Rumour has it…

The other day, Huai Bin was back in town for a week as there were rumours circulating at one time and he wanted to be around to carry out his democratic right but unfortunately, what he expected would happen never did… and since, he had already booked the air tickets, he went ahead and came home to spend some time with his family.

While he was here, we managed to go out for dinner together but that night, many of the places in town were closed. It was the day after the Father’s Day weekend so probably, they had been so busy and all of them needed a break to recuperate and rejuvenate. In the end, we agreed upon this nice little restaurant in the middle of town.

I ordered my usual favourites – their black pepper and honey prawn balls…

Black pepper honey prawn balls

…and their black pepper lamb…

Black pepper lamb

If you should look at the other tables, most of them would be ordering the same things and that would bear testimony to the fact that these were great, as always. Of course they have their other all-time favourites but we did not order those as there were only the two of us and we couldn’t possibly eat so much.

I also ordered some fried midin (wild jungle fern) with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Fried midin with belacan

…and it was good – maybe a little bit too oily…but good, nonetheless.

I was thinking of ordering the sizzling beef on a hot plate, another popular dish there, when we spotted on the menu two duck options that we could choose from. Both Huai Bin and I love duck and since the waitress recommended the apple duck, we ordered that right away, no second thought about it.

Apple duck 1

Horror of horrors! When it came, we saw that the portion was extremely HUGE, at least half a duck, no less…

Apple duck 2

The waitress did not say anything – she should have forewarned us that the bird would be served half or whole…and we would have braced ourselves for the surprise. Well, I would not say it was great, not something that would get me rushing back there again anytime soon for more… but it was pretty good especially when eating the meat with the green apple strips though they could have been a bit more generous with those.

The place was not very crowded that night which suited me fine – I hate it when it is fully packed as owing to the low ceiling at the place, it would get extremely noisy and I would get put off by that and my dining pleasure would be absolutely ruined. One thing that I’ve noticed about that place is they will cook the orders table by table…and even when everybody is ordering one same dish, they would not cook it in bulk and distribute it among the tables equally. That was why when Huai Bin had just popped a prawn into his mouth, more dishes arrived and he had to store it in his cheek to be eaten later…

Huai Bin @ Nice House

…while he went about his business of taking the photographs of the food. LOL!!! I guess this is good in a way as it would control the quality of the food served…but if there are many people and you are the last table to arrive, you may need to wait a very long time. Thus, it would be good to call them and book a place and make the orders beforehand. In case anyone is interested, the address and telephone number is as follows:

Nice House Restaurant
1E, Ground Floor, Brooke Drive, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
084-33 6050

I certainly enjoyed Huai Bin’s company, as always, and for one thing, he would, time and again, pick some of the food and place it in my bowl for me to eat – I thought that was so very sweet and respectful and so very nice of him. My daughter does that as well sometimes…but I reckon only a handful of young people these days would do the same.  It  was a great night out for the two of us, no doubt about that, and I certainly look forward to doing it again some time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Rumour has it…”

  1. It’s quite an achievement that we finished the duck. Heh.

    It’s always a pleasure to dine with you Arthur!

    Voted again, you’re at 161 and 134 now, hope you win! 😀

    1. Thanks, Huai Bin. Currently still at 4th & 5th. Hopefully, can do much better today – edge up to No. 3 at least…a difference of around 50 clicks atm. Have a great day there…

  2. Clicked ady ….167…the other pic belum cukup 24 hrs…hv to wait a bit more..will do with other devices n id later of the day when cukup 24hrs.

    Cham…with u blogging abt this place it will certainly become more crowded. Hey….maybe you can hv your own tv show like axian…”Cikgu foodie adventures”

  3. Wah, Huai Bin so naughty one kah?.. got piercing at the ear one!!!!Anyway, the food look absolutely delicious and I think I would like them very much as they are not the typical very Chinese dishes.Anyway, we at home really really hope that you will win the competition or whatever it is and we really want you to win too.Have a nice day, Arthur.

    1. I’m hoping and hoping too…very very hard! Well, Huai Bin’s young mah… Trendy and all. You should see his tattoos… Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  4. Thanks, Merryn. I guess that sounds better then “keeping it in his mouth”… Muahahahaha!!!! Oops!!! You’re such a bad influence… ROTFLMAO!!!! 😀

  5. Rumors? What rumors? 😛

    I was surprised to read “Horrors of horrors!” I thought the food is so terrible that it is so horrifying. It is the size that horrified. ^_^

    Ya…two persons eating such a big plate of duck…and all the other dishes too. Amazingly, we finished everything! LOL!!!

