I feel the earth move…

I feel the earth moveunder my feet Well, if Stanleycarter who lives across the road from my house, felt the earth tremble under his feet yesterday, I certainly hope that he was not unduly alarmed. No, there wasn’t an earthquake nor was it the Royal Rumble either. It was just Tweedledee Tweedledum…oops! I mean, Tubby & Tangki…oops again! ROTFLMAO!!! Well, actually, I was going to say that it was just Kpg Nangka Boy (KNB) and TheOtherCousin (TOC) who were at my house for tea.

I went to my regular stall to buy the pulut panggang – glutinous rice (with santan/coconut milk and salt added) wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over an open fire…

Pulut panggang

I think this stall has the best in town. Cukup lemak! Cukup wangi! (Rich enough! Fragrant enough!) Very nice! They’re actually made by some Malay folks and they will send them there daily at around noontime for sale at the stall at 70 sen each. I love having them with kaya (coconut egg jam) or in the absence of condensed milk these days, sweetened creamer.

I also bought these butter pastries at RM1.00 each at the Master Bakery Cafe.

Butter pastry

Actually, I had posted on these before – the pastry becomes extra flaky and nice and the butter filling will melt a bit and is extra fragrant after you have heated them up a bit in the oven. Yum! Yum!

The guys did not come empty-handed. They brought with them a bagful of the celebrated Sibu Foochow kompia (traditional open oven-toasted unleavened bread)…

Sibu's Tiong Hua Road kompia

Any ex-student of Sacred Heart Secondary School in Sibu and maybe the girls from St. Elizabeth’s next door too, would know these – the ones sold towards the end of Tiong Hua Road ever since the 60s. They slice the kompia open, stuff it with cooked pork belly and dip them in the very delicious gravy before serving.

But if you’re buying some home, you should ask them not to dip them in the gravy but to pack the kompias and the gravy separately or they will all become soggy and mushy. You can do that yourself, simply dunk it in like what KNB had done here…

Tiong Hua Road kompia

Other than tea and coffee, I also bought some tofu fa/tauhu hua

Tofu fa

I don’t know what it’s called in English or for that matter, whether it has an English name at all. I understand it is very cooling and if you take it regularly, you may get a very fair and smooth complexion – just like the tofu fa! LOL!!!

Well, they did not have these for tea; I had eaten them up before they came! Hahahahaha!!! But truth be told, I saw these yam balls at the shop while I was buying the butter pastries…

Yam balls 1

Yam balls 2

…and decided to buy 2 at RM1.20 each to sample. They were pretty nice but I prefer those sold at that shop in Kai Joo Lane in Kuching.

Well, the two of them had a dinner date with some big shot datuk at the Sin Hock Chiu Leu Restaurant across the Igan River from Sibu, so they left soon after tea…