Have a nice day (2)…

I used to stop here for dinner on Sundays after the evening service in the church but eventually, I stopped going even though the food was very nice…like the name of the restaurant:

Sibu's Nice House Restaurant

What pissed me off then was that it would always be so crowded and we would have to wait for ages before the food was served. In the meantime, we would have to put up with the ear-splitting din. Sometimes I wondered if everybody’s friends were deaf and they had to speak so loudly at the top of their voices as if they were delivering a speech or something!

Well, my daughter wanted to go there the other night for dinner as it had been a while since she last had some of their specialties that she used to enjoy a lot. We were there around 6.00 p.m. before the crowd came in but there were no less than 5 or 6 tables occupied already at the time. Still, the service was excellent and the drinks and dishes came in a jiffy. We had this dish of mayo-fried prawn balls…

Nice House's mayo-fried prawn balls

It was very nice, I must say! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 7.5…and I would give this next dish a generous 8 – their sizzling beef on a hot plate…

Nice House's sizzling beef on a hot plate

We also had their fried midin (wild jungle fern) with sambal belacan and it was good too, but then, so is everybody else’s where this dish is concerned.

Nice House's fried midin with belacan

The sea cucumber soup was a bit too sour for me and I did not like those thin strips of ginger in it…

Nice House's sea cucumber soup

…but all in all, it was a delightful dinner and the best part was that the bill came up to ONLY RM33.90, inclusive of rice and drinks for 3 persons. You can compare this with the prices and what we had here, here and here.

Anybody would like to join me for a NICE dinner? LOL!!!