  6. As usual..I’m eyeing on the midin! Haha..
    Anyway…done voting. Good luck to you and ur companion! 😉

    Thanks. Ya…midin, simply the best…and 100% organic! 😉

  7. All the food looks so awesome. Makes me drool. Thumbs Up!!! to the young man, Huai Bin for being so sweet and respectful.

    OK, 2 clicks added and many many more to come. BTW, when is the closing date for this contest? Hope lady luck is with you. Jia You!!!…Jia You!!!!..

    I’m No. 3 now…way behind No. 2 and somebody gave me a tip – if you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera…one person can click FOUR times! I did that already! Ya!!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. I am using Firefox. You mean I can click four times within 24 hours. If so, will definitely do it just for you, hehehehe!!!!..

      1. No. You use Firefox to click once, then you use Google Chrome to click another time, then you use Internet Explorer to click again…and I just installed Opera so I could click one more time = altogether FOUR times per photo in 24 hours. LOL!!!

      2. OK, I understand, Now I use google chrome and internet explorer to do that.

        Thanks so much. What would I do without friends like you… 😉

  8. Wow….I love every dish you posted up leh…especially the lamb one …drooling!!!!!

    Come on, call Claire…make you plans now… When can I expect to see you in Sibu?

  9. hmm….. never tried those jungle ferns before, looks good to me, and OH, good job on the duck 😛

    You’ll have to come to Sarawak if you want to eat those ferns. Nice, nicer than paku… 😉

  10. haha, all the rumours but never did happened.. so we still keep on speculating the dates huh, probably after the “celebration day”.. so did you guys finished up the duck?? maybe the waitress saw you and think she doesn’t need to forewarn, haha~~

    Yalor…one look at me and she thought, “Sap sap sui!!!” LOL!!! 😀

  11. This time back home i finally get to try the food at Nice House Restaurant, but we pack home the food to eat with my grandpa, since he cannot walk well. So we had a small gathering with all the uncles, aunties and cousins at home. I like the food so much..the prawn and the lamb..yummylicious!!!

    Had done my second round clicking. 🙂 My friend just did her too, she is no 315 she told me!!! AHHAHAHAHHA

    I think can go slow a bit now…stick around 3 and 4. If increasing so fast, so suddenly, they may get suspicious… LOL!!! 😀

  12. thats midin? i only know paku is famous and crunchy like midin 😀 yummms

    Latest: Arabic For You!

    They’re both wild ferns but they’re completely different in taste and texture.Here, no restaurant sells paku, just midin…or maybe some of those Malay food stalls do have paku but most of the time, they do not know how to cook it well – overcooked, black. I wouldn;t eat theirs – will cook my own at home sometimes.

  13. i voted again…. but to other ppl .. (kekeke)
    no le just joking ..
    wish you good luck…

    Thank you. Can, can vote others if their photos are nice. But I see all of them totally irrelevant – nothing to do with SHARP, their “memories”. The organiser should have been more selective and choose only the deserving ones… 😦

  14. Sometimes I wish you would just name the food places instead of saying it’s this place or that place. Maybe it’s just one of your insidious methods of getting ppl to read your previous posts.

    Anyway, I’ll support your Sharp ambitions! Clicking it every day! =)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂

    Nope, I’m not being “insidious”…actually my intention is to avoid being tracked down by google (especially when I say not very nice things about the food – don’t want a million ringgit lawsuit in my hands) – people type the name of the place and they get that blogpost right away – so I do not type the names of the places…and use photos to indicate which one I’m talking about if it is the first time – so I have to link back everytime I go to the same place.

    1. Smart. Yeah, protect yourself. Let the readers find out for themselves if they’re really interested.
      I went to a Indonesian/Indian place last night which was right behind BSN. Not bad. You should try the Ayam Pangang. The marinade was awesome!

      Oh? I did point that place out to you, didn’t I?
      Food’s pretty good now…not like when it first opened. A bit high end…but as long as the quality is there, it should be worth it. Great for some kind of celebration or special occasion.

  15. Lovely food again. Still miss that midin very much. Have just voted again. Good to be reminded 😀

    Thanks. I’m afraid I’m going to be such a pest over the next few days…reminding again and again and again. When is your next trip back to Sibu? Any plans so far?

  16. click 380 & 314….just because others are calling out number of clicks.

    Thanks. No. 4 and No. 5 right now. The Indon (yesterday’s No. 4) has jumped up to No. 1 overnight… 😦

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