Have a nice day (2)…

I used to stop here for dinner on Sundays after the evening service in the church but eventually, I stopped going even though the food was very nice…like the name of the restaurant:

Sibu's Nice House Restaurant

What pissed me off then was that it would always be so crowded and we would have to wait for ages before the food was served. In the meantime, we would have to put up with the ear-splitting din. Sometimes I wondered if everybody’s friends were deaf and they had to speak so loudly at the top of their voices as if they were delivering a speech or something!

Well, my daughter wanted to go there the other night for dinner as it had been a while since she last had some of their specialties that she used to enjoy a lot. We were there around 6.00 p.m. before the crowd came in but there were no less than 5 or 6 tables occupied already at the time. Still, the service was excellent and the drinks and dishes came in a jiffy. We had this dish of mayo-fried prawn balls…

Nice House's mayo-fried prawn balls

It was very nice, I must say! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 7.5…and I would give this next dish a generous 8 – their sizzling beef on a hot plate…

Nice House's sizzling beef on a hot plate

We also had their fried midin (wild jungle fern) with sambal belacan and it was good too, but then, so is everybody else’s where this dish is concerned.

Nice House's fried midin with belacan

The sea cucumber soup was a bit too sour for me and I did not like those thin strips of ginger in it…

Nice House's sea cucumber soup

…but all in all, it was a delightful dinner and the best part was that the bill came up to ONLY RM33.90, inclusive of rice and drinks for 3 persons. You can compare this with the prices and what we had here, here and here.

Anybody would like to join me for a NICE dinner? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Have a nice day (2)…”

  1. me Me ME! ๐Ÿ˜›

    luckily im having my brekkie
    if not sure drooling one…

    Having ur semester break? Not coming to Sibu? Then I can take you there mam-mam! LOL!!!

  2. Huh? Me? Me? Me? What the f…???

    Anyway, those food look so yummy! Oh, and I don’t like the ginger strips in my shar…I mean, sea cucumber soup. Hehehe! Can’t stand the bursting ginger taste when I bite into it. Eww!

    LOL!! She wanna come with me to Nice House mah!!! You want or not? Guess you’re coming back on Ching Ming weekend? Hahahahaha!!! Btw, how’s this Empire Inn (hotel) round the corner from your office? I think it’s near Pizza Hut. Decent or not or the place crawling with China girls??? Help check it out and let me know?

  3. hi..I like your blog.. will add u now.. i m crazy for food too..

    Ooo…thank you! Now this is “claire” with an “i”. Welcome and I’ll link you in my blogroll too! Do drop by and comment often, ya!

  4. Empire Inn? Hmm…The name does ring some bells but I don’t know where it is located exactly. I’ll ask around though. KNB and TOC don’t know meh? They should know eh? You coming over kah??? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Will ask KNB too! It’s just round the corner from ur offices – the shoplot next door. Well, planning to…and more or less confirmed liao!

  5. So what is the owner of this restaurant trying to tell us?….they have got a nice house….?

    Yalor…I would name it Nice Food Restaurant! That would be telling it as it is! LOL!!

  6. Have you tried Tune Hotel? On second thought, better not lah, the bathroom is so damn small that I don’t think you can turn around in there. LOL! Will go and have a look later (Empire Inn, not Tune Hotel) Any other hotel in mind? Kingwood Inn? Yan said she always stays there.

    I used to stay there too…until somebody said the place is haunted, don’t know which room! Hehehehehe!!!

  7. Empire Inn? its a shoplot hotel i think, on top of the Kelab Dangdut. So you might have to listen to poco-poco and Goyang Inul hits till 2am before you can go to bed. I wouldnt recommend that hotel. hehehe.

    Aiyor…I think I’d better stick to my usual Harbour View or Regal Court (Ooo!!! Peterson’s hay pia!!! LOL!!!) then….

  8. OH! Above the Kelab Dangdut? Then I advise you to look elsewhere. The Poco Poco starts at 3pm/4pm and can be heard all the way to my office.

    Don’t want to stay at the Grand Continental liao?

    Maybe Grand Con! KIV! Wah…you two so familiar with those dangdut places kah? Always go poco-poco, goyang-goyang kah? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Aiyo, it was so noisy and could be heard all the way to my office, of course know lah! Summore my boss was complaining about the noise. Hahahahahaha!!! He jokingly said want to bring the guys from my office to check out the place. LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    You should go! Can slim down…and then you can post your photos in ur blog again! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. i love this restaurant too! my family and my cousin always come here and eat! really nice!

    The food is really nice. It was the long wait and the noise that I hated…but that day, it was ok! Don’t mind going there again. So cheap some more!

