I can’t remember where or when it happened but I was at some place enjoying myself eating the specialty of the house when this Ah Lian showed up. Spotting some people she knew at a nearby table, she went over and exclaimed, “Aiyor! Why you all eat that? Later you all get Crazy Cow disease, then you know!!!” LOL!!!

Well, I’ve always loved beef noodles…

Rasa Sayang beef noodles 1

Back in my younger days, I would patronise that “Ang Kau” stall at Kiaw Siong Cafe, alongside the celebrated Ah Kow kampua…and much later, I loved the “Ah Mui” beef noodles at the Open Air Market in Kuching and also a stall at the Cuppage Hawker Centre in Singapore. The what-they-called “Taiwan beef noodles” at Ampang Point in KL, next to the De Palma Hotel, was also very delicious…and back here in Sibu, I used to rave over the beef noodles at Ah Hock Kia Cafe but the quality has gone downhill since and it’s pretty much the same  at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation or the corner one at the traffic lights to Li Hua Hotel and at Loke Ming Yuen Cafe (opposite Mitsu Tea House).

Then I tasted the one in KK and things have never been the same after that. It was SO out of this world, the best I have tasted ever and even at RM7.00 a bowl, I felt it was worth it as the soup was thick and rich and they were very generous with the huge chunks of beef and stuff.

There’s a stall at Lot 10 along Ramin Way and I gather that the beef noodles are very nice but I’ve yet to go and try as parking in the vicinity can be such a pain. However, on Sunday, my missus and I went to the Rasa Sayang Cafe but this time, we did not go for the kampua. We were actually there to try their new item on the menu – beef noodles… 

Rasa Sayang beef noodles 2

Well, as you can see from the photo, the serving is extremely small…but what can you expect for RM4.00? Tastewise, I liked it a lot – about as nice as what I had in KK but the ones there come at almost double the price (and that was in the middle of last year, so I would not know if the price has infalted). Like in KK, the beef comes in chunks and not in paper-thin slices as in the other places around here and for one thing, fresh beef is not cheap these days! RM25.00 a kilo!

All things considered, I am pretty definite that I will be going back there again and this time around, I’ll ask for an RM8 bowl… You think I’m crazy? LOL!!!