We are family…

Initially, it was a one-shoplot coffee shop behind the Sibu Polyclinic and then it moved to the Delta Commercial Centre at the corner of Jalan Pedada and Jalan Gambir. The food was nice and the prices were reasonable, so my family and I would eat there quite often and we would tapao food from there for lunch or dinner quite regularly. Then it moved again and now it is at the Jaya Li Hua area near the Sibu Bus Station. I am referring to the Sweet Family Seafood Restaurant…

Sibu's Sweet Family Restaurant

It is much bigger now, 2 – 3 shoplots and enjoys brisk business at any time of day. Be careful though because there is a step down as you leave the shop and somehow, they used the same tiles for the first row on the pavement as those in the shop proper. When we were there the other day, I saw at least two people tripping as they did not realise that they were stepping onto a lower level. I think Kpenyu went there once with a prominent Sibu lawyer and it was also the case with the latter. Luckily the man did not fall flat on his face, otherwise the restaurant owner would have a legal suit in his hands.

Other than that blemish, the food is still as nice as before though and the service is efficient and fast. We had this plate of sweet and sour ribs…

SF's sweet and sour ribs

…and sizzling venison on a hot plate…

SF's sizzling hot plate venison

…together with this vegetable dish – baby kailan fried with belacan (dried prawn paste) and the tofu dish in the background…

SF's baby kailan and tofu

…and we had this huge bowl of sea cucumber soup as well…

SF's sea cucumber soup

You can see the big chunks of sea cucumber in it, unlike at some other places and all that, inclusive of rice and drinks for 6 persons, came up to RM68.00.

So what do you all think? Expensive or would you regard that as reasonable?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “We are family…”

  1. RM68 for 6 pax, not expensive and its reasonable. The sea cucumber…alot? I only see the sauce cover all over

    No prawn, no fish…no aircon, not in town centre, so l would expect something around RM50. Btw, it’s sea cucumber SOUP.

  2. Oh yes! This restaurant does have nice food. We ate there once in a while as well when it was at the Pedada Commercial Centre.

    PS: Yay! You’re back blogging! At least I don’t have a dull day to start working 😀

    lnternet problem not resolved yet, so enjoy it while you still can! LOL!

  3. Woohooo….. STP is back from the dead. And with more food too!!! Hahaha

    Resurrection? Not likely! No Xmas miracle here. I found l could upload pics into my flickr a/c using my hp and retrieve for use in my blog post without signing in. I’m using my daughter’s laptop to post; dunno if l can still blog once she’s gone back to SP! Pray!

  4. What happened to you, Suituapui? Did you go for a holiday or something?

    RM68 for 6 persons is pretty reasonable. Don’t think you can get that price if eat in KL : )

    lnternet problem, see previous post. Of course, can’t get that price in KL, so expensive there – see my reply to arwen.

  5. hey, i love that sea cucumber soup, is that available at semenanjung? or only at chinese restaurant?

    Here, we can get the soup at the halal Chinese restaurants in the big hotels. It’s sharks’ fins soup minus the fins and they put sea cucumber instead. Tastes the same and a lot cheaper!

  6. I like this place esp the curry fish head and the philipine tu kha. Did not go the last trip to sibu though

    Everyday eat poomba, cook kasam…how to go to Sweet Family?

  7. Price reasonable. Food looks good. The other day, my bro in law who stays in Kuching called me and asked where he could bring his mother (staying in Sibu) for a good Chinese meal, I really have no place in my mind to recommend, beside my own home! Ha, ha. Next time I should ask you!

    I’ve posted on Ruby, Mom’s (Lau Tee Fang), Swansea… Y2K is nice but I’ve yet to post on it. People say my blog’s like a Sibu food directory. LOL!!! Btw, did u get my X’mas card?

  8. STP’s blog back from the dead! Goodie!
    What do you mean by you can’t online using your own PC? If you could online with your daughter’s laptop, then that means your Streamyx is working just fine, your PC could be the culprit, want me to help you check it out? ^^

    I’m using Celcom (external modem) 3.6 mps…and I CAN go online, can log in my blog and go other blogs very fast but cannot comment or do much else. My daughter’s using the more expensive package – 7.2 mps….and though a bit slow (on laptop compared to PC), I can perform a lot more functions. Maybe I should just stick her external modem into the PC… I called Celcom…and they called back a day later, saying nothing wrong with their connection, probably overloading as sharing same line as hp users. You think I should have my PC checked?

  9. Ahahaha… lucky i just eat, now see ur pictures very safe la, Cikgu…. not hungry… LMAO 😛

    Lucky u! Don’t worry…u should be quite safe from my food posts for a while! …Until the internet connection improves! LOL!!!

  10. neither, it is so darn cheap, especially with the economy in recession. Wow… hmm.. isn’t deer-poaching illegal ?

    They do rear them, but if you have the right contacts, you may be able to get of some ‘organic’ bambi…and poomba too! Hahahahaha!

  11. It’s not that expensive. it’s like an average of RM12 per person which is decently reasonable. Sorry for the long spell of silence. i was away… hehe

    …and l know what you did last weekend! 😉

  12. I’ve reminded myself not to visit your blog at midnight again and again.. But I still failed to do so T__T

    Aiyor…you tiger kah? Active and dangerous (hunting for food) at night? LOL!!!

  13. hmmm….reasonable price. i love venison. heck, i practically love everything on your table, and that includes the plates as well….yum yum

    Wei! Why you always hungry one? Overactive kah? Still every other day…or now every day? Or several times a day? Hahahahahaha…. Sudah dapat hasil? LOL!!! Eyew…those melamine plates, no thanks!

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