  11. wow… look at that plate of fried midin…with sambal belacan summore!! double the greatness…yum x2

    Hahahaha!!!! Drooling away again, I see!

  12. btw, where on earth is that place..tak pernah dengar pun! :p

    Brooke Drive – the nearest block of shophouses on the left if you’re walking from the Mist Garden. Same block as Artfriends Photo Studio or Dr Hu’s Dental Clinic and there’s a chicken rice coffee shop at the other end of the block that seems very popular.

  13. Stick to Harbour View and we’ll drive you to Peterson… hahaha.. but the dinner is at Four Points.. why not stay there?? ROTFLMAO

    The cheapest is RM250++. Don’t mind staying there if some kind souls – OKB (Orang Kaya Baru) willing to pick up the tab! ROTFLMAO!!!

  14. I support you bro,we dont have to waste our precious time waiting for food even if it is very the good.

    Don’t mind of it’s a classy place, nice ambience, delightful music to relax to and soothe one’s nerves…but not when it’s a crowded Chinese restaurant with noise that can rival that of a marketplace!!!

  15. I wonder why mayonnaise is so popular as a “garnish” now…! I don’t really like it on asian/chinese dishes.

    I think it’s some kind of mayo-based sauce…as it usually tastes a bit different. Goes well with the deep-fried stuff – seafood or tofu…

  16. Wow…rate has gone up so high in Harbor View? You can always stay at my mum’s, if you don’t mind “no room service”, and also no “ensuite”…but FOC!! hehe

    Four Points lah!…Never mind, I’ll find some place cheaper, but I hope KNB can bring KOK at the club after dinner… Hehehehehehe!!!

  17. I think STP referring to Four Points’ room rate la, Gerrie. Although, if he doesn’t mind staying at self-service and no ensuite Kumpang Hotel, he’s also very welcomed.

    Yup…it’s at Four Points. Haven’t called them yet to see if they have special govt rates…or rates for poor, old senior citizens! Hahahahahaha!!!! Tell KNB I wanna go KOK at the club…or any of his regular haunts after dinner!

  18. last time we booked a table n order the food in advance -so we dont hv to wait for too long – agree with u the food there is nice esp. the midin n price reasonable.

    In fact, they encourage people to phone and book so that they will not have to wait. Really tedious having to wait for so long…but that night, it was fast, probably because we went early.

  19. Welcome home, Melissa! Time to fatten her up!

    Too bad her metabolism too good…and before she can put on much, already time to go back…and starve again!!! So kesian!!!

  20. well it’s cheap but you have to sacrifice your ears!

    Yes…otherwise, have to pay thru’ the nose to dine in style and silence! Sigh!

  21. Oh dear stp, you make it sound as if Mel’s living conditions or rather her food is so so horrible where she’s studying.
    Surely it’s not that bad! I don’t think my parents had to worry about our food when we were studying abroad. I remember having very good food…not homecooked meals of course, but we took turns cooking, and it was always quite good, even though trial and error sometimes. Either that, or we were always hungry by dinner time, and was simply game for anything. You should encourage her to cook, or is there no cooking facilities?

    You have yet to see the dump she’s in right now!!! The town isn’t much better except for one small newer section where Tesco is. After having seen what they have there, I think the world of Sibu…and our colleges here are a lot better and nicer.

    Nope, no cooking allowed…and they have to eat at the roadside stalls across the road. The swarm of flies hovering over the exposed food will kill whatever appetite you may have. My stall at Bandung is heaps better!! And you will not believe your eyes when you see the amount of damage done to the hostel – and these are future TEACHERS that we are talking about. Really disgraceful and I feel ashamed that I was once one of them – a teacher!

    Everything looks nice on the outside – bright colours, landscaping, MUSHROOMS, even a waterfall…but inside, rotting away. Very typical of certain kind of people, yunno lah!!!

    You can ask around! Things are not much better not even in the local universities! I am sure things will be heaps better next year when she goes to Wellington…and she’s looking forward to that! I am too!!!

  22. Doting on your girl by bringing her out for meals. I heard the food in Kedah quite good and cheap as well. You just have to acquire spicy Malay food. My daughter has to make do with whatever she can eat at her uni- better learn to put up with whatever is available. Got to toughen them up. Wait till your daughter goes to NZ. You tagging along as well?

    She’s getting on ok actually but of course, being deprived of all the good things to eat, I will let her enjoy herself once she’s home.

    Quite tied down with work too…but when she gets to go out on weekends, she will go and eat something nice at places like Master Choo, Old Town, Secret Recipe…but that’s to the most, once a week only.

