Wherever I lay my hat…

The lyrics of this song go, “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.” Well, my daughter’s home for the holidays and I decided to cook something that she loves to eat – top hats or what are locally called kuih pai tee!

For the filling, I bought some sengkuang,(Mexican turnip) or what we call mangkuang/bangkuang here…

STP's kuih pai tee 1

…which I had to peel and shred real fine…

STP's kuih pai tee 2

…and I also chopped some long beans…

STP's kuih pai tee 3

…and some tau kua (tofu slices)…

STP's kuih pai tee 4

I used some minced meat but it would be nicer with minced prawns, or at least a bit of each. I wanted to give some to my mother and since she’s allergic to prawns, I had to do without it…

STP's kuih pai tee 5

…and once I had got some finely-chopped garlic ready…

STP's kuih pai tee 6

…I was ready to roll! After heating some oil in the wok , I browned the garlic in it before adding the minced meat. Then, the long beans went in, followed by the tau kua and the sengkuang. Finally, I added a tablespoon of chicken stock granules in place of salt and msg and this was how it turned out in the end…

STP's kuih pai tee 7

I also fried some omelette and cut it into thin bits to be added to the filling later. I did not mix the egg with everything else as my mother is also allergic to it…

STP's kuih pai tee 8

Now, many of you are dying to find out how I made the pai tee cups. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint all of you ‘cos I did not make the kuih pai tee cups myself. The truth is I do not know how to make them but the stall selling those delicious pulut panggang at Rejang Park sells those at RM10.oo for one whole container of them…

STP's kuih pai tee 9

I guess it is so much easier just to buy them. All that was left to be done after that was to fill the cups with the filling, add some chilli sauce on top and gulp it all up!

STP's kuih pai tee 10

It would have been nicer with some homemade hand-pounded chilli but there was not a single one at the market when I went in the morning, so we had to make do with chilli sauce instead…

STP's kuih pai tee 11

There was a bit too much of the filling for the number of cups in the container, so I guess I would have to go and buy some popiah skin to make some fried spring rolls. My daughter loves those too…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Wherever I lay my hat…”

  1. It’s good to be an early bird don’t you think so? He he he. By the way, that looks yummy to me. Didn’t know you can make kuih also. Thought all these while you tau makan saja! Ha ha ha ..

    so, like this if let say I decided to go into food business, can you be my partner? You and your skill, me and you with the popularity (angkat bakul remarks again!) – sure gonna be a bomb!

    Usually fat people can cook very well, the skinny people are the ones who dunno how to cook – no interest in eating so, no interest in cooking also mah! Wah! What partnership? Nanti I jadi donkey and you sit and count all the money, no thank you! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I will try this some day. Or use it with poh piah skin as you suggested.

    Usually for po piah, I will use french beans instead of long beans and cut into fine thin strips. I feel they have a nicer fragrance. I will also add bean sprouts (taugeh) and use minced prawns or even crab meat.

    While wrapping, I’ll spread the chilli on the skin and sprinkle lots of mashed khong-terng (grated peanut cakes) before adding the filling and rolling them up…

  3. i lurve this too!
    but i only get to mum this at others’ housewarming 😦

    Aiyor…can make urself mah! LOL!!! They have at The Chicken Rice Shop…but not as nice, of course and expensive!

  4. Yeah, prawn and crab meat will be heavenly, basicaly, the ingredients are the same as what we make our popia with.

    Its been a while since I had top hats, a coffee shop in Tabuan has it. Should go there one of this days, however, having said that, i don’t quite fancy the skin they made, a tad hard as compared to the ones made by aunty Lucy

    Yes…but have to chop smaller and more fine to fit in the cups. Definitely nicer with prawns and crab meat! Btw, I think KNB’s mum can make… I remember one CNY, she had the cups in a tin and if u wanna eat, you’d to open the tin, get the cups and fill them urself…to ensure they would be nice and crispy.

  5. wow it looks nice and delicious. Like something that we can find in birthday party, because it so cute, lol. But the preparation look so ‘renyah’ or ‘leceh’, easy to say, its quite hard to prepare, even its look just like a simple dishes. Hmm..but, again, it looks so yummy. I want one please!!

    Same as making popiah, not really leceh… Some Malay/nyonya dishes even worse with all the rempah to prepare, all the pounding etc etc etc…but of course, without all that, it would not be so delicious! I don’t really feel it cos I enjoy cooking and doing it slowly while listening to songs on the radio… LOL!!!

  6. eh, long time dun come here you bengbeng and long time don’t visit our blog leh .. u forget us ady lah .. sob sob

    Wah! Now, who’s the commentwhore? Hahahahaha!!!! You so long inactive, mana orang tahu ur blog has come back to life?

  7. Can courier some for us in Kuching?

    I’m allergy to seafood too but I do eat them, provided I’ve medicine with me πŸ˜€

    Kuching, got The Chicken Rice Shop at Boulevard – got kuih pai tee there! But if you click this link to my old post:
    and see their kuih pai tee! So kesian, so pathetic one! Definitely cannot compare to mine! Hahahahahaha!!! Aiyor…so kesian, allergic to seafood! So yummy! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!!

  8. And i was so excited when it reaches to the part where you’re supposed to show how you make the pai tee cups! So anti climax la!

    Hahahahaha!!! Hopefully, this doesn’t happen in other contexts hor? ROTFLMAO!!! Can buy, why bother going through the hassle of making your own? I think there were more than 50 in the container, more than enough to go round.

  9. am vv angry i got cheated by STP..n after a while am happy you did not make the hat..cos I never got it right.hahaha

    LOL!!! And there you were eating your heart out since yesterday…thinking that I was so good – could make the pai tee shells!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. where is this stall at Rejang Park–n what time you can get them?

    First block of shophouses at Rejang Park, the stall next to the Chinese pharmacy – where the EON Bank branch used to be before. The stall opens for business around noon – but they do not have the pai tee shells every day. However, the man said can place orders anytime… If you want, I can do it for you…say, a few days before you come to Sibu.

  11. Sounds like an easy task. Will like to try to make it in future. hihihi…

    I guess the only problem is making the pai tee shells and keeping them crispy/crunchy…

  12. Here u were with all the ‘sengkuang’n everything n YET u did not make the “ka-kak”(shell), n that really made me go ‘sengkeng’! But hats off to u for your yummy effort in preparing the fillings.Now I have to figure out a way what to use in place of that ‘paitee’shells. πŸ™‚

    Hahahahahaha!!! So much easier to buy them! Have to use a lot of cooking oil to fry…and so very hot, and if like Pollie, no garenti will jadi one, really frus!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  13. I love this! The preparation however, I do not love…haha. So much work, and then it’s gone in a mouthful…not even a 2 minutes to down one!

    But all that could make a whole lot. I thought there were around 50 pai tee shells…but in the end, there were definitely more than that and we ate to our hearts’ content!…And not really hard work, chopping and cutting while listening to the songs on the radio – I quite enjoyed it! Especially when the end result was very well-received!

  14. looks like we hailed from the same era,the eighties hhahahah. whereever i lay my hat, that’s my home (paul Young)

    those were the days man

    No, no, no…I’m definitely way before that!!! Hahahahahaha!!! My music spans several generations… Forever young lah!

  15. Eh KNB mum also my mum lah….hehehehe…I have a headache today trying to solve some techie thing on my notebook, so being picky…hehe

    Yes, Mum makes the most delicious pai-tee, with an equally delectable chilli sauce to go with it.

    Yalah! Was telling TOC, thus the reference to KNB. Wanted to make the chilli sauce but believe it or not, not a single chilli in the market. And the long beans RM1.00 for less than 10!!! I bought from an old lady…Oh ya, did you get to eat the dabai before you left for KK? RM20 a kg but very good ones!!! Yum! Yum!

  16. was waiting for the whole day for the skin. Like pollie cheated. Must ask you to get skin and send to EPF office one of these days. Better still, C4STP, ask your mum how to make. I was wondering which song you are going to use for your kuih!

    LOL!!! That was fun! The suspense must have been killing! Everybody was wondering – cilaka! That fella knows how to make pai tee shells! Hahahahahaha!!! No problem! I can bring when I go over in mid-Aoril. Place ur orders now!!!

  17. I’m earlier than you today. No post yet and last night comment still not answered. Holiday. That is why GOT UP EARLY! Actually am sending the piper’s son to airport. Go see his daughter who is also on holiday now. Lazy to come back. Well, if Mohd won’t come to the mountain…..

    Trying to post but cannot…got problem, it seems. Will try again later. Last night, no internet access! Students on holidays…all jammed lah!!! Gee! I thought I was the only one who would go and see anak when she could not come home for the hols! Urs very outgoing and independent, no problem lah!!!

  18. this is a good one. suituapui can make pai tees! πŸ˜€ i love pai tee for the crunchiness..

    hahaha.. laughing at the comment ‘fat people can cook very well’ πŸ˜›

    True what! U see the chef skinny like anything – either he’s got excellent metabolism or the food not nice one! LOL!!!

  19. Ooh… kuih pai tee. yummies. Yeah, i remember my mom making the shells… very tedious stuff. I think the acuan is still at home, probably lying in a tool box cos the maid probably thinks it is a tool used to change car tyres… hhehe. The Chicken rice shop in Spring and Boulevard sells kuih pai tee as well…. quite expensive lar.

    Hahahahaha!!! Can be a lethal weapon, that acuan!!! CRS, of course not nice lah…how to compete with homemade ones. You click this and see:
    …so kosong one the filling. Gundot had some this morning 50 sen each…and you can buy the shell 30 sen! So expensive, dunno where!

  20. Aiyoh….making the pai tie shells is avery panas and tedious process la. I remember getting the batter mixture right is always a matter of trial and error. Mum will mix the batter, test a few first, to see if the pai tie shells are crispy and thin enough (but not too thin that it’ll berkecai once touched). If tidak puas hati, she will either add more flour, or add more water, etc. Meanwhile, I’ll be the tukang jaga, making sure that there are enough trays to ‘sambut’ the shells, keeping the shells properly in airtight container once they’re cooled, etc. If pecah, kena marah lagi.

    ROTFLMAO!!! I guess as much! I hate deep frying things as I cannot tahan theheat. May even fall sick. So much easier to buy! RM10…eat puas2!!!

  21. I love pai tee!!!! Must go get some this weekend.

    Mel loves them too…so she really enjoyed feasting on them! The ones outside…so far I have not tasted any that measure up to my home-made ones. Hehehehe!!!

  22. If I get to go to Sibu please make this for me. Please????? Haha πŸ˜›

    No problem. So when are you coming? Welcome…anytime!

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