or Puduraya twin…and somehow, MAS planes not so noisy – the cheap airline like vegetable market! And the stewardesses don’t look like those hanging around at clubs waiting to be picked up…

  2. The price of airport foods is definitely many times higher… especially in Malaysia, even the parking in KLIA is so many times expensive.. luckily for MAS flights to Sarawak, we still can at least enjoy a decent meal… the price of inflight meals in our low cost airline is definitely overpriced, no problem in giving it a pass as there’s always kolo mee or kampua available after landing.. LOL!

    Yalor…less than 2 hours, won’t starve to death! Don’t understand why people willingly allow themselves to be slaughtered! Malaysia Airports…yunno lah! “Some people” got their fingers in the pie and have very heavy pockets!!!

    1. Now with Datuk Idris Jala been made a minister.. I do hope the MAS inflight services to Sarawak/ Sabah will not be affected.. where everyone had to be content with eating buns and cakes.. unlike the Ferrero Rocher that you had above..

      I don’t mind not having Ferrero Rocher…not a fan, but I do hope the new guy will maintain the status quo. Things are generally ok…as they are, no complaints but hopefully, he’ll do something about the so-called “rural services”! See my reply to annant’s comment!

  3. yeah MAS better than that Air Asia anytime. That horrible red airline delays my flights almost every time! So fed up with it. I think the breakfast at coffee bean looks good but a little expensive.

    It was ok…but I had better scrambled eggs at Cititel Penang’s buffet breakfast, and I can cook better ones too! Expensive, but at least, it wasn’t too bad…compared to some of the things they sell at airports! So expensive and yet don’t taste nice!

  4. last time i traveled from bint-ulu to kk with maswing, they served us cold and hard sandwiches only 😦 and kitkat and a cuppa juice…kiamsiap!
    and i paid like 300+ geksei!

    da brekkie set look yummo! it’s a wrong timing to visit ur bloggie at this time as my stupid stomach is groaning disapproval 😦

    GOOD!!! Now you know how we East Malaysians have been bullied and exploited! They classify these sectors under “rural services”…BUT the fares are SOOOOOO exorbitant!!! I checked the other day – Sibu to Miri will cost MORE than going from Sibu to KL.

    Then they use the miserable Fokker (correct spelling!) aircrafts…and you were lucky to get the sandwiches and Kit-Kat.

    Try taking the KK-Miri-Bintulu-Sibu flight! THREE hours and you get NOTHING, just a packet of MILO each sector…so by the time you reach Sibu, you have three packets of MILO!

    If Miri to Bario…or Long Lama or Marudi, ok lah….but Sibu, Bintulu…and the cities – Miri and KK, RURAL meh? And they kicked out the cheap airline from the Sibu-KK route!!! Tsk! Tsk! @#$%&*!!!

  5. wah..u flew with MAS? how much is the ticket from KL to Sibu? no wonder so nice food served…some more got the ferrero chocs… not bad, this MAS…

    That day, I managed to get the 70% discount…return was only RM238! Have to book earlier, otherwise you may get 50% or 30%, but the worse is normal fare – That can be quite expensive!

  6. Speaking of departure lounge, once in the air asia departure lounge,I think it was KL if memory serves me right, I was puzzled why they have a huge advertising board of Malaysian Airlines,their rival, in there?

    It’s not their airport, mah! And that cheap airline still owes Malaysia Airports millions for their services and using their airports – phai kha…don’t want to pay! So anybody can advertise at the airports – MAS or whatever airline!!!

  7. War… ferrero rocher some more? Free? LOL 😀 War…the coffee looks terrible. So you always travel using MAS?

    The coffee’s not really terrible – just that it was kinda weak! Better than KL coffee – BLACK…but no coffee taste at all! I think I will post on this soon… Ya, I use MAS as far as I can help it. Have used the cheap airline a couple of times only….

  8. haha i know u prefer mas.

    all those awesome food u had in penang… i want to take 2 weeks break go penang!!

    When? When?…If the time is right, maybe I can tag along – free hotel, free food, free air ticket….. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. I was shocked MAS did giving up Ferroro Rocher when i travelled KL-Sibu last month…… A lot of changes been made!!

    BTW, i jus wanna ask which place in Sibu offer good “char kueh tiao” & “beef noodle”???

    No char kway teow that I really fancy in Sibu except maybe the Moonlight kway teow at Uncle Dom, beef noodles – the ones at Rasa Sayang’s nice…and at Lot 10 (Ramin Way) or the main/original stall at the traffic lights along Lanang Road, leading to Li Hua and Kingwood Hotels…the one at Loke Ming Yuen (somewhere behind Rejang Medical Centre) also ok… All nice but not as nice as the one I had in KK (RM7.00 a bowl!!!)….

  10. I also prefer MAS, but the hot drink cups are very dodgy, and due to high risk of spillage, they just don’t serve hot drinks when there’s the slightest bit of turbulence.

    Ah well…if that’s the coffee they serve, I guess I can always do without it! Can always bring my own Nescafe sachets (from the hotels)…and ask for hot water! At least they allow that on MAS flights…not like on that cheap airline!

  11. nice photos..those pictures are making me hungry again!!!lol!and since when does MAS serve ferrero rocher?

    They’ve had that for quite sometime now…but I don’t like chocs with nuts. LOL!!!

  12. KLIA..
    i always go there for fun during my days in inti.. haha..
    it has been quite some time since i last took a flight.. lol

    No plans to come over to East Malaysia? Get the MAS 70% discount…it can be really cheap and better on all counts, compared to the cheap airline…

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