    Well, in a town where you can walk past several blocks of shophouses and not even one coffee shop, you can imagine how much you can get to eat in a place like this.

  23. walau eh .. everytime you go eat sure a lot one leh .. hurm .. today i kenot be the first one to komen .. ha ha ha .. number 24 some more. namind, tmr i’m on leave .. ha ha ha .. I chup!

    Like that a lot kah? Three persons oh!…Wah! Got competition, who’s first kah? Tomorrow, I wil purposely post late…let u wait! Hahahahaha!!!

  24. I went there once when i was still studying. I think i need to visit there again. Since you said it is nice..,

    When you wanna go? Inviting me to come along or not? Hehehehehehe!!!

  25. Re. your reply to Gerrie. I agree with STP that the condition of the institute of higher learning in Kedah, or anywhere local for that matter, is pretty much sugar-coated to impress visitors/parents only (what’s with the landscaping, eg. pond, mushrooms, waterfall, etc, kindy kah?). When you actually stay there and experience the place inside out, you’ll know what it means. And don’t even let me start on the food. I have been there, done that. (Been to SP too, that place is so…….I don’t have any word to describe it, man!)

    I will not give anything just to go back to that sh!thol3 ever! I dreaded going back for my graduation last year but I just went and left without looking back.

    Well, time flies like nobody’s business. She’ll be out of that awful place in no time. ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS: Have you bought her a pepper spray?

    See! The inside story! The plain truth! Not that I’m fussy…but I think it has to do with the people up there!!! I don’t know how they get promoted but I would think that with the “truly” qualified people, there can be nice institutions of higher learning in the country. No wonder our local unis are dropping out of the list of the world’s best…

  26. STP, you won’t have to worry about Mel not getting enough to eat in Wellington next year. So long as you provide her with the money, she will have a whale of a time eating all those yummy lamb (yummy for her, not me. Not into lamb), beef, ice cream, etc. And I’m sure Asian food is available too. All in clean, lalat-free environment.

    Money isn’t a problem…after all she’s on scholarship and everything else is free! I’m sure she’ll have a much better learning environment there than here as well… I haven;t started talking about the “qualified” coursemates yet…!!! I wonder how they will survive there!!!

  27. Good idea C4STP!If ‘Popoi’ comes to Melbourne,even Best!Aunty Stella can chaperon her everywhere,fine dining,spa,facial,theatre,pedi-manicure….her wish will be my command provided Dad STP provided all the cash n sponsors all the food n excursions,no problemo one, so no kesian already lah!LOL!

    Yalor…should send to Auntie Stella for grooming lessons and then she can be as glamorous (teng?) as her auntie and her cousins! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  28. am sure Sasa can stand all those conditions in the college-its the fussy doting dad who is complaining..haha

    Not really… I think I’ve been through worse conditions, but young people nowadays are used to better things. I guess she’ll survive…but things could have been a lot better if they had better people running the place.

  29. Wow, with those “living” conditions, I must say you have an angel of a daughter who did not demand to be taken out of there. I suppose must let them tough it out, like Sophia said. I suppose have to slog more so son can opt NOT to study locally. It’s one thing to toughen them up but I will not abide bad food, and good food doesn’t need to be pricey either.

    Well she will be out of there in no time, and I am very glad for her, definitely. Wellington will be such a welcomed relief for her…and she may not come back…hehehehe!

    I’ve told her many times that if she wants to quit, it is perfectly ok – there are always other options but she’s determined to go through it all. It will definitely be better overseas…like what I gathered from those that I met in the UK, twinning with one such teachers’ college in KL – equally bad there but I suppose KL is much better than SP…if you’ve the money! LOL!!!

  30. Wow. Very long time didn’t go there. That is cheap for food like that. Will go there for dinner if have chance. With this type of food in a no aircon coffee shop will easily cost you more than RM50.

    That’s why I was pleasantly surprised. So very cheap…and the food is really nice too!

  31. Finally can see the comments….my computer must have had the flu or something. I see you keep mentioning about KOK in the club? Hahah… ok lar ok lar. Mai so kin teo. When exactly will u be in Kuching?

    Thought ur sis already fixed the C4STP farewell thingy on Saturday April 18th???…Today WordPress not behaving itself! Pening my head…trying since morning!!! LOL!!!

  32. So good ha the food? Until got so crowded and noisy? I like the hot plate beef ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yes, very good…and the best part, it’s SO cheap!!!

  33. Don’t worry about Sasa lah. Exposed to those conditions makes her appreciate home and you more!

    I guess so…but everytime she comes back, it gets harder to leave. Can’t wait till end of the year…for her to get out of there!!!

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