Well, what car do you drive?

Mine’s an old 1.3 Wira…and as long as it can get me around, I must say that I am pretty happy with it. For the record, I have been driving for some 35 years now and I’m proud to say that my record is absolutely clean. Unfortunately, there were times when people bumped into my backside…oops!…I mean, the back of my car. Sigh! But what was most important on each occasion was that the accidents were quite minor in nature and I was unscathed, praise the Lord!

Well, this happened sometime last week. There was this old man living in a big bungalow in front of my parents’ place. His errant son came home in the wee hours of the morning, drunk despite all that has been said about drunk driving, and rammed into the gate of their house, knocking it off the rail…and leaving the house without a gate for the next few days. The crash from the impact was so loud that it woke up everybody in the neighbourhood and as for the car, it ended up looking like this…


Not too bad, I should say, considering the amount of damage it had caused. I guess that was because it was a huge vehicle…but imagine if that nincompoop had  knocked into some poor old man in a miserable  1.3 Wira like me. It would not be so bad if the Wira ended up becoming some horrible wrangled mess but what about the old man? Would he be badly injured in the impact? Crippled for life? Would he survive?

For one thing, I cannot, for the dear life of me, understand why people have to drive those  gigantic monstrosities in a small town with small, short and narrow roads, and I also cannot understand that why people cannot be more  considerate while on the road. They may not cherish their own lives but I’m sure many, no matter how old they are, are not quite ready yet to join the heavenly choir! No, thank you!

Drive, by all means, drive…but drive carefully and with a sense of responsibility to yourself and your fellow-